Travels with Krissie Pt.1

That’s me sitting in the BWI airport (I always think of British West Indies when I see that. And I won’t tell you what I think of when there used to be Northwest Airlines (NWA).
But as usual, I digress.
Turns out I have a sinus infection, I call my doctor (who told me to call back if it didn’t get better) and she blithely said they routinely want people to have it for two weeks before they use an antibiotic. Now I understand and agree that antibiotics are over-used and people will become resistant to them, yadda yadda yadda. But a) I seldom get sick, so I’ve had very few antibiotics and b) she fucking thinks I’m gonna stay with this pain for another week?
Might be time to change doctors.
Any, I’m digressing again. Except that the stupid doctor told me to take ibuprofen, which I’ve been to stomach occasionally, but apparently I can’t deal with taking it at night. At least half a dozen Tums, two doses of liquid Maalox, pretzels, a banana, and applesauce with granola and I finally fell asleep in my chair for a couple of hours. (I had vicious heartburn because I hadn’t eaten enough with the ibu and I didn’t feel like dinner, so eating bland stuff helped).
So, no sleep, off to the airport (three hours away) leaving at 6. But Richie and I had a good talk about things, and I’m going to keep a wait and see attitude. At this point I’ll have Richie pick me up in NJ the weekend of the 17th so I’m home for Thanksgiving. If I need to I can turn around and go back to NJ in December for a week or two, depending on how stressful things are.
But I had a mini-triumph. I’ve been eating terrible stuff, just awful So I got on the scale before I left and still managed to be in the 220s (just barely). Stuck here in BWI I went to a diner where I could have had pancakes (I’ve had a craving for them) french fries with gravy, all the sorts of things I tell myself I could have. Instead I chose one of the healthy offerings, a fruit and lettuce salad with chicken and blue cheese and lo-cal dressing and it was incredibly good! So yay for me for making the right choice.
We’re going to have to go to our favorite places on our Farewell to Ohio Tour. Steak n Shake, Ihop, Olive Garden, Panera, and maybe Outback. (there’s not much cooking going on at Squalor on the River, just baking, and in the chaos of Jenny trying to pack I’m sure everyone’s even less likely to cook. (I was proofreading and found I made a Freudian typo. I had “everyone’s even less likely to book.) We must book. All three of us. But that’s part of what this is all about.
Oh, and pot stickers. Must have potstickers.
And maybe we’ll have to have Cincinnati chili just because. Jenny says it’s yucky but since it’s famous (and what could be so yucky about spaghetti with chili and cheese on top?) we might have to do it.
And then there’s Hobby Lobby and Jungle Jims.
Of course, I’m doing all this with absolutely no money. But I’m not gonna think about it. Too much to think about and I’m cherishing my inner Dresden ballerina (maybe she’s Marguerite? Eloise?)
Jenny and Lani (or maybe just Lani) are hauling ass up to Colombus to get me (it’s a couple of hours away) because it was the only way I could get a decent flight. If I’d gone from Burlington to Cincinnati it would have been $540. This flight was $237. And Lani’s got a new to her Prius (has she told you about it?) so the gas will be cheap.
And it will be so wonderful to see them! I’m so happy!
We’ll be better about photos this time, since it’s our last get together at Squalor on the River (presumably).
So the Come to Goddess Convocation is about to begin.
As if Ohio isn’t already overwhelmed.