Krissie: To bang or not to bang

I got my hair trimmed on my birthday while my mother had her hair permed. I wanted a cut to make my suddenly curly hair be curly, but to trim my bangs to cover my long, lined forehead. My usual person, Tracy, is out, having given one of her kidneys to her sister, bless her, bless her, bless her. So I had Hannah, who’s also done a good job, do it. And I loved it, but I don’t like the bangs. But I’m open to opinion. Maybe they need to be shorter. Wispier. Dunno. What do you think?
Today is Green Up Day (do you have that in other states?). Everyone gets out and cleans up roadsides, etc. This year we’re concentrating on Hurricane Irene mess. The more I travel around our tiny state the more devastation I see. Amazing. So I’m dragging out all my ancient printers etc. for Richie to take to recycling (free today). Decluttering!!!
I got my butt to swimming yesterday, after writing 1500 words. It’s 40 minutes away (about 26 miles but there’s road construction) and arrived and no one was in the pool. It was smooth and gorgeous looking and I was filled with contentment until I got to the locker and discovered I hadn’t brought my bathing suit. At first i tried to be all Zen about it — if I forgot my bathing suit I wasn’t meant to swim yadda yadda yadda, and I was all set to go home.
And then I said fuck that and went down to the fabulous plus size clothing store they have in that tiny town (Elizabeth’s Large Size Fashions — if you’re ever in northern Vermont and wear size 14 up go to St. Johnsbury!) I was gonna get the cheapest suit I could find, even a size 5x as long as it covered me, but I ended up finding an adorable suit on sale, size 18. And since I’m moving down from 22 to 20 to slightly less then I’d need to buy a smaller one anyway. It’s very cute even if it doesn’t have a skirt to hide my butt.
So I overdid, walking for an hour, but damn, did I get a lot accomplished on my MIP. I came home and hobbled around like I’d been for a 2 miles walk, which maybe it was akin to. But it felt so good.
I’m most definitely in the zone. And tomorrow I get to celebrate my birthday by having everyone over for a cookout, and I’ll eat a piece of cake and I won’t feel guilty. So there. (I’ll also send the rest of the cake home with my son and my mother).
So life is good until the next crisis. With luck I’ll ride this one a little better. I was 231 on the scale. Don’t remember if my lowest was 230.5 or 231.5 (I think it was the latter) but it’s staying down and creeping toward the 220s.
Nothing but good times ahead.