Another Monday (Krissie)

. Ok, I’ve got some dread disease, but I’m not going to whine about it. It’s been coming on since the fall, and I don’t seem able to do a damned thing without falling into bed. First it was Christmas and the lead-up. This weekend I made two simple cakes on Saturday (and couldn’t sew or do anything else) and Sunday I went to church and helped set up coffee hour, which mean bringing the cakes, setting up the fruit juice, and a few other little things. Others did most of the carrying and cleaning. And I came home and went to bed. And this morning I’m still in a fog.
Argh! This drives me crazy! There are all these things I want to do, and yet I seem unable to do them. I’m also in tremendous pain, and I think going back to swimming would help, and yet I don’t know if I physically can. .
I’ll figure it out (I had blood tests and there’s nothing really off. I’ve added Vitamin D, etc. but it hasn’t helped.

Whine for the day, over. I assume you all saw Jenny’s post on Argh this weekend? I love the idea of an art project a day for February, and yes I do think cooking counts. I think we should all do it. I’m in (assuming I don’t make a doll dress and collapse face first into dinner). Sewing makes me happy. Of course, this might not work for me, since I’m not much of a visual artist, but everything in life can be art, done with creativity and joy. I’ll just have to figure out a way to take a photo of singing a new song or something.

Who’s up for it?