Travels with Krissie Pt.1

That’s me sitting in the BWI airport (I always think of British West Indies when I see that. And I won’t tell you what I think of when there used to be Northwest Airlines (NWA).
But as usual, I digress.
Turns out I have a sinus infection, I call my doctor (who told me to call back if it didn’t get better) and she blithely said they routinely want people to have it for two weeks before they use an antibiotic. Now I understand and agree that antibiotics are over-used and people will become resistant to them, yadda yadda yadda. But a) I seldom get sick, so I’ve had very few antibiotics and b) she fucking thinks I’m gonna stay with this pain for another week?
Might be time to change doctors.
Any, I’m digressing again. Except that the stupid doctor told me to take ibuprofen, which I’ve been to stomach occasionally, but apparently I can’t deal with taking it at night. At least half a dozen Tums, two doses of liquid Maalox, pretzels, a banana, and applesauce with granola and I finally fell asleep in my chair for a couple of hours. (I had vicious heartburn because I hadn’t eaten enough with the ibu and I didn’t feel like dinner, so eating bland stuff helped).
So, no sleep, off to the airport (three hours away) leaving at 6. But Richie and I had a good talk about things, and I’m going to keep a wait and see attitude. At this point I’ll have Richie pick me up in NJ the weekend of the 17th so I’m home for Thanksgiving. If I need to I can turn around and go back to NJ in December for a week or two, depending on how stressful things are.
But I had a mini-triumph. I’ve been eating terrible stuff, just awful So I got on the scale before I left and still managed to be in the 220s (just barely). Stuck here in BWI I went to a diner where I could have had pancakes (I’ve had a craving for them) french fries with gravy, all the sorts of things I tell myself I could have. Instead I chose one of the healthy offerings, a fruit and lettuce salad with chicken and blue cheese and lo-cal dressing and it was incredibly good! So yay for me for making the right choice.
We’re going to have to go to our favorite places on our Farewell to Ohio Tour. Steak n Shake, Ihop, Olive Garden, Panera, and maybe Outback. (there’s not much cooking going on at Squalor on the River, just baking, and in the chaos of Jenny trying to pack I’m sure everyone’s even less likely to cook. (I was proofreading and found I made a Freudian typo. I had “everyone’s even less likely to book.) We must book. All three of us. But that’s part of what this is all about.
Oh, and pot stickers. Must have potstickers.
And maybe we’ll have to have Cincinnati chili just because. Jenny says it’s yucky but since it’s famous (and what could be so yucky about spaghetti with chili and cheese on top?) we might have to do it.
And then there’s Hobby Lobby and Jungle Jims.
Of course, I’m doing all this with absolutely no money. But I’m not gonna think about it. Too much to think about and I’m cherishing my inner Dresden ballerina (maybe she’s Marguerite? Eloise?)
Jenny and Lani (or maybe just Lani) are hauling ass up to Colombus to get me (it’s a couple of hours away) because it was the only way I could get a decent flight. If I’d gone from Burlington to Cincinnati it would have been $540. This flight was $237. And Lani’s got a new to her Prius (has she told you about it?) so the gas will be cheap.
And it will be so wonderful to see them! I’m so happy!
We’ll be better about photos this time, since it’s our last get together at Squalor on the River (presumably).
So the Come to Goddess Convocation is about to begin.
As if Ohio isn’t already overwhelmed.

Krissie: Farewell to Ohio Tour

That’s Krissie still looking a little sick and depressed, but as Lani said, “wahoo!” Getting to NJ was turning into such a mess that I was going to have Richie drive me down, and then Lani called to say they were putting it off a week, and I burst into tears. Because I can’t stand the thought of being here another week.
But then we came up with me coming out there, and I was able to find an affordable flight with Richie driving me three hours to one airport and Crusie and Lani driving 2 hours to pick me up (the usual airports are a lot closer).
So I’ll get away, and we’ll do a farewell to Ohio Tour and a Come to Goddess meeting and an election night celebration or suicide pact (not really). But we’ll be going to Steak N Shake and Jo-Beth bookstores and Jungle Jim’s and Hobby Lobby and all the usual suspects. I may even see if I can talk someone into taking me to Teresa’s treasure Haven, which is way the hell and gone, but I think they’re safe because I don’t have money to spend.
And I’ll write, because NANOWRIMO begins today, and I don’t care what I write. I’ll write what I want to write and not worry, I’ll keep up with my meds and being good to myself, and I’ll come out the other better and stronger than ever.
I did a tiny bit of sewing yesterday, and I’ll do a bit more today. I’ll pack, and I’ll vote.

