Krissie: Cottage Saturday

Okay, Squalor Holler is getting to me. Problem is, so is my body. My knee’s swollen up (fortunately I see the rheumatologist on Monday) and my back is killing me, but I’ve got the find the other audios etc. that I’m using for my contest. What I really need is another stool that’s not too heavy that I can carry around.
In fact … adorable story time. We went down to see the baby and Alex, and Alex wanted me to come to his playroom and watch him. And without asking he dragged one of the living room chairs over to the door so I could sit there (I usually sit on a toy box or something. That was so sweet of him!

Anyway. My back is screwed, and I need to strengthen my core to get it better and I never do the exercises so I have no right to complain. But I sort of don’t want to go through the trauma of double knee replacement if my back is still going to keep me from standing or walking.

Yes, I know what would help. I’m trying.

But I digress. I’m hoping my camera will charge so I can take a photo of the mess I’m going to attack. What does UFYH say? 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off? I’ll try that. Need some music too, and move a chair over, and just quietly set to work.

In the meantime today’s freebie isn’t very good. I wanted to bundle the three Maggie Bennetts and do them for free, then found out you couldn’t have the same book free in a 90 day period. So then I wanted to bundle them for $1.99. Unfortunately I wasn’t clear and they’re all $1.99. However, I get started detailing the incredibly dumb mistakes I’ve made in my career over at and at least that’s entertaining.

I’m also going to get my hair cut. This is what it looks like now: Photo on 3-29-14 at 11.34 AM We’ll hope thing improve. At this point I’m not planning to cut it short — just trim and shape and get the bangs back, but you never can tell if inspiration will strike.

Let’s see if the phone is charged: Image 1 That’s the wall of cubes I put up against the window I lovely boxes, but everything’s tangled.

And: Image That’s the desktop. I’ll go have breakfast/lunch and then put in half an hour before my hair appointment.
Pray for me, boys. I’m going in.

Jenny: Cottage Saturday: Winter Wonderland, My Ass

It’s snowing again. AGAIN. I opened the door yesterday after the blizzard was over, and Mona went barreling out into the snow and buried herself head first in the drift in front of the door. The dogs haven’t had a decent run in weeks, all I do is shovel white stuff, and I’m getting a little CRANKY, especially since Krissie really has to wait to come down here until I can clear some of this mess away, which I can do easily if it would just STOP SNOWING. Continue reading

Jenny: Cottage Saturday: Four Dog Night and Broken Cookies

It’s cold here, and I don’t have a furnace. I do have a terrific fireplace insert going in next Friday when the temperatures will be in the forties–irony, ha–but for right now, I’m praying that space heaters, electric blankets, and four dogs that radiate heat like little furnaces will get me through this bad patch. Yes, I put insulation around my pipes and a space heater in the basement, thank you for asking. Yes, I know space heaters are ungodly expensive to run and can be dangerous if not plugged into dedicated circuits (mine upstairs are) and sited on non-flammable floors with clearance (yep), but I’m stuck with this for now.

And it’s not all bad. For example, one third of my space heater/electric blanket/furry heat-radiating animal solution is really cute: Continue reading

Jenny: Kleaning for Krissie

Krissie’s coming which is good in so many ways, but one of the most useful is that it makes me take a new look at the house and realize that I’ve let it degenerate into chaos again. That’s okay, I’m in the middle of a rehab, I have a lot of stuff I can’t completely put away until I get all the shelving up, and after that I just have a lot of stuff that Krissie will take back with her. So while the Bad Wolf whispers, “You’re disgusting” in my ear, the Good Wolf says, “Oh, goody, we get to go through everything and become ORGANIZED.” She loves organization almost as much as she loves gold spray paint. Of course it never lasts, but that’s not the point. Continue reading