All About You (krissie)

Photo on 11-14-16 at 9.03 AM #2 I’m in NJ! I’m wearing a gorgeous new coat/sweater Jenny made (it’s lovely when I get here, not only do I get Jenny but an armful of gorgeous crocheted goodness). It’s freezing cold outside (from some reason I thought it was going to be warmer) but the house is snug and I had a magnificent night of sleep. I sleep so well here it’s amazing. Part of it is the memory foam mattress, but I think the main part is just being here. there was a cartoon or a card or a t-shirt that said something about “true friends are when you go to visit them you both nap.” So true.

We spent most of yesterday talking about the election. At this point I won’t talk about it here – people are worked up, friendships are being lost, etc. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to speak up, more than I ever have before (the very foundations of the earth tremble at the thought) but if we all need to vent some more (me included) I’ll do another post and we can keep it there.

So. I’m a little behind on NaNoWriMo but I’ve still got … I think 18k words, so that’s excellent. Tim is going off the rails again, but at this point there’s nothing we can do about it but talk to the mental health people out there and hope for the best. While I’m down here we’re going to watch movies and crochet and go to the laundromat (if I have to drag Jenny kicking and screaming) and the eye doctor and talk and watch movies and crochet. It’s gonna be bliss.

I also have to get my NaNoWriMo words in each day, but I’m determined. I can do it.

I was gonna ask what’s on your agenda, but last week has had such a huge impact that I’m thinking that some of us do need to talk about it. And really, I’ve pretty much told you my stance – I’m not going to run, I’m going to stay and speak out. In fact, I should have talked about it last week so we could all talk about it, but I was too disheartened.

So. What’s your agenda? If it’s straightforward then tell us about it. If last week … (I want to go off into a side rant on “had an impact” and “impacted by” because I don’t like impacted by and it’s incorrect but it still feels like the right way to put it) if last week is making a difference in how you view this week, then talk about it.

And for those of you who really can’t bear to read another word about the situation, just skip this week if it gets political and come back next monday (or during the week – I’ll be talking about what Jenny and I are doing).

So … what’s on your agenda?

