Krissie: Back to the Airport

Great hotel room here at the Richmond airport, though I couldn’t sleep. Everything decided to hurt last night, so I was flopping around like a landed fish. However, I’ll sleep on the airplane and start to snore and wake up with a jerk. (Well, it depends on who’s sitting next to me. Chortle). Rinse and repeat.
I do hope we don’t have delays going this way — I might not be so sanguine.
Traveling is always a hassle, leaving the comforts of home a challenge, but it’s always worth it once I get going.
Here are some things I learned.
1. Chris Pine is incredibly hot in “Unstoppable.”
2. You can make your own kaffir/kefir/whatever
3. lots of people of faith down here who don’t make me feel uncomfortable to say I’m a Christian. I always have to put the caveat that I’m an ultra liberal Christian, so no one thinks I’m cursed with being narrow-minded and judgmental, which seems to go along with way too many people of strong faiths, no matter whether they’re Christian or Muslim or whatever.
4. I had so much in common with the various people who carted me around, including our own Stephanie. Adoptive mothers, dog lovers, women who loved being out in the country. Sheer serendipity, I would guess, but it was a special treat talking to Stephanie and Mary Anne and Mary.
5. There were other things I marveled at, things people told me during my talk, which I’ve spaced right now but will come back to me.
So in the end a most educational, entertaining, friendly way to spend the weekend, with the bonus of some great food. I managed to resist the lure of wicked Chinese food (there was a bowl of fresh fried noodles right in front of me that was absolutely killing me, but I never gave in. Had chicken and asparagus and steamed brown rice while those around me had General Tso’s ((sob), and last night some really divine seared tuna and asparagus (don’t you love asparagus season?) followed by fresh berries without the whipped cream.
A few too many goldfish to nibble on (I really need to give those up entirely) but hey, a good job of eating while on the road. Only concession being a second DC at lunch, but after talking for two hours my will was weak.
So back I go to the land of snow.
Go over and post the three things that make you happy, and then read everybody else’s list. It’s a great way to begin and end the week.