Krissie: Indulgent

I was gonna say I defy anyone to feel rotten during such glorious weather, but that’s ridiculous. For one thing, without chemical intervention I’d get viciously depressed every spring. Suicide rates rocket around here. I think people feel that they’ve made it through the tough winter, and for what?
But since I take a cocktail of meds that work really well, I greet the glorious weather with a relatively light heart, and push the worries to the back.
238.5, which is still in the right ballpark. My weight always fluctuates so wildly that I’m okay if it’s in the right 5 pound range. As long as it’s between 235 and 240 I’m good. Now I need to get between 230 and 235. I’ve been nibbling on too many crackers, not paying good enough attention to NettieD. But I will. Continue reading

Jenny: We Were Always Going To Be Here

I’ve been having really disconcerting dreams that I couldn’t remember.  I knew they were disconcerting because I woke up disoriented, distressed.  Then last night, I finally broke through.  I’ve been time-traveling.  Every night for the past month or so, I’ve been dreaming that I’ve been going back in time and changing something I’ve regretted and then playing out the new future that would have resulted from that.  I only have pieces of some of them, but in the end, I always end up back here, not just because I wake up but also in the dream.  Because I was always going to be here. Continue reading