I’ll be on the road tomorrow so I may not be able to post — I leave the house around 6 am and don’t get to Crusie’s till around 8 or 9. And it’ll be chaos, and I’ll sleep on an air mattress, and it will be glorious.

And I’m taking my inner Dresden ballerina with me (and I think I need a real one). Angelique. Marguerite. Margot (as in Fonteyn). We’ll see.

Krissie: Memorial Day Weekend

Jeesh, willya look at that cleavage? Where did that come from?
But I digress. Lovely day by the river yesterday. Poor Crusie worked her ass off all day, but I sat out on the deck (shaded so the high temps weren’t bothersome) and watched the river run. People were out with their party boats and jet-skis and motorboats, most of them not too noisy, and besides, this is a working river. It’s not supposed to be a tranquil rich people’s paradise. (Speaking of which, someone just went by sculling. Skulling? You know, one of those single rowers. So maybe it’s a tranquil rich man’s paradise early in the morning).
We have all sorts of rules about our lake. No motorboats after 8 pm, none larger than a certain size, no jet-skis. Party boats are probably outlawed too. Granted, we have one of the most beautiful lakes in Vermont, clear and clean. The town used to be a haven for Ivy League professors and their wives (eg my grandfather and my BFF’s grandfather). Now it’s become a haven for California dot com millionaires. It’s exquisitely beautiful and I’ve spent my entire life by its shores (as a summer person until I was 22, then full time for the next 42 years). But it’s not the same lake, we can’t afford the house (and most of our families, Richie’s and mine, have had to sell their houses. Between our two families we’ve had eleven summer houses. Now we’re down to four).
But I digress. I forced everyone to have a cookout on the deck and we had a wonderful time. We re-habbed Jenny’s old grill and I bought a bright blue new one, we drank cheap beer and diet sodas and ate steak and hot dogs and hamburgers and potato salad and the girls cooked s’mores on the grill. It was so hot the girls put on their bathing suits and Alastair sprayed them down with the hose, I played his very nice guitar and sang them songs about rotten men (“from the start, every heart that’s ever broken, always was because there was a man to blame.”) And everyone was astonished to admit it was a good idea. (The cookout, not my singing).
Hey, I know how to get my way when I really want to.
So it was a lovely evening. Things are peaceful at home, if in physical chaos, and I’m ready to get back to swimming. I do believe things are going to be all right after all.

Krissie: Sunday by the River

I’m out on the deck and it’s gorgeous. Birds are singing like mad – so many different ones. The river is calm and deceptively still, the woods smell wonderful, the temperature is cool and lovely, and I’m in a perfect moment of peace and happiness. There’s a lot of happy for me here in Ohio. Then again, there’s a lot of happy for me at home, too. It just comes with a lot of pain.
That’s what it looks like from Jenny’s deck. I can hear ducks from down on the river — noisy suckers. At least three different kinds of birds. We usually have one at a time in Vermont. I can just see the ducks through the trees — there’s a long parade of them, like Make Way for Ducklings, making a helluva racket as they announce their travels. Vermont ducks are smarter — they know someone’s gonna shoot ’em soon as look at ’em. And loons are just crazy.
The sky is very blue. The deck has been powerwashed. We get to skype with Crusie’s daughter and grandchildren today.
It’s Sunday by the river and all is well with the world.

