Krissie: Okay, I’m doing the best I can

Photo on 2013-02-28 at 10.54 That slightly gloomy expression is right after calling my IRS case worker (I get my own special person). It’s not that bad — she’s very nice and we’ve just been waiting for a certified letter. Last time I called her (at Christmas time) I was in tears and she said “it’s only money.” Ha!
But that’s no biggie. Look at my hair. I’ve decided to get it trimmed and shaped. I’m loving it long, but it’s getting a little ragged. Tomorrow’s our anniversary and Richie likes it shorter (the only man in the world who likes their woman with shorter hair) but he’s not getting it. But it’ll look a little better once it’s shaped (tomorrow afternoon).
I need to start tracking my time better. I missed three doctor’s appointments yesterday — one at 2 pm with my therapist. I called on that one, because I was halfway there and we had a sudden mini-blizzard (about 4 inches in two hours). But apparently an hour earlier I had an appointment with a psychiatrist about my meds (in the next town over, so I would have been late seeing Ellen) and then found I’d missed a one o’clock appt. (same time as the shrink) with my eye doctor, who was 25 miles away over a mountain pass.
I will now write down my appointments, damn it. I need a calendar stuck on my wall.
I did write down my hair appointment, and my colonoscopy appt. (who can forget that?) and my rheumatology appointment.
So. Organization. just a small step.
And everyone was so smart yesterday. God, I love this place. Writer blogging seems all about talking about how glorious you are and there’s no give and take. Well, Jenny and Lani have give and take, but most blogs …
But this is a community, full of such wisdom. And thanks for the Salmon of Correction, Pam B. I needed it.
Okay, here’s what I’ve decided. My office comes first, because I need to be comfortable to write. I’m also pretty sure this book wants to be written long hand, so while I’m working on the office I can write anywhere (as long as no one’s around).
I’m going to take pictures of this place, lots of pictures, but I’m not going to do anything until I get back. I need Jenny’s help with a color scheme (I know what I want, but I need her to help me refine it. She’s going to help me redesign my kitchen and choose colors for my living room (if we get around to it). I want to feel comfortable and happy in my house again.
Anyway, lots of pictures and plans and advice sought coming up. For now I’ll get to work writing.