Krissie: More Progress

Photo on 2013-02-20 at 08.58 So, did I mention I kept the weight loss from Ebola? At Jenny’s I found I’d been eating so much that I’d oinked up to 241.5 (assuming her scale is right). After Ebola I was 231.5 (where I’ve been hovering for the past nine months). I got on my own scale Monday and I was at 231.3. So good for me.
I’ve kept my vow to do Netdiary every day. Two days at about 1500, and that’s being relatively careful. So I’ll try to start cutting that down a bit.
Can’t swim today because I’ve got a full day of grandson, but that’s okay. What I need to do is work while Alex is here. No, not write — that’s impossible. But some decluttering while he’s playing. No reason I can’t do that.
And Tim continues to do well. He came in yesterday, we asked how he was and he said “Just wonderful.” Me, being dense, said, “Oh, how nice.” Then realized he was being sarcastic and said something like, “oh, sorry.” And he, instead of thrashing around, pulled himself together and said “it’s not that bad” and went and did something productive (he’s been working in the woods). And there was another time when he stopped himself from letting his temper fly.
So good signs abound.
Got some writing done yesterday, though not a lot. Did some office decluttering (emptied two tubs of stuff I’d brought over from my mother’s). And then Richie and I went to bed early and read. It was very nice (he was reading about retiring to the Pacific Northwest, I was reading the new Ilona Andrews Edge book).
We did have a funny moment though. Tim was out, I was lying back in the recliner and Richie and I were being racily demonstrative in our affection when we heard the front door open. He and I jumped back as if a disapproving father had walked in on teenagers. (And it was pretty racy. We kiss and snuggle in front of the kids all the time — this was groping).
All in all, a good day, and today’s going to be excellent as well. It’s cold and snowy and blowy and I’m picking up Alex at McDonalds so Erin can make it to work on time (they had dentist’s appointments that she couldn’t break). So I’ll feed Alex junk food while I eat salad and we’ll have fun.
And I’ll resist the siren lure of French fries. It’s pretty easy to avoid burgers now — I just think of the pink slime they put in them and my stomach turns off. Ah, but fresh mcnuggets.
Down, krissie. Salad.
I’ll weigh myself next Monday. I hope attention to detail will start things moving downward again. It’s time.

Krissie: Progress

Photo on 2013-02-19 at 09.46 Okay, I’d count yesterday as … well, pretty amazing. I’ll get to the amazing stuff in a minute.
I put everything into NettieD. I went 300 calories over, possibly (depends whether I used the right turkey meatball listing or not) but 1500 calories for day is a definite improvement. I went swimming. I did my writing. I got to play with Alex (for some reason I started to type Alastair – Lani gets to play with Alastair, not me). Anyway, got to play with my grandson and had a wonderful time with him. Had dinner waiting for Richie when he came in (he’s working outside, heavy carpentry work, in the bitter cold, and he’s 64 and had a heart attack already. He needs to work, but having dinner waiting really lifts his spirits).
The only thing I didn’t do is put in the time on my office, and I’m not sure what I should do. Try to add it in today, as well as my planned room. Bump each room plan ahead? I think I could throw a 15 minute into this as well as the next room (can’t remember if it’s kitchen or bedroom).
But here’s the amazing thing. Continue reading

Krissie: All About You

Photo on 2-18-13 at 8.09 AMHmmmm. Photos being weird again. Anyway, I have one simple plan for this week. Well, I have lots of plans. Maybe that’s part of my problem – I always expect too much.
Here’s the general plans. Being with Crusie while she set up her new home really inspired me, and I’ve been making progress here, throwing out a whole lot of stuff, cleaning the bathrooms,kitchen, etc. But it’s such an overwhelming mess that I’ve decided to do one room a day. Not sure how much time I’ll give each room. I’ll use a timer, and maybe just two fifteen minute sections. Yes, that’s a good start. I can move up to two half hour sections later but I think I should start small. Even one 15 minute section is a good beginning.
I need to write every day, and I want to swim three times a week. Considering it’s 0 degrees with a strong wind chill I’m probably nuts, but it felt so good last week, and I need to keep moving.
But here’s the real thing I need to do.
Net Diary. Yeah, I hate it. But I’m ready to hunker down (even though I bought Reese’s White Chocolate Easter Eggs yesterday. Didn’t open them, though.
So I am determined. That’s the thing I really don’t want to slip up on. (Well, writing’s pretty damned important too). I need to do Net Diary. In fact, I will report at the end of the day what I have eaten, and I will be completely honest. It’s time to face thing. I haven’t been on the scale in a while but the skinny clothes Jenny gave me still fit comfortably, so I expect it’s the way I usually lose weight. Lose a chunk, and then maintain for ages.
So. Net Diary for me.
What’s up with you?