Krissie: NJ Tuesday

Photo on 2-25-14 at 11.05 AM I look strange. Here’s the question. I clearly need my hair trimmed. I think I need bangs. I have a long face with a high forehead (all those brain’s, y’know) and I think I need wispy bangs. Opinions?
And aiyeee!!!!! (in more ways than one) for blood sugar. When I had my last physical it was 105 (pre-diabetic) so I decided to check it down here. I made Jenny stick me and it was 110. And then 83. And then 118. (We did two sticks and three tests). It was fasting, of course. Hmmmmmmm.
Which means I need to go back to my doctor to see what’s going on, because I’m trying, I really am. And I’m doing pretty well, so why is my blood sugar nutzoid? We don’t have blood sugar issues in the family, even in the chubs ones.
Anyway, that’s for dealing with when I get home.
I got down here on Thursday and we went out for dinner at Kathy’s Diner, our favorite place. Friday we went to Walmart and Staples while I looked for a lap desk — I’d left mine at home but Jenny finally jerry-rigged one out of a dog gate so I could write. Wrote tons and we ate our meals at home. Saturday we stayed at home. Sunday we went out for breakfast (Kathy’s) and then I went out and bought a few things (a little fruit instead of crumb cake — I have resisted that wicked temptation) and a couple of other things. During all this I dealt with the trauma of finding my latest proposal was turned down, but fortunately I was already 25 pages into a new sort of book that I really really liked, and my agent had wanted 50 pages before she sent it out, so I finished up the pages and revised and revised so I could send it out Monday (yesterday). We’ve been watching episodes of Arrow and Leverage and White Collar and we saw Despicable Me 2 (which was wonderful!) and so far no crocheting! But lots of talk about writing and story and what works and doesn’t work. It’s been glorious.
Today we go to Jenny’s eye doctor, then treat ourselves with our ceremonial visit to ihop where we have healthy pancakes (ha!). When we get home I’ll pack and get ready to leave tomorrow, weather willing, and I’ll probably cry for the first half hour.
But things are good at home. I’m not sure when I’ll get down again, because the baby’s due at the end of March and I expect I’ll be glued to things for a while. But I also think getting away will be a healthy thing, and Erin’s got a fairly decent maternity leave so I won’t be needed that much, so I’ll wean myself away by the end of April and come down and enjoy spring and Jenny.
Tonight we’re going to watch Blacklist and Thor, if it arrives. Heaven! It’s a drag to be torn between two places, but then again, it’s wonderful to have a bolt hole. Now all I have to do is find where I put my iPod classic. I dropped it underneath my car, rescued it and brought it in triumphantly and then set it down and Jenny’s House ate it. My house does the same thing. So I’ll need to make it regurgitate it before i leave tomorrow — it has all my music on it (I have books on the iPhones.)
I don’t know if I mentioned it by my beloved iPod Nano died on the way down (and the classic is on borrowed time – can’t use earphones with it so I can’t listen to it when I go to sleep). Nothing I’d like more than to buy a new classic and a new Nano, but that’s not in the cards financially, so instead I ordered a tiny Sansa clip with a micro SD card. It’s an excellent alternative to my beloved iPods, and I just have to bite the bullet right now. Publishing is insane, and it only seems to get crazier. I need to come up with a plan, though that requires much discussion with La Crusie. Good thing I’m here.
May you live in interesting times. There is always something glorious about disaster if you look hard enough. It’s not like publishing is ever a secure profession, and all this chaos means that following the rules and being a good girl doesn’t do squat. It frees you to follow your bliss, because if you aren’t going to get the contracts (or sizable ones) or the publisher support then you may as well write what you really really want and hope you’ve got enough people who’ll buy it.
I bought a sappy card at the health food store in Burlington that I loved. It said “Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain.”
So today I’m dancing.

Krissie: Home again

Photo on 2013-05-24 at 09.16 We’re home. We’re tired. It’s cold and raining and it’s going to snow tomorrow night. My my my.
I think it’s time to move.
Richie has to be the best man in the history of the world. He’d worked his buns off because Jenny’s his SIL and because he’s Richie. I want more pictures, Crusie!
She did great. She hauled wood, she pulled things apart, she fed us at Kathy’s. Even I got into the action and helped Richie rip out part of the railing, and then Jenny and I, by sheer woman power, rocked the other section of it back and forth and yanked it it from the wall and floor. Richie and Jenny ripped and tossed things down the steps, then realized the steps were hanging by a nail or two, so Richie shored it up. Jenny and I attacked her air conditioner (she and Richie brainstormed how to put it in, and then while Jenny did it I was cheerleader). Jenny built a wonderful shelf and discovered that the porch-which-will-be-the-master-suite is already insulated. We broke a window. Veronica christened the new floor. We brought home enough wood in Richie’s truck to keep Jenny going for a while. And Richie took out the stubborn window and studs that were in the way while Jenny and i did a second run to Home Depot.
And then on our way home we stopped by Richie’s most beloved pizza place in the world, and damned if that man didn’t eat almost the entire thing. Normally we won’t touch pizza (though this one had mushrooms and no meat on it, so it wasn’t that bad an indulgence.
There is nothing better than NJ pizza. Trust me.
So — we hammered, we screwed, we ripped out boards, we … oh, yeah. They hammered and screwed and ripped out boards. I cuddled the dogs and read a couple of really great books. But hey, I’m the one who brought Richie.
So anyway, we’re back in the land of snow, the book is done and now I can some work getting the house in order, work a bit on the BOMH (Book of my heart — which is a project that’s not necessarily practical but you love it so much you can’t keep from writing it) and … oh, probably grandson for the weekend.
And I’d better go food shopping.
So now we’re up to date. I imagine Jenny will put pictures up for Cottage Saturday, but in the meantime we worked hard, even me, and got so much accomplished the mind boggles.

