Working (Krissie)

. I’ve been creating. Well, I’ve been doing a million things, including attacking the episode of Hoarders that is my house. This is an outfit for Sweetie (that’s what I’m calling the doll) who’s a present for Ali. She’s a Wellie Wisher – a smaller, younger version of an American Girl doll, and I’m trying to get a wardrobe together for her among all the other things I’m trying to do.

The pattern is from a Craftsy class in making doll clothes, though I had to adjust the sizes for the small doll (feeling very smug about that).

At the same time I’m trying to up my crochet game. I’m taking a course for beginners and advanced beginners, I’ve got the basic Craftsy course and of course Crusie’s taught me a lot. So I made this for an American Girl doll and later added white buttons.

Next up – a new crochet project and sewing a knit dress for Sweetie. Stay tuned.





Jenny: Crocheting Irish Roses

The Irish Rose pattern is old, old, old, as old as Irish lace.  Of course the lace roses were done with thread and a tiny hook, and I use yarn and a much bigger hook, but the pattern is the same.  Bonus: no working into stitches, it’s all worked into loops.  If you can chain, sc, hdc, and dc, you can make an Irish Rose. (Note to people who are considering learning crochet: those are all plain, beginner stitches.) Continue reading

Jenny: ReMocs

I like sloppy houseslippers, but even for me, there’s a limit.  I loved these suede mocs so much I bought two pair and wore them into . . . well, into this:

This pair is missing their laces (that would be Mona; she looks on suede laces as a particularly chewy form of spaghetti), they’re shapeless, they’re stained, they’re . . . comfy.  Really, really comfy.  So of course I decided to ReFab them. Continue reading