Krissie: Sisters

Photo on 2013-02-05 at 09.10 So, sisters. Of all sorts. I dreamed about my sister and my mother last night. We were moving my mother from her house (the last time my sister ever helped out, even though she lived about ten years more), and we found that our mother had left everything in her closets. Of course a moving dream was obvious. We were getting the house ready for my cousin and his wife (he’s dead too). I’ve been dreaming a lot about the dead people in my life — who knows why.
Anyway, poor Jenny. She was really a mess. Kept throwing up, couldn’t move, and Jenny’s like a whirlwind. She couldn’t even pick up her computer. So I bustled around (quietly) and did the dishes (don’t tell Richie) and took care of the trash at the other house, etc. Today Jenny’s going to recover and maybe we’ll put up curtains, but really, taking care of sisters is what I do. Well, taking care of everyone is what I do.
Speaking of sisters, I’ll give you a couple of shots of my collection: IMG_0683 and the next shelf:
IMG_0685 and there’s my altar ego (as opposed to my alter ego – heh heh heh) images Ah, that isn’t the right one. I have a wonderful painting that’s actually an advertisement card from the early part of the century that looks like a young me as a nun.
So anyway. Even though I’m not a Catholic I always loved the idea of nuns. Of sisters, living together in quiet peace and harmony, going about their works, everything simple and serene. Of course life wasn’t like that but I could always wish it was.
But I love my sisters. We miss Lani like crazy, and later this week I get to go in and spend time with my BFF, another sister. Photo on 2012-10-11 at 10.08
I’ve known Sally since we were both eight, which makes her literally my BFF (which means I’ve known her 57 years — we’ll both turn 65 this year within a month of each other) so I’m really blessed. Even though I lost my sister and still haven’t dealt with her loss, I’ve got lots of other sisters to fill in. Three of them.
What kind of sisters do you have? Are you guys as blessed as I am? Have you still got biological sisters?
For that matter, any of you ever been nuns? Writer Lynn Kerstan was.

Krissie: Update

I’m sitting here in a pool of sweat while I wait to finish the lasagna I got assigned yesterday afternoon (for the after show party). Went down and packed and packed. Now I’m exhausted and I have a show to put on. I think I need to take a nap.
I had a dream about Ian Somerhalder last night. We were driving in a truck, the Mother Abbess (Cara) was driving and Ian was in the middle, and our director (the divine Sabra) told me to stop flirting with him because I was a nun. I said I was a saucy nun, and was cuddling up to Ian, but he decided to marry the Mother Abbess because she was younger, and that was just fine because I was only flirting.
I didn’t have time to post pictures of the dressing room (Richie will be there tonight with camera in hand). So here goes:
This is Sister Berthe, the mean one, and Sister Remarque.

Here’s my cousin Emmie (on the left) and the Mother Abbess on the right, with demure Sister Margaretta in between.

And of course the demure Sister Margaretta on her own, looking pious.

I’m gonna hate when this is over.

Krissie: The Hills Are Alive

So Terri got it, of course. I thought I was being a lot cagier.
I just wanted to be a nun. I have a thing about nuns, always have. Turns out I’m Sister Margaretta and I have more lines than any nun but the Mother Abbess. It should be a hoot. I don’t get stage fright, and I’m basically just a very big personality, plus I can sing a bit, so it should be lots of fun.
However, I just got the rehearsal schedule, and it’s brutal. It’s 10 to 12:30 and then 2 to 5 every single day, with about half a day on Sunday. I already figured out how I was going to write — just get up at seven and write for a couple of hours before going to rehearsal. And I figured I’d visit my mother during the lunch break, because rehearsals will be nearby.
But that’s all changed. They found a bed in a rehab center in Barre, about 40 miles away, and I’m driving her there tomorrow morning. She’s fine with going, which is a relief. It means no quilt show for me (probably). I’ll take her over in time for lunch and get her settled, and there will probably be tons of paper work and maybe meetings and stuff.
So I know I should quit the play. It’s going to be crazy trying to visit her — I’ll have to go in the evening after a full day of writing and rehearsals. I don’t know how I’ll manage to bring her home (if I have to) before a bed opens up in the assisted living or nursing home. (Vermont has a strong program to help seniors stay in their homes so maybe they an help in the interim until a bed opens up). They’re going to want to meet with me, I’m sure, and I’d be tied up with rehearsals. It even cuts back the time I can spend with Alex (my fears were for naught (nought?) but I can work around that.
I’m crazy to do it, and I should back out right now.
But I don’t want to quit! I really want to do this – it’s something for me, something frivolous and fun and (gasp) social, which gets me out of the isolation. Oh, and I’m letting my BFF down, when I promised I’d write and sew with her every day to help her transition back to VT after spending the winter in NJ.
So I should drop it so I can do all these things for everybody else.
And I don’t wanna! I’ve even come up with a great justification. I think using that form of creativity will open up and feed all the creativity in my life. I think it will expand my writing, help me see new things. But you know, I don’t need that excuse. I just want it.
It would just be so much fun.
Richie’s all in favor of it. And I”m guessing the rehearsals aren’t really all day every day — the nuns are only about 1/4 of the play, if that. And it’s over by July 26, and I can get back to doing everything for everyone.
It would just be so much fun, being on stage in a nun’s habit, singing my little heart out.
I think I’m going to lose it, though. It requires a huge amount of strength and determination to hold onto this, just as it takes a huge amount of strength and determination to hold out against social workers and doctors who think my mother would do fine at home with me rushing there at all times of the day and night, doing everything for her, taking her everywhere.
So I don’t know what’s going to happen. Can I be selfish for once in my life? (I have lots of faults but I’m rarely, if ever, selfish).
We’ll see.