Krissie: Good Wolf Lunch

images-15 So we’re taking lunch literally again. 243 on the doctor’s scale today (241.5 nekkid at home). But I’ve been trying for a few days. Using My Fitness Pal on the ipad — super easy and I really like it. Been going over my limit, so that in five weeks I’d lose 9 pounds (ugh) but I’m getting more organized again.
1. No fried foods (I was out and so tempted. Some fried foods would have fewer calories than the healthy choices I made. But no fried foods.
2. A glass of water for every beverage (Tab, Diet ginger ale, lemonade, etc.). I’m still down to mostly one Tab a day, sometimes two if I’m tired.
3. More veggies, more veggies, more veggies.
4. Do not make excuses at Crusie’s. No pancakes and fries with gravy etc. Those things won’t disappear. At some point I can treat myself. But right now, nope.
5. No sugar. No morning glory muffins or doughnuts or cookies or … anything. I can get sweet stuff from fruit.
6. Start swimming again

Here’s the deal. I had borderline ovarian cancer six year ago. They scheduled a hysterectomy in 5 days and the doctor was convinced it was bad. Fortunately it hadn’t popped yet, but I’ve been getting follow-ups like crazy. I’m down to only twice a year, I’m good with mammograms and colonoscopies and breast exams and pelvics and CA 125s etc. But I’ve been feeling pressure and uncomfortable, and my CA 125 was up just a smidge (well below normal). But I had a … not so much as a bad feeling, but a more of a sense that I better watch things. The strongest I’ve felt those warning signals since I had the original surgery. And the doctor said it was a little hard to feel things when she did a bi-manual. Of course it is. I have so much pudge there that if there’s a growth there’s no way to feel it. So (thwap!) with the Salmon of Correction. I ache all the time from dragging this weight around, I don’t fit my old clothes (too big) and I don’t fit my new clothes (a little too tight). Enough is enough.

I always look at fall as a time of new beginnings. I’m nesting. I’m cleaning out my office, we’re going to Lowes and Home Depot to buy paint and a new front door and hand rails and handles and all sorts of things.

So I would say I need my slavering, devouring bad wolf locked in a kennel, but you know, that’s not true. We need our bad wolf as well as our good one. To balance us out. We’re all part devouring self-destruction and glorious redemption (I know I’m hyperbolic but that’s the way I roll).

So my bad wolf is on strict rations, while my good wolf is enjoying salads and avocados and applesauce and water. Bad wolf is whispering “you need comfort” and “one little bag of chips won’t hurt” and “there’s nothing here to eat.”
Good Wolf says “suck it.”

What have you guys been battling? Are you ready for the Great Fall Renaissance? I’ve pumped and ready to do this thing!

Krissie: Challenges

So I’m on the train, in the beginning of a 10 hour ride to NYC. No, maybe it’s eight. Whatever, it’s loooong. I’m in business class so I get free soda (!) and a comfy seat to work in, plus nowadays they have internet. It’s a little unreliable, but always nice to be able to check in while I travel. Hey, I could even shop.
In the meantime, I have to figure out what I’m going to do about food.
I packed three breakfast bars in my suitcase and I’ve eaten one of them. I deliberately left the Goldfish behind — it’s too easy for me to pig out on them. They have okay stuff on the train — a sandwich on a baguette with no fats (they’re in little packets for you to add). Supposedly there’s fresh fruit — why didn’t I think to bring some strawberries? Damn. I should have made up my own food for the trip.
But that’s not what i’m worried about. It’s NYC. I can take care of breakfast with the aforementioned breakfast bar, unless I end up being taken out. In which case I could probably do with an omelet with veggies and not much cheese and some fruit. Or hell, maybe some oatmeal if they have it.
But finding my own food is the trick. Continue reading