Krissie: Almost done

It’s another insanely beautiful day here. I slept late, so I came out on the deck to blog, and it’s so gorgeous I had to turn the Macbook around so you can see what I look out at. I don’t know if the intense blue of the sky comes through, and of course you can’t feel the soft breeze (it’s about 75). And we have 20 acres of this. How could I possibly think of leaving?
Well, there’s the winter. Then again, there’s autumn in Vermont. There are the insanely high taxes. But there are the fabulous social programs those taxes support (my son has health care coverage at $60 a month!). There’s mud season, but there are my politicians (Bernie and Patrick — love ’em!). There’s the isolation from friends. There’s time to write. There’s no Target, DSW, the nearest real shopping is 65 miles away. Which saves me a lot of money and clutter.
But I’ve been her 41 years. Still, it’s the home of my heart. If we could just manage to live elsewhere in the winter maybe that would be the perfect answer.
Ah, but on to other things. The revisions are more than half keyed in. I’ll finish today and send them off. I’m having lunch with my beloved cousin Helen, who I thought never liked me. She’s ten years older, and tactless as I am but not quite as charming about it, and over the last five years we’ve gotten a lot closer as our cousin circle gets smaller. And Mother Abbess from the play emailed me to see if I wanted to go to the Shakespeare benefit with her. I’m already taking tickets so I can get in free, but I told her I’d sit with her, so that’s a connection! And she’s funny and smart and very talented and I love her, so that’s great.
The project manager is coming to sign off on Moo’s apartment, but Richie’s going to go instead of me because I’ll probably cry. Hell, I know I will — just going through the grocery store and seeing stuff I used to get for her for treats made me start crying (thank god for sunglasses). Jesus, what’s wrong with me?
Anyway. Two big things taken care of. Tomorrow I’ll be easy on myself, not jump right into anything. I’ve been pushing awfully hard and I deserve a break.
We’ve got beans (Richie’s learning to freeze) and blueberries coming in bushels. The pool is warm enough to float in. I’m keeping the weight off. Things will come together in time.
Damn, what a tough year this has been. And I gotta say, I really am reinventing my fabulousness, in ways I wanted and didn’t want. Thank god I started this blog — I don’t know what I’d have done without you guys. You keep me strong, give me a reality check, make me laugh. Bless you all.
So I’m skinnier, healthier, making more connections, learning to live without my last nuclear family member, as complicated as that relationship was.
Hell, there’s nothing I can’t do.