Krissie: Playtime

I can do anything I want today. I’ll probably do some sewing, maybe go through the slides a bit more, work on decluttering the living room, maybe list some stuff on ebay. Right now I can have weekends off, and since I did 4k words in the last couple of days I earned it. And the book is moving in the right direction.
Funny that I would think of working on the house as playtime. But part of it is because it’s fall. I do major nesting in the fall. I’ve already hung up different pictures, I’m sorting through stuff. ready to make some progress.
Though I have to admit, going through the slides yesterday was hard.
We seemed to do slides back in the early seventies (though I found some from the mid-forties). There are slides from my wedding, slides of my grandmother, slides of Richie and me and our dog. Tons of photos of the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley (trashed those), tons of photos of Newfoundland (trashed those). Tons of photos of my sister’s wretched boy toy from forty years ago.
But pictures of Mini-me and Stuart, darling Stuart (and darling Mini-me). The two of them, ages 2 and 4, ages 4 and 6, such sweet babies. And my sister with them, looking so pretty. I’d forgotten how pretty she was back then. I sat there crying yesterday, looking at all the people I loved who were gone. So maybe I’ll give myself a break today, and not look at more.
It’s funny, though, because as I was going to sleep last night I could suddenly remember exactly what our house smelled like. The house we bought up here, the one I moved to in 1971, the one my sister bought. The smell came back with perfect clarity, and with it such a sense of nostalgia. And then I could remember what our house in Stannard smelled like, the first house we bought. Slightly creosote-y, with notes of barn-board and old wood and old house smell. Strange that that should come back so strongly.
Anyway, I’m just going to play around the house. Maybe use the timer so I don’t get overwhelmed (20 minutes work to 10 minutes play — I got that from – great recommendation!).
I’m just gonna do what I want. And if I change my mind and want to cry over old slides then I’ll do that as well.
Today is for me. I’ll do exactly what I want.