Jenny: St. Dolly of the Sequins

I’m turning Re-Fab over to Krissie for the week-end, but before I do I’m going to re-direct you to this Jezebel piece on Dolly Parton and fashion.   Be sure to read the comments, too.  The Jezzies can be brutal, but in this case, the Dolly love knows no end, which is as it should be.  I mean look at this woman, she’s a national treasure:

I want to be Dolly when I grow up.


I know she’s the same age I am, I still want to be Dolly when I grow up.

Jenny: Attention Must Be Paid

So something interesting (to me) has happened this week.  Because I knew I was going to be blogging this site–must support Sister Krissie–I started looking at things as Post Topics.  I do this all the time on Argh, but I try to keep this kind of personal stuff away from there since it turns into a whine.  No whining on Argh.  Well, not any more.   So instead of looking at my bathroom full of stuff and thinking, “I have to do something about this some day” and repressing memories of my mother saying, “Jennifer, you have to pay attention to your appearnce,” I looked at it and thought, “Re-Fab posts” and sorted out all the drawers and boxes, threw out anything that was too old or that I knew I didn’t like, and stacked what was left around the bathroom sink. Continue reading