Pain and gain (krissie)

Well, it’s actually pain and no gain. 4About 6 weeks ago or thereabouts I decided to mend my ways on food, and since then I’ve cut out added sugar and white flours and fried, fatty stuff. I eat oatmeal for breakfast, a ww bagel w. healthy peanut butter for lunch, and healthy stuff for dinner, plus a small salad almost every night. Lots of fruit, other veggies (I could push the veggies) snack is usually a fiber one bar. Grazing in between that I haven’t been paying attention to, but mostly I think it’s amounts. I weighed myself a couple of times and the scale hadn’t moved. I haven’t weighed myself in more than a month but the clothes are still tight. So ….
Tomorrow I’ll weigh myself. But I’m also going back to MyNetDiary (Crusie calls her Nettie) to figure out what exactly it is that I’m doing. Because I’m in such pain, all over, but particularly my knees and shoulder. Losing weight won’t help the shoulder, which isn’t progressing as it should, but it’ll help the knees and the feet. and mostly I’m exhausted all the time, and it should really help with that.
I do happen to have fibromyalgia, which I ignore. I figure if you pay attention it only encourages it. But my problem (in terms of pain and exhaustion) might be as simple as a fibro-flareup. In which case there’s not a whole lot I can do but wait it out. But I refuse to give in (and fortunately because I’m not depressed I don’t think I have some dire, hidden disease that’s just waiting to pop out and kill me). But man, I am tired of hurting. I realized I haven’t been anywhere since I last visited Crusie, and that was in the fall, for God’s sake! Way too long.
There’s not a lot of things I can do under the circumstances, including the circumstances around Tim. But I can start tracking my food and putting effort into it.
So that’s what I’m going to do.
BTW a packet of instant oatmeal (gotta go back to making it) for breakfast, a whole wheat bagel with natural peanut butter for lunch, a fiber one bar, a ciabatta with olive oil, a salad with 5 croutons all come to comes to 942 calories. I still haven’t added the salad (I figure lettuce and stuff is basically free), the cooked chicken that I’ll add or the careful amount of salad dressing, plus a combination of bananas, strawberries and blueberries for dessert.

That doesn’t seem like too damned much but in terms of calories and weight loss I’m sure it is. One thing I can do is have half a bagel for lunch. That would cut the carbs and the peanut butter in half. Oh, and that’s including the bottle of Mexican coke I allow myself in the afternoon. Fortunately I like my coffee black. I’ve also been having half a ciabatta, and they’re multi-grain with extra fiber so that counts too. I just have to make sure I stick at one half.

So I’m giving Nettie a run for her money, and I’m going to do what they always tell you to do and I always ignore. I’m going to enter what I eat for a few days (probably not an entire week) so I can see where all the calories are coming from.

I’ll report back.

Krissie: Diet frustration

NettieD has let me down. I’m working between two computers, but mainly on the new one, Lagoud (I’ll explain the name later). Anyway, I love Lagoud and that’s where I set up Nettie D. I’d follow along, often go below my daily calorie count, which was something like 1700 calories. Seemed a generous allotment, but hey, I’d take it. I’d entered that I wanted to lose about a pound and a half a week, which seemed reasonable, and off I went.
Then, after losing some, I wanted to enter the weight I lost, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I futzed around, re-entered stuff, changing it back, etc., then ignored good ol’ NettieD for a while.
This week was my week to pay attention, since I didn’t seem to be losing weight. I went into my office to write, on my working computer, aka BabyJenny after my niece, not Crusie, and because I’d sworn to pay attention I pulled up NettieD. First I had my usual problem with oatmeal. When I have a scant cup of oatmeal (slightly less than a cup) I get varying calorie counts. I can’t figure out if they’re talking about 1/4 cup uncooked or cooked. Surely one doesn’t eat 1/4 cup of oatmeal for breakfast? A cup seems logical for hot cereal.
But by some counts it’s 500 plus calories.
Anyone got an idea what steel-cut oatmeal made with water is?
But I digress. This being a different computer, I signed in, entered what I thought were my food items, and looked up to see I had something like 700 calories left in the day, instead of the 1400 that were usual.
So I went in and re-entered my info, thinking something had gotten turned around in my futzing.
It had everything right, or almost. Beginning weight was ten pounds down from my original beginning weight, so that would account for a slight change in daily allowance. It said sedentary lifestyle, which may be too critical but close enough. And it said two pounds a week. So I switched to 1.5, which seemed more logical, and went back. This time it said 900 calories left in the day instead of 1400 plus.
I went back, annoyed, and read the plan. If I weigh what I weigh (say, ten pounds more than now) and wanted to maintain my weight, I eat 1700 calories a day. In order to lose I have to kick it down to 1400 for a pound and a half, 1200 for two pounds.
I’ve been eating my maintenance amount all this time.
That clanging sound is me banging my head against the nearest metal object (this deserves more than banging my head against a wall).
The only reason I’ve been able to lose 20 pounds in three months is that I’ve been eating less than NettieD (that lying jezebel) wanted and exercising more.
God damn it!
Well, the honeymoon is over. No more having multiple servings of goldfish (my downfall) and breakfast bars as a snack. No more skipping vegetables. No more one cup servings of brown rice — half a cup. Clang, clang, clang. (and no, that’s not the trolley. Great song, though.)
But I digress.
This is almost like starting the whole process all over again. But I’ve already got a leg up. I don’t go to fast food places, I have only one soda a day, I don’t eat sweets (yesterday was an anomaly and I ate really tiny amounts). I’ve cut out the bad stuff in salads (too many craisins, almonds, cheese and hard-boiled eggs). I use nutrition guides when I go to a chain restaurant.
So I will do this! We will now see the pounds begin to melt away, and I will stand on the mountaintop of my discarded fat, shoulders back, hair waving in the wind, triumph personified.

Krissie: Numbers

Well, shit. I got on the scale. 243. Enough is enough. Somewhere I’m fooling myself, and this time the scale was a friend. I’ve been playing with 243 for a month now, and I think I’m fooling myself with some of my food choices.
1. Goldfish. They’re my weakness. Originally the serving was 51 or 55 of the beastly little suckers (whole-grain, of course, as if that made a difference) and they fit into a 5 oz. cup. But I fill a 5 oz. cup as full as I can get it, and I do it a number of times a day. I think I need to cut them out entirely, replaced them with some kind of Kashi cracker I can nibble on slowly.
2. Salads. I tell myself salads are basically zero calories. I don’t slather on the dressing and I use Paul Newman’s Balsamic Lite. But … in my salad I have roast chicken (not a huge amount), a hard boiled egg, a generous handful of craisins, shaved almonds, a sprinkling of asiago cheese, and about 8 to 10 Texas Toast croutons.
That ain’t zero calories.
3. Bran cereal. My body needs and loves bran cereal. So late at night I’ve been having a huge bowl of it (probably 3 times the normal serving) with fat free milk, and I’ve been justifying it because my body wants it. Continue reading