Krissie: Update

Photo on 3-27-13 at 11.01 AM 235.9 fucking pounds. Jesus! What the fuck have I been doing? (Sorry for all the fucks, but fuck!).
Okay, I’ve got a lot on my plate..  (Chortle — that was an accident,  I certainly do have a lot on my plate and I’ve been eating it all).
Time to take stuff off my plate, literally and figuratively. I want to feel better (my pain issues are giving me fits) and I want to be healthy.
I actually did a good job yesterday. Breakfast bar for breakfast, oatmeal with splenda and unsweetened frozen raspberries for lunch, a big salad (with too much yummy stuff in it like avocado), a plain bagel (nothing on it and I didn’t eat the second one) and scallops and oven fries for dinner. Not a lot of noshing in between and no visit to McD’s even though I went by two.
Okay, pull up my socks and get it together. No more McD’s for anything but a DC and/or salad. Smaller servings of oatmeal (measure). Cut out the dinner-time starches. Push the veggies and fruit.
Two things I can do — use NetDiary for a reality check (also my scale) and be mindful. It’s so easy to toss a handful of something into my mouth. Grazing is healthy but not all day long.
C’mon, Krissie, get it together. I’ve been Ziggy Piggy when I go to NJ (I just saw “Bill and Ted” again last night so the term is on my mind). I need to figure out how to partake of the culinary joys of NJ (Kathy’s diner, real pizza) without getting out of control. Particularly since I seem to end up there every few weeks (and will be there in another three weeks or so again).
Richie also hit me with the usual bad financial news, but we’ll deal with that. At least my car was repaired and I was only out $800 instead of $2000. And I love my car.
Got a traffic ticket yesterday but the nice cop cut it down to 10 miles over the speed limit instead of the 15 (and I was more likely going 25 because I was passing someone). He probably saw me crying (I was trying to hide it) so my ticket was only $99 instead of $200 and something. I was late for the dentist and they’re nasty when you’re late. Sigh.
But I’m writing, and as I said yesterday, things fall into place when I write.
Which I’m going to do now.
But I need to check in with food counts and weight every day for a week and see how things go. So far, only a Tab and a breakfast bar. Maybe a salad for lunch before I see my shrink.
Aaaargh. I will do this!