Jenny: Krissie’s Bathroom Sink

Every house I live in has a room called Krissie’s room, and the cottage is no exception.  It’s the small bedroom at the front of the house with a big bay window:

It has lots of light but it’s still very quiet.  Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  Except the bedroom is 9′ x 9′ and the bath is 7′ x 45″.   At the moment, the bath is really a powder room, but it has to have a great shower with a rainfall showerhead if it’s going be Krissie’s bathroom, so I am currently cogitating on the problem.

Here’s the bedroom floorplan now: Continue reading

Clip Art Junkies, This Is For You

I’ve been researching clip art for a couple of different projects and I found a great source for free images: The Graphics Fairy LLCKaren has a weekly post called Brag Monday where she puts up things people have made using the clip art found on her site, with links to their blogs that give instructions.  The whole blog is a clip art/crafter’s dream.  Plus she has some great vintage kids’ stuff, like a vintage how-to-draw series (my fave is the mice, click on the image to make larger):








I also found a great book, The Steampunk Sourcebook from Dover: Continue reading

Jenny: Krissie’s Coming To Stay!

Krissie’s coming tomorrow!  I’m doing the Snoopy Dance all over the place.  I NEED Krissie here.  WE need Krissie here.  And even before she gets here, she’s improving things because while I was cleaning out her room, I uncovered the sewing machine and took a break and tried this idea from a Japanese sewing book I bought on eBay.

It’s a book on how to remake men’s shirts into women’s clothes, and there was a nightshirt/smock/duster that was easy, so I knocked it off fast just to get back in the swing of sewing.  I’d forgotten how much I loved sewing.  Of course I screwed up the bobbin, and it’s the new machine not my trusty old one so I have no idea how to get the bobbin case out (Krissie threaded it, I screwed it up) but KRISSIE’S COMING TOMORROW, so she can fix it then. She loves fixing sewing machines.  She’s brought my serger back from death more times than I can count.  Where was I?  Right the shirt.

1. Get two coordinating shirts from Goodwill.  (Go on Sunday; it’s half price for senior citizens.)

2. Decide which one you like best.  That’s the top.  Trim the bottom so the shirttail is gone and it’s straight all around.  Press down a quarter inch hem.

3. Cut the other shirt off just under the armpits.

4.  Pin the top shirt over the bottom shirt, overlapping by about a quarter inch.  Top stitch.

Ta Da:











Nightshirt with a shirttail hem.  For somebody who lives in her pajamas, this is high fashion.

Did I mention Krissie is coming?  TOMORROW!  Must go do the Snoopy dance again.

Jenny: The Family You Make

I met Anne Stuart online first through the GEnie RomEx boards in 1993.  My first book was just out; she was on her . . . I don’t know, fiftieth maybe?  Of course she’d been publishing since she was eight (not kidding), and I didn’t publish my first until I was 43, so she had a headstart.  She was a role model and a mentor; she talked me through bad times, gave me great career advice, and told me who to get for my first agent.  She was wonderful.   Continue reading

Jenny: We Were Always Going To Be Here

I’ve been having really disconcerting dreams that I couldn’t remember.  I knew they were disconcerting because I woke up disoriented, distressed.  Then last night, I finally broke through.  I’ve been time-traveling.  Every night for the past month or so, I’ve been dreaming that I’ve been going back in time and changing something I’ve regretted and then playing out the new future that would have resulted from that.  I only have pieces of some of them, but in the end, I always end up back here, not just because I wake up but also in the dream.  Because I was always going to be here. Continue reading

Jenny: Re-Habbing for Re-Fabbing

Last year, in an attempt to re-hab my life, I bought a cottage in New Jersey.   It had sat empty for a couple of years, and there had been an undiscovered leak in the basement that had allowed mold to grow all over the basement, the electricity would short out if you plugged in two things at once anywhere in the house, and the pipes were all galvanized and disintegrating  . . .

But I loved it.   Loved it when I saw the picture on the internet, loved it when I visited it for the first time, loved it when I went back a second time with Krissie.  “Talk me out of this,” I told her before we went in, and then when we were leaving, I said, “So I shouldn’t buy it, right?” Continue reading