Krissie: The new hair

Photo on 2013-03-01 at 12.19 So that’s yesterday’s hair. This is today’s hair. Photo on 3-2-13 at 10.52 AM #2 Yeah, not a huge amount of difference, but just sort of cleaned up. I’m watching Property Brothers and very happy to be going back down to see Jenny again, and this time I drive.
The weird thing is, someone stole my son and put a different person in his place. He’s been consistently kind, helpful, to everyone. He asked me how Jenny’s sight was doing and offered to come down and help us move furniture (for free — I was telling him how much the guys wanted to charge to help). Instead of sulking about not having a car this week he went out of his way not to use mine today, even though I said I didn’t need it, and he’s insisted that he and Richie can be fine dealing with having one vehicle while I’m gone. (Yeah, I know, it’s up to me, but I like to make things easier for people).
Kaim did start leveling out in her mid-twenties after a lot of emotional upheaval, and I’m suspecting that that is a natural time for kids to start moving outside their own little world. He’s started doing stuff without being asked, just being pleasant.
IRS didn’t call me back, but we’ll figure it out. We’ll figure everything out. In the meantime, I’m heading out to buy supplies for the guys while I go see Jenny. It’s all good.

Krissie: Just Hair

Photo on 1-16-13 at 8.59 AM So I thought maybe I was overdoing it on the curls. Using a curly shampoo and then a spritz in conditioner and crunching. So — I used moisture-rich shampoo and moisturizing conditioner and didn’t scrunch.
Curls. I got curls.
And you know, I like ’em. I’m not going to have time to get them shaped (I don’t think) but maybe Crusie and I will find someone in NJ (I sure the fuck am not going to get my hair cut in the city).
So, maybe that’s my Wednesday fabulous.
Say it loud, I got curls and I’m proud.

Krissie: All About You

Photo on 2013-01-14 at 08.26 Ah, another week. I’m thinking my hair has gotten too long. I mean, I love the curls, but maybe it’s a bit much. Opinions? I’ll give you another view of it tomorrow. I do like the idea of being able to braid it, etc. But maybe all that riot of waves and curls is a bit much for a woman of my dignity .

Okay, another week, another bunch of challenges. For today, I’ve got to call one doctor for a refill, the hospital to set up a mammogram, another doctor to change an appointment, then call the courts so I can set up a small estate for this one check (refund from rent) that came from my mother (fill in forms, get a copy of the death certificate, drive 40 miles to the courthouse). Plus make reservation to go down to NJ on Friday. And finish the short story I’m writing for

Easy peasy.

What’s on your agenda?

Jenny: St. Dolly of the Sequins

I’m turning Re-Fab over to Krissie for the week-end, but before I do I’m going to re-direct you to this Jezebel piece on Dolly Parton and fashion.   Be sure to read the comments, too.  The Jezzies can be brutal, but in this case, the Dolly love knows no end, which is as it should be.  I mean look at this woman, she’s a national treasure:

I want to be Dolly when I grow up.


I know she’s the same age I am, I still want to be Dolly when I grow up.