All About You (Krissie)

But first, a word from our sponsors.

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And now, back to our scheduled program …

Hello, my darlings. It’s steaming hot! I live in Vermont for a number of reasons, and cooler weather is one of them, but every now and then we get a scorcher. Ugh.

So, I made progress last week. And then i got to play on the weekend – finished a regency dress for the AG doll and almost finished a dress for Ali the Fierce (my granddaughter). Back to work today, then pack, and tomorrow I head down to Crusie’s. She’s got another eye doctor appointment, and we’re going to see “Wonder Woman” and crochet and sew and talk and work. It’s going to be glorious.

I get to listen to the new Ilona Andrews book – the sequel to the one last summer, which I adored. OK, it would be nice if I had names. Lemme check. ah … BURN FOR ME was the first, and fabulous, and WHITE HOT is out now. Loved BURN FOR ME so much I’ve read it twice, and there are lots and lots of new books by great writers I could have read instead. So I’ll listen to WHITE HOT while I drive (after I finish up DIRTY by Kylie … Scott? Won the Audie for best romance and it’s good.)

So – writing books, reading books, sewing, coffee on the deck, great cats around me – life is good. Easy drives, visiting Crusie, Wonder Woman – life is even better. Gotta notice when things are going well. I have some nagging anxiety about Daniel and Tim (the kids) but it won’t do any good to be anxious, so I’m not thinking about it.

I’m just going to live my rich life and enjoy things.

How about you? Name three or four glorious things in your life that you can embrace. Hell, I suppose sewing isn’t that glorious but I love it, so for me it is.

And what’s on your agenda? I’ll try to take photos in NJ. Oh, and if anyone loves Richard Thompson (brilliant, wicked British musician) anywhere near as much as I do, Sirius XM is broadcasting a newly recorded concert today at noon on The Loft (my channel of choice).

But then, no one loves Richard Thompson as much as I do.

The Box (Krissie)

So like everyone else I went to RWA last June in New York city. I flew down and joined Crusie at the non-conference hotel and immediately proceeded to waste away with exhaustion, but that’s another story. Part of why I’m working on getting healthier. I couldn’t even walk four blocks with getting exhausted.
But I digress. I had a lovely time at the conference and the various parties, and then Crusie and I drove back to Ohio, taking turns with the driving.
Now every time I go to Crusie’s I always come back with twice the things I left with. Partly because I shop. I live in a state without a Target (oh, the humanity!) or a DSW or all those lovely things, and I confess I do love to shop. It fills some strange need inside me, and my latest, tragic situation of no money and too much clutter has taken that away from me. I have to admit it might also be the reason for the aforementioned tragic situation. Still, I indulge when I go to Cincinnati because most of the time I’m too far in the boonies to shop.
Again I digress, probably because it’s 4 in the morning and I’ve got insomnia. Anyway, the other reason I leave Crusie’s with twice as much is because she’s always trying to de-clutter and I’m a magpie. She holds something up, says “anyone want this?” and I go “oooh, shiny!” I often ship boxes home, and this June was no exception.
So why am I telling you this? Because yesterday, in between church and fussing with my husband over money and listening to the audio book of FATE’S EDGE by Ilona and Gordon Andrews (which is excellent) and getting thoroughly depressed and weepy, I sat on my bed and picked up The Box.
Oh, I’d made efforts to empty it out. I took out all the good stuff, then ended up tossing other stuff in. I found two conference badges, one from RWA, one from Utah. A Judith Lieber purse Crusie gave me. A name tag from the Pocket Books party with my book cover on it, one sock that Lani had knit me, three pens, an empty panty-hose packet, bookmarks , a rubber ball that looked like a ladybug, the revolting water bottle Harlequin gave out that looked like something for feminine hygiene, a box of jelly bellies, a schedule for the conference, one earring, a shoulder pad, a packet of matches, three qtips, a scarf, an empty breakfast bar wrapper and a rhinestone pin that says “goddess.” And a partridge in a pear tree.
And the box was only a quarter full. It had stayed among the pile of baskets and boxes in my bedroom for six months, being moved around, new stuff going in it, on top of it, underneath it. Just staying there, making me feel guilty.
But on Sunday I sat on the bed and emptied that damned box. I threw out the papers, the bookmarks (well, all but Joanna Bourne’s). I put the purse in with my other purses, the sock in the laundry, the douche bag in the trash. I tossed most of the rest, then took the box out into the hall to be taken out with the trash. And then I went to bed at three in the afternoon because I was sulking.
Ignore the sulks. The Box, at last, was empty. Now only five or six baskets, most of which are half-filled.
One at a time, I think. One every damned day. If I do one basket a day they’ll all be gone by the end of the week, and maybe I can even set up my new tv. So next time when I sulk I can watch old movies instead of lying in bed feeling sorry for myself.
I should be well on my way to having a neat bedroom without making myself any crazier. Which would be nice. My whole house is in such chaos it would be nice to have one peaceful spot.
But getting rid of The Box is a start.