Krissie: Memorial Day Weekend

Jeesh, willya look at that cleavage? Where did that come from?
But I digress. Lovely day by the river yesterday. Poor Crusie worked her ass off all day, but I sat out on the deck (shaded so the high temps weren’t bothersome) and watched the river run. People were out with their party boats and jet-skis and motorboats, most of them not too noisy, and besides, this is a working river. It’s not supposed to be a tranquil rich people’s paradise. (Speaking of which, someone just went by sculling. Skulling? You know, one of those single rowers. So maybe it’s a tranquil rich man’s paradise early in the morning).
We have all sorts of rules about our lake. No motorboats after 8 pm, none larger than a certain size, no jet-skis. Party boats are probably outlawed too. Granted, we have one of the most beautiful lakes in Vermont, clear and clean. The town used to be a haven for Ivy League professors and their wives (eg my grandfather and my BFF’s grandfather). Now it’s become a haven for California dot com millionaires. It’s exquisitely beautiful and I’ve spent my entire life by its shores (as a summer person until I was 22, then full time for the next 42 years). But it’s not the same lake, we can’t afford the house (and most of our families, Richie’s and mine, have had to sell their houses. Between our two families we’ve had eleven summer houses. Now we’re down to four).
But I digress. I forced everyone to have a cookout on the deck and we had a wonderful time. We re-habbed Jenny’s old grill and I bought a bright blue new one, we drank cheap beer and diet sodas and ate steak and hot dogs and hamburgers and potato salad and the girls cooked s’mores on the grill. It was so hot the girls put on their bathing suits and Alastair sprayed them down with the hose, I played his very nice guitar and sang them songs about rotten men (“from the start, every heart that’s ever broken, always was because there was a man to blame.”) And everyone was astonished to admit it was a good idea. (The cookout, not my singing).
Hey, I know how to get my way when I really want to.
So it was a lovely evening. Things are peaceful at home, if in physical chaos, and I’m ready to get back to swimming. I do believe things are going to be all right after all.

Krissie: Heat wave

We had a great day yesterday. A lovely talk with my son and then the glorious aquarium, where we all fell in love. We’re all playing with variants on The Little Mermaid, so the aquarium was an absolute must. Then a fabulous lunch, where, I admit, we ate fish. I had a little bit of dessert but restrained myself: and we talked and talked.
When we got home we all passed out for a while, then I made dinner, collapsed, Jenny emerged and probably worked all night. But these things are good. Here’s one of our favorite friends from the aquarium: .
We’re going to have an absolute heat wave today, so I’m out on the deck early. Tonight we’ll have a cookout, just to be traditional, tomorrow Trader Joe’s. Hey, life on the river is good. Though I gotta admit, I’m starting to miss my lake.

I’m feeling peaceful and positive this morning, with a core of sorrow for my baby boy and all he’s going through. But I have faith things are going to be all right in the end.
In the meantime, it’s roasting at Squalor on the River, in more ways than one!