Krissie: Make It Tuesday

Photo on 7-23-13 at 10.22 AM Yeah, it looks like me. I was worried about looking more jowelly than last year, but I think that’s … ahem … age more than the F word.
Anyway, I had to make a hat to Music Man. Well, I presumed I had to make a hat — turns out I didn’t really (though I made Mrs. Paroo’s apron and 8 Wan Tan Ye girl tabards and re-made my cousins’ costumes and fixed mine, But I digress.
However, as you can imagine I come equipped with boas. And large floppy hats. In purple. So I bought a huge purple hydrangea when I was at Jo-Ann’s and set to work.IMG_0885 First, I began to drape the boa around the brim. Easy-peasy, right? I sewed it on with heavy white thread (which disappeared between the feathers)IMG_0889 Once finished, I admired myself and my craftiness (alas, craftiness is not in my nature. I can sew, I can crochet, I can knit slightly, but I can’t do craft stuff that looks at all good. The sort of stuff Jenny does blind-folded). IMG_0891
Then I remembered we had to turn up the brim so our faces don’t get shadowed by the light, so I sewed up one side of the brim and attached the hydrangea (which I’d ripped off the stem). IMG_0894
Then I tried it on, and it looks utterly fabulous. Problem is, with my hair in a topknot (Eulalie’s style) and it doesn’t stick on and i don’t have a hat pin, but I think my next craft project is a skewer turned hatpin.