Krissie: Back to Reality

Well, I did almost everything, and most of it by noon. Did Not get the diabetes stuff, but Jenny said she still had her meds (and that I couldn’t get them anyway) and that the testing stuff was just that — a test, not a treatment, and she’d find them. But I did get the wireless printer working, Jenny and I got the white book case into the kitchen, moved the fridge to the car and returned it. I took a shower, I’m almost packed, having written yet but hey, the night’s young. No, it isn’t, I’m exhausted, and I’m going to crash early. And then catch a bus tomorrow, first a two hour trip to NYC, then across town and a five hour ride to Hanover NH (and a two hour drive home). Next time (next month) I drive down.
Tomorrow I’ll probably sleep and write and read. I’ve got dramamine on me, so that’s good.
And then focus on the writing, and settling back in, and making sure no one gets the dread disease. Change the sheets, catch up on laundry and food shopping. Focus on real life again.
But I’ve really missed Richie dreadfully, as well as missing Tim and my house and my recliner. So it’ll be good to be back, and I’ll be driving down next month anyway. Richie asked why? I said “to visit.” We’re not used to the idea of doing something simply because we’d like to. And I may have suggested that I was getting collaborative work done while I was down here. Neither of us are used to doing stuff just because it’s fun.
So, back to work, back to the real word, while Jenny deals with all her stuff. At least she finally gets a bed — I’ve been sleeping on the tempurpedic in the bedroom while she’s slept on a blow up bed in the living room. (And trust me, we are now far too intimate with each other’s digestive systems, since the bathroom door didn’t close properly (I stuff a washcloth in the door to try to keep it closed). No door on the bedroom yet, and it’s a very small house. Every lurch of our digestive systems was heard by the other, and there were many lurches.
But we’re good now.
Jenny will focus on dealing with Milton, who’s going to need very expensive surgery, and getting her darling cottage sorted out, working on her college work and the new book.
And I’ll concentrate on NEVER TRUST A PIRATE.
Oh, and since you’ve listened to me wail and bemoan my financial state I should also share that I got an unexpectedly healthy royalty check, just when things were looking particularly desperate. So we get a little breathing space, thank god.
We’ll see what I get accomplished on the long journey home. No photo, because I’m packing up the computer tonight so I’m ready to head out at the crack of dawn. Hell, ten AM.
And Crusie’s getting a bit snappish. Just because I sing the same phrase over and over again and never finish a song (first thing in the morning) is such a harmless little foible. (Some day a roommate is going to strangle me).
Houseguests, like fish, begin to stink after three days.
But she’ll never find her jeans again.

Krissie: Best Laid Plans

Photo on 2013-01-15 at 08.51 #2 Okay, I accomplished a fair amount yesterday. Made the three doctor phone calls, called the courts and printed out the paper work (can’t finish that up until tomorrow or Thursday because the person is out), then went and deposited checks and visited with Sally while she’s trying to finish the quilt she started making when her daughter got pregnant (Caleb’s almost a year old). It’s an incredibly labor-intensive embroidered and applique’d quilt so I’m keeping her company and catching up with Homeland.
As for the hair, I think I’ll make an appointment and get it shaped just a bit. I’m going to be in civilization for four weeks (two at Crusie’s, two in the city with Sally while we dog-sit on East 66th St.) so I think I’ll play with my inner Barbie.
Ah, speaking of inner …
I need to remember my inner Dresden ballerina. I’m feeling a little unsettled right now, for a number of reasons but playing roulette with my meds doesn’t help. So I think I need to just keep being positive and not give in to the drama.
I picked up a useful tip — when you body goes into fight or flight mode (in my case usually flight) you need to stop and try deep breathing. It can shortcut the anxiety.
So as I start to get edgy about all the things I need to do I stop and take a few nice deep breaths.
Sunday was a strange day. I missed two missives concerning money — one was an email with an attachment about money for Kaim, the other was a Christmas card from a dear, dear friend. I’d been too ambivalent about Christmas to open any cards, and I finally found them under a stack of magazines. In the card was a check. Burst into tears, of course.
It was such a lovely gift. Not the money — I tore up the check and then burned the pieces. But that someone cared that much about me. Needless to say, I thanked her profusely, and I know it was sent from love. Still couldn’t accept it, but it was such a loving gesture that it cheered me immeasurably.
So when I’m down or anxious I need to remember that I am loved, and that this too shall pass. It always does, no matter how bad things can seem. And right now things are stable, my inner Dresden ballerina is doing pirouettes and my inner Barbie bought new mascara. I’m heading to NJ on Friday and all I have to do is write and play.
Crusie and I are going to wrap each other in duct tape and belly dance (not at the same time) and I’ll cuddle the dogs while she paints and we’re going to have a blast.
Nothing but good times ahead.

