Krissie: This n That

I got distracted looking up Duff McKagan on Wikipedia. My goodness, he’s more than just pretty. Yum!
Okay, must behave.
A little bit more on the money situation. The thing is, our only income is from my writing. We cashed in any stocks we had to pay for the therapeutic schools (read that as “keep ’em off drugs” schools) that kept my son alive during his teenage years. Money well-spent.
But we’ve never figured out how to budget if we never know what kind of money is coming in when.
But still, a professional will probably be able to help us. And while the conversation was depressing I just went down and worked on cleaning up my sewing area so I can sew some more, so that was good.
I’ve got this sort of angst/worried/edgy feeling going on. Everything feels wrong and out of place, but that’s logical. We live just a little ways past the nursing home, and I always expected my mother would go in there and drift away, not go out with a bang like that.
Then again, in my family we never get any warning. People just fucking die.
The good thing about that is that no one gets cancer. The bad thing about that is they mostly die too young to get cancer.
Saw the Bourne Legacy last night and really liked it. Jeremy Renner is 41? Damn, 41 looks good nowadays. Then again, Duff McKagan was born when I was a junior in high school.
Eh, age ain’t nothing but a number.
Gotta figure out a way to get rid of this edgy feeling. Maybe some low-key nesting. Maybe better living through chemistry?
I got replacement stuff for my c-pap machine and had a better night’s sleep. I also had pool-floating time, which always helps.
So here’s your final treat. Alastair and Lani put these shaky, shadowy clips into one file and you get to see glorious Sister Krissie in full regalia, acting, damn it.