Krissie: Progress

I got on the scale yesterday and it was 228. (Up a little this morning but hell, I’m going with the lower weight!). That’s down 1.4 since last week. I’m chuffed. I did give in a buy some goldfish — I’m still hit and miss about them. Maybe I’ll give them up – I probably should.
And I’ve been going through my clothes slowly. Filling one plastic tub with winter clothes, one basket with giveaways (to be put in a plastic bag later). I’m being utterly brutal and putting anything that says 2x in the giveaway, even though some 2x’s are small and some 1x’s are huge. I figure it’s a simple way to make decisions. I’m giving away some really nice clothes, too, which gives me a pang, but it must be done.
I haven’t yet come across a heart breaker. When I do I’ll consider seeing if I can revamp it. But I’m now between XL and !X, closer to the XL, which is lovely, since that means regular size clothes. I guess this is my reward for the yogurt triumph last week.
Went to se the doctor yesterday and way down on his scale as well, fully clothed. Wahoo! I’m impressed with myself, even if it’s moving at a glacial pace. Getting rid of clothes gets me thinking and worrying about gaining it back. I’ve really got to put some energy into coming up with a plan for that, because that’s where people fail. Most people can lose weight – they just always gain it back.
However, losing weight slowly is probably a step in the right direction. It’s giving me a loooong time to get used to change. I’m not dieting strenuously — I’m just being good about cutting out the carbs, eating only healthy stuff, and watching portions. I have a Lean Cuisine for lunch a lot, because it’s easy, and oatmeal for breakfast. Now that the garden’s coming in I have to start having big salads for lunch. That would improve my veggie intake and taste delicious.
And then for dinner we often skip a starch (which would be brown rice and whole wheat pasta) all together. Since Richie doesn’t eat beef or lamb or pork since his heart attack it makes it easier to make good dinner choices — we tend to eat more fish than we would if we had other options. And the electric pressure cooker he bought me is my new best friend. I made chicken with home-made pesto last night — yummy.
The pool is getting fuller, and I spent an hour in my hammock underneath the lilacs. I’m fighting off my worry about seeing my grandson and not turning to food for comfort in my anxiety, and hey, I’m even tolerating my mother. So things are good.
And finally people are starting to notice the weight drop. Which is nice. Nice to get approval (because we all know the hidden disapproval people feel toward our size).
I’m going to write today. I’m going to swim, and see my mother, and sit on the deck that overlooks the garden and the village (I do live in a village — about 700 people year round).
Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Today I will live in the moment, not panic about the future (loss of grandson, financial meltdown). There’s a biblical quote from somewhere: Today is the day the Lord made, rejoice and be glad in it.
Sounds like a good idea to me.

Krissie: Hmmmmm

I took this pictures, and then this was my reaction to it: I think I need a different bra. I know I need a bra fitting, but I really can’t afford to invest in new bras while my body is changing. Well, I’ve bought new bras, a smaller size, but I can’t afford expensive ones.
Anyway, this one is a leisure bra, and I think I should probably not go out in public in it. At least, not in a fitted top. Makes me look like a I’ve got cantaloupes, and I’m actually only a c cup. 40C now, down from a determined 42 C. But this is one of those ones that go XL and XXL (and I didn’t have to go XXL!). So … maybe not.
I’m also absolutely overwhelmed with clothes. I’ve got so much that’s a little big — all the summer stuff I dragged out, all the winter stuff I’m putting away. I think one task for a week is to start going back through the baskets (I think I’ve accumulated about 7 at this point — maybe more).
I need to be brutal. I need to cull those t-shirts, as useful as they are. Get rid of some of the sun dresses.
Okay, tomorrow I’m gonna count each thing (or maybe one thing at a time — I’ll count how many sundresses I have) and then be brutal in cutting back. Crusie gave me some new, adorable ones that can replace some of the old ones.
Okay, I’m armed, I’m ready. And this bra has got to go!