Krissie: Saturday on the Road

We’re off today, to the Columbus RWA chapter. Crusie’s giving a talk, Lani and I will heckle, and we’ll have a great time. Nothing like a road trip to get the juices going.
I was so crippled we ended up spending a quiet (ha!) day at home, and then the shopping jones became too much so I had to go to Target (there’s no Target in Vermont) and TJ Maxx. Plus we went through Crusie’s fabric stash and I now have 50 pounds of fabric to ship back.
Mona fell in love with one of my shoes, but fortunately I’d bought new ones. Then, while Crusie was busy writing her speech I went out on her deck and was having a great time sweeping the leaves off (seriously) when she came out and chased me away with a broom, and for some reason I had a coughing fit that went on for half an hour. I guess I don’t like damp leaves. So then Crusie decided she had to do it (making me feel guilty but then I said, “naaah”) and I was planning to go back out with a bandanna over my face but then she called in reinforcements.
That’s Jenny after I went out and tied a cloth around her face so the wouldn’t choke, not the Frito Bandito (remember him?). But then brawny Alastair saved the day … and Lani manned (or womanned) the power washer and it looks mahvelous! After a day on the road we can go out and sip wine tonight and listen to the … are there crickets in Ohio? Peepers? Maybe we’ll listen to the werewolves howl. Sounds good to me.
I’m being relatively on target with the food. We had thin crust veggie pizza (though I ate two slices) and salad for dinner, oatmeal for lunch, a nice huge apple, a breakfast bar, and waaay too many goldfish. But still, pretty damned good for being on vacation. And I have no need for the ritual Steak N Shake visit. Plus, in Jenny’s tighter clothes I pass a mirror and giggle in delight.
Pictures to come.
So it’s Saturday in Ohio and all’s well with the world. At least at Squalor on the River. God knows what chaos is going on in Vermont. Though all was well there, last time I checked.
There! My work is done.

Krissie: Ohio

I’m in the vast living room of Squalor on the River, it’s early morning and I’m stretched out on a chaise, watching the river run. It’s gorgeous. The flight was completely painless — Richie dropped me off with my suitcase and went to park, when I realized I’d left my phone and cane in the car. I tried to chase after him but he was already gone, so I checked in and waited, knowing I’d have to send him back. He arrived a couple of minutes later, carrying the phone and the cane. The man knows how to read minds.
Lani picked me up, and there was much joy in the land. When we got back to the magic castle Crusie was there in all her magnificence, and much hugging ensued. We set off for dinner at Outback (garlic mashed potatoes don’t have that many calories!) and massive food shopping for veggies and fruits. It’s strange to be here with only one day’s warning. As Crusie said so memorably – “there was no foreplay.”
Only two bad things about being here. Lyle’s not here. Well, he is in spirit. But I miss him.
And I kicked Crusie out of her bedroom. I hadn’t realized she’d moved upstairs again, and I feel awful about dislodging her and sending her back to the basement. She assures me it’s all right, but I could have slept in the living room quite happily. I can sleep anywhere quite happily as long as it’s at Squalor on the River.
But hey, I forgot. This is a guilt-free trip. So suck it, Crusie.
(Not that Jenny would ever want me to feel an iota of guilt. At least, not seriously.)
So I shall revel in the room. And the divine shower (that’s my hair wet — I used Crusie’s shampoo of choice, BedHead. We’ll see how it does).
We’re going to see Dark Shadows and Avengers in 3D. We’ll go to Hobby Lobby and yes, Jungle Jim’s has just opened next door! And JoAnns and Target (no Targets in VT) and it will be blisteringly hot.
Oh, and I made a discovery today as to why no one is telling me how skinny I am. My clothes are too baggy. I put on my favorite shirt and there’s about ten inches of ease. My shirts are all 2x and I’m a little smaller than a 1x — maybe close to an XL.
And Crusie has a great scale that shows tenths of a pound. The sucker told me I was 232.6 this morning. I’m retaining water like mad and bloated from the plane ride, so I’m not upset. But you know me — I’m gonna weigh myself every day. I want a scale just like that.
Crazy, I know. But scales keep me honest and I don’t overreact to the fluctuations. I’m not upset about the 232.6. Just determined.
And I’m pretty sure we don’t need the ritual Steak N Shake visit this time. I think I shall roll in veggies and fruits and lean meats and there will be joy in the land.
Thank God I’m in Ohio.

Krissie: All About Me Tuesday

This is my hair when I crawl out of bed and have had my cpap machine on. I kind of like it.
Okay, as Warren Zevon would say, send lawyers, guns and money, the shit has hit the fan. The on again off again relationship between my son and his fiancee is kaput. Seriously. She moved out. He moved out. They’re both grieving, but they can’t live together any more.
And this is about them, I know it. But you know, fuck that. Today it’s all about me. Continue reading