Krissie: All About You

Photo on 2013-01-14 at 08.26 Ah, another week. I’m thinking my hair has gotten too long. I mean, I love the curls, but maybe it’s a bit much. Opinions? I’ll give you another view of it tomorrow. I do like the idea of being able to braid it, etc. But maybe all that riot of waves and curls is a bit much for a woman of my dignity .

Okay, another week, another bunch of challenges. For today, I’ve got to call one doctor for a refill, the hospital to set up a mammogram, another doctor to change an appointment, then call the courts so I can set up a small estate for this one check (refund from rent) that came from my mother (fill in forms, get a copy of the death certificate, drive 40 miles to the courthouse). Plus make reservation to go down to NJ on Friday. And finish the short story I’m writing for

Easy peasy.

What’s on your agenda?

Krissie: Onward!

Ok, the decision is made, Richie and son are coming down tomorrow and we’ll drive home Monday. Partly I want to go back so that I can come back here. It’s an absolutely gorgeous part of NJ, and civilization is so near, but most of all Crusie is here. And comparatively speaking it’s so close. I get overwhelmed, I can jump in a car and come visit.
I’m definitely coming back in December (unless she’s gone most of the month). And back in January. We’ve got to figure out how we’re going to make the great furniture trek from Ohio, but we’ll figure that out. In the meantime, we’ve worked out a schedule at night, after work is done, where we watch tv and she crochets and I do some hand quilting and drink tea and we’re very cozy. And when the tv arrives things should be even better.
I may need to go get that ornament arrangement, naughty girl that I am. Except there’s no money for fripperies, and that’s pretty damned frippery.
Today I work, Jenny takes care of business, and we wait for the tv. I just remembered they took it off a wall — we may need to find some kind of tv stand for it. But we’ll work it out.
In the meantime, I’m heading back to work. Still not really taking charge of my eating, and I need to focus on more veggies. When I come back I’ll be more in the right mode.
But I’m still in normal sizes. XL, of course, but not plus sizes. Not that I need to buy a damned thing, with all the stuff Crusie gave me, but it’s still a treat.
Tonight we’re going to try to make healthier morning glory muffins (which they call Glorious Morning muffins down here). And Jenny bought mini-Madeleine pans which are so damned cute that we have to make madeleines, but as I told her, we have no excuse for it. We’re not Proust. But damn, madeleines are tasty.
So all is well today at Casa de Rental. I can’t wait to get home, I can’t wait to get back here. (Assuming I don’t drive Jenny crazy — she was about to cut my throat because I wouldn’t stop singing “Summertime.” And everytime we stop at Kathy’s Diner in Fredon (which is far too often) I have to resist from bursting into “Hail, hail Fredonia” from “Duck Soup.”
OK, enough is enough. Gotta get to work. Got things to do, worlds to conquer. I’m ready to rumble.