Krissie: And now for something entirely different

We haven’t talked about clothes yet. You know, those eight baskets that I cleaned out in my bedroom were about 3/4 clothing, most of which I hung up or put away. I do confess I left what I thought was a small pile in the closet to hang up later, and then I proudly installed my tv.
And then it came time to pack. 8 days, two of them traveling. When I’m at SOTR (Squalor on the River) we basically go out shopping most days, to Hobby Lobby or Michaels or Target (no Target in Vermont) or TJ Maxx. Why do we shop? Because it’s there. Neither of us (Lani’s more controlled than Crusie and I are) need one more damned thing. For Christmas I’m giving Jenny trash bags, clear for donations, regular for tossing. And yet we will shop.
We might go to a movie. We usually go out to Steak N Shake once, Olive Garden once, maybe throw in an IHOP and an Outback. That’s gonna change.
I plan to introduce Jenny to the wonders of Applebee’s low cal menu. In our state they have to put the calorie amount of everything on the menu (at least, if it’s a chain restaurant) and everything else, including the salads, is well over a thousand. But the diet menu is actually good.
So anyway, we mostly stay in and talk and sleep and watch movies and talk.
So what am I going to wear?
8 days, 2 days travel. For the travel maybe a loose dress with tights and a sweater or jacket. Maybe the slinky knit black one I wore in New York with the kimono sweater Crusie gave me. Or a slinky knit skirt and one of the … what’s it called when the neckline crosses each other, like an old Diane von Furstenburg dress? And a jacket or sweater with that. That would do for anything fancy, which we absolutely never (except when Crusie made the NYT for BET ME).
I think I can make do with two denim skirts, one pair of pull on jeans and one of corduroy, and black tops. Because in my closet I found a basket chock full of about six different long-sleeve cotton tops, all black. Sigh. Along with some sweatpants, and then another basket with more sweatpants and sweatshirts and winter nightshirts. And another basket with things to hang up.
Waaaah!!!! And I just did all the laundry so we can add two more baskets of my clothes, neatly folded. 5 fucking baskets, if you’ll pardon my French.
It’s depressing. To top it off, I went to the bag of donation clothes and pulled things out of it, because they’re wonderful and I’m losing weight and I could wear them soon.
I’m drowning in clothes.
It doesn’t help that Crusie weeds through her closet, holds up something and says “want it?” and almost half the time I grab it if I can squeeze my body into it (Crusie’s much smaller than me but she likes loose clothes).
So now I’m completely overwhelmed, and I have a lot of things to do.
Simplify, simplify.
Clearly, I need to divest myself of all those sweat pants and sweat shirts, since I don’t like to wear them. I need to go through the black tops and get rid of the ones that are faded or pulled out of shape. I need to hang up the clothes and put away the summer ones and for god’s sake stop buying clothes!
At least, not until I’m hovering between XL and 1X (I’m now hovering between 1x and 2x, whereas before it was between 2x and 3x. When pants get really baggy it’s nice to replace them, but I have a lot of fairly new pants that are only a little too small. I could squeeze into them but they wouldn’t be comfortable.
Deep breath. Okay, I can’t solve all this at once. I like skirts because they’re comfortable, and I like loose pants. 8 days. 2 skirts, 2 pants. Screw the slinky knit, I’ll travel in something I plan to wear.
OK, that gets the bottoms taken care of.
Tops. A handful of the black, a couple of flannel big shirts, maybe a couple of lighter shirts. Let’s make that only 2 black ones. 6 tops. That’s enough.
8 pairs of of socks and underwear, two bras, one pair of shoes, one nightgown and one lounging outfit kind of thing. The kimono sweater, maybe my long gray duster, and one more over-thing, like a jacket or sweater. Oh, and the bathing suit in case I can talk Lani into taking me to the Y.
There. (Sigh of relief). That’s better. When I get back I’ll sort through the rest. I hate to end up with baskets again, but I can and will pile them in the walk-in closet so my bedroom stays neat.
Problem solved. I needed to walk through it with you guys to figure it out. You know, I think I’m gonna post this today, even though I already put one up, because by tomorrow I’ll be on a plane and I won’t be able to use your wisdom.
Plus, I have to figure out whether to take my winter coat or rain coat, since the temperature’s gonna hover around 40 and for me that’s balmy.
Okay, this is going up, in case any of you have wise advice on the packing and too many clothes department.
And I swear, as god is my witness, that I will not buy any clothes when Jenny and I go out shopping. Nothing. Nada.
I can do it!

Jenny: Krissie’s Coming To Stay!

Krissie’s coming tomorrow!  I’m doing the Snoopy Dance all over the place.  I NEED Krissie here.  WE need Krissie here.  And even before she gets here, she’s improving things because while I was cleaning out her room, I uncovered the sewing machine and took a break and tried this idea from a Japanese sewing book I bought on eBay.

It’s a book on how to remake men’s shirts into women’s clothes, and there was a nightshirt/smock/duster that was easy, so I knocked it off fast just to get back in the swing of sewing.  I’d forgotten how much I loved sewing.  Of course I screwed up the bobbin, and it’s the new machine not my trusty old one so I have no idea how to get the bobbin case out (Krissie threaded it, I screwed it up) but KRISSIE’S COMING TOMORROW, so she can fix it then. She loves fixing sewing machines.  She’s brought my serger back from death more times than I can count.  Where was I?  Right the shirt.

1. Get two coordinating shirts from Goodwill.  (Go on Sunday; it’s half price for senior citizens.)

2. Decide which one you like best.  That’s the top.  Trim the bottom so the shirttail is gone and it’s straight all around.  Press down a quarter inch hem.

3. Cut the other shirt off just under the armpits.

4.  Pin the top shirt over the bottom shirt, overlapping by about a quarter inch.  Top stitch.

Ta Da:











Nightshirt with a shirttail hem.  For somebody who lives in her pajamas, this is high fashion.

Did I mention Krissie is coming?  TOMORROW!  Must go do the Snoopy dance again.