Krissie: Home again

Today I pack up and go home. It’s time. I’ve ignored real life for too long.
Fortunately I think I’ve stayed just long to enough to have … well, not overstayed my welcome, exactly, but for Jenny to be ready for some solid alone time. We got Dragon Dictate started yesterday (had to buy a new microphone but I found coupons and she saved over $50 at Staples. I’m trying to encourage her to use more coupons).
Richie and son had a good time visiting old haunts (he grew up about 45 minutes from here), plus a cousin, but his favorite pizza place was closed on Monday so we had to make do with inferior stuff. As for me, I’m going to squeeze myself into the back of the car and work on my book, listen to audio books (I’ve discovered Darynda Jones) and make cheerful plans. And I get to see my kitties.
Jenny and I will both focus on work, and when I come back we will NOT indulge in our bad food choices (though we had salads and stuff too). She’ll have worked out a schedule that works for her, and I already have one (I did more than 12k words since I’ve been here — wish it had been twice as much but 12k ain’t shabby). And my BFF’s house will be empty when I get back so I’ll work there … ooops, no I won’t, because her recliner isn’t there. Well, I’ll figure it out.
And I usually love the holidays. So I’ll try to be cheerful and forward thinking about the next six weeks. It’ll be huge to have this book done. I hadn’t realized how badly my mother’s death would shake my world.
I’ve been eating a lot of sugar down here. When I get back, no more sugar, or, given the season, I wouldn’t stop. I’m going to work on my eating through the holiday season, because I can. Otherwise there are constant excuses to make.
And really, I haven’t been horribly indulgent. Not buying chips or sweets to bring home (though I did succumb to gingerbread cookies). It’s going to be okay.
It’s just time to go home, as peaceful and stress-free as being here is.
I’ll talk about the rest of the stuff when I get back. Be prepared for a long, emotional post tomorrow. But for today, I’m determined it’s going to be smooth sailing for the rest of the day.