Krissie: Sister Time

Photo on 2013-03-05 at 06.36 #2 I went for the scary look since it was backlit anyway and reminded me of a Japanese horror movie. The Japanese make great horror movies (think The Ring aka Ringu) but they scare the hell out of me.
Anyway, left at 6:30 yesterday morning and got in around 2, which is pretty good. A painless drive, and I listened to the end of DIRTY BUSINESS by Sandra Brown and started in on LORD’S FALL by Thea Davis (I think her last name is Davis).
Jenny slept on the living room floor again, which I hate, but the dogs are needy, and we’ll get a second sleeping area set up eventually. In the meantime, Mona loves me passionately, and even Moronica aka Veronica the beautiful Diva is warming up to me now that she doesn’t have Lani around to steal her affections.
Today we go to the storage area and see what we can cram into the car, then maybe even get to the laundromat since Jenny and I have a mountain of food (I left mine behind). Tomorrow she gets a shot in the eye, and she needs to work on her desk. Yesterday we hung some stuff.
The place is coming together. It looks a little like a Booth cartoon (which is high praise indeed) because of all the dogs flopped around in a small space. I woke up early but I may need to nap a bit more. The days are just packed.
But I’m back to the land of friendly people. It’s hard to believe how genuinely nice people are around here. I’m so used to taciturn New Englanders that this simple friendliness feels quite different.
I haven’t live many places in my life. First 7 years in Philadelphia, next eleven (the formative ones) in Princeton, a couple of years in Hopewell, three years in NYC, and then 40 years in VT (it’s time to leave). It’s hard for me to judge which my favorite place was — each had their strengths and weaknesses, but Vermont has always been the home of my heart. I still think it’s time to leave.
Most people travel around a lot more, don’t they? Do other people have places of the heart? For that matter, have any of you had to live in places you hated? I’m guessing you could say I hated Princeton a lot of the time, considering I kept trying to kill myself during my adolescence.
I need to find a new place of my heart. Crusie wants it to be NJ, and I can see feeling that way about Sussex County. But I can’t imagine going back to where I started out.
I’ll take photos today (I always promise, but I’ll make an effort to document things). In the meantime, help me find a place to go. I don’t ask much, just 5 acres and physically beautiful and cheap.

Krissie: Home Again, Home Again

Lani and Alastair are taking me to the airport at the crack of dawn (or maybe a little bit before dawn). We’re leaving around 4 am. Turns out I’ll see my son — he flies out in the evening, so we’ll be ships that pass in the night, but I’ll be so happy to see him before he goes.
And then I’ll be home, facing reality. Our house will be ours again — no trauma, no “are they going to break up or aren’t they?” going on. Well, I’d prefer the question to the reality of breaking up, but if it’s always going to be the unhappy ending I’d just as soon have it fast.
But I’ll see my darling Richie. And I’ll sleep on the plane, and all will be well, I’m sure. I’ll check in when I get home, probably weeping copiously.
I really, really prefer happiness over sadness. And I do think happiness can be achieved if you work at it and can let go of things. The serenity prayer had it right — accept the things you cannot change, change the things you can.
So I’m off into the friendly skies tomorrow, leaving Squalor on the River for Squalor Holler. I’m going to miss them so much.
It’s good to know when you have sisters to watch your back. A place you can run to, where you’re safe. Do you have any idea how rare that is?
Of course you do. How many of us have that to count on? Well, some of you may have families to turn to – mothers or sisters or such.
I’ve got my sisters here by the river.
Thank God.
update — here’s me in Washington, waiting for my next plane. I do look like something the cat dragged in — I only slept an hour. It really will be good to be home, no matter how much I hated to leave.