Jenny: Cottage Saturday: A Scathingly Brilliant Idea

I have no idea why it took me so long to think of this:

We should do Cottage Saturdays the way we do Make-It Tuesdays. If you have pictures of something you’re doing in and around your house that you want to share, drop them into the Cottage Saturday folder in Dropbox (you’ll need to e-mail me for an invitation, but it’s free).

One caveat: Don’t put up a picture of the front of your house or anything that gives away where you live. We’re all lovely here, but this is the internet and once you post something, it’s up there floating around forever with God knows who looking at it. Don’t give anybody clues on how to find you.

Jenny: Cottage Saturday: Getting a Grip on Color

Recently, Houzz had a post that said, “Throw out the color wheel when you decorate,” or words to that effect, adding, “Brown isn’t even on the color wheel!” Well, yes, Virginia, it is, it’s either dark orange or dark yellow, depending on the brown. ALL colors are on the color wheel. And the color wheel is a damn good tool for decorating; it’s saved my ass any number of times, so yes, use a color wheel. There are also other approaches–find a fabric you like and use the colors in it is always a good one–but at the end of the day, the color wheel is your friend. Take the cottage, for example . . . Continue reading

Jenny: Cottage Saturday: One Wall At A Time

I had this big plan of doing one room at a time. Ha. That only works if you’re doing rehab full time. If you have two careers, a series of medical issues to deal with, and things like winterizing a cottage before you freeze your ass off, it just doesn’t happen that fast. But this week, the heating guy comes to give me some advice on not freezing to death, and I have to clear things away so he can see the places we might put heat sources, so there could actually be a picture of the living room next week. I’m not promising, but it’s possible. In the meantime, here’s a picture of Veronica with some crochet on the couch on the back porch. Hey, it’s a picture of the couch. Kind of.

Really, next week, a picture of the living room. Probably.


Jenny: Cottage Saturday: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The universe is thwarting me again. Of course, I helped it along by spilling a Diet Coke into my laptop. (Yes, again. The two constants in my life are Diet Coke and my laptop; the fact that they meet occasionally is not that remarkable.) The laptop is working at the moment, but it is not the same–I think I killed the battery, for one thing, and the space bar is hard to make work and every now and then it twitches–and the new MacBooks haven’t come out yet, so I’m making do with Twitchy here and my ancient desktop which I had not realized was that ancient until I tried to work on it. Amazing how used we get to speed and new widgets. Where was I? Oh, right, it’s taking me forever to get anything done because I make progress–graded the McD scenes!–and then Something Happens like a rogue Diet Coke, and I take a step back while I reconfigure and try to recover lost files. Which brings us to the Pie-Safe-Into-Coat-Rack Project. Continue reading