Krissie: What to Do

The face is getting thinner. I think the wattle is actually shrinking as well. It felt smaller, so I took a photo, and it seems a little less.
But I digress.
I have to figure out what I want to do today. I have options: I could go swimming again. I’ve gone only twice this week, for PT, and I prefer three times, but I did overdo yesterday. They put fin-things on my ankle and when I didn’t feel a difference they told me to move faster, which was a mistake. So I’m a little owie.
But I love water-walking, and I’ve got something I’m working on.
Or I could drive to the big city and go shopping. Haven’t done it for a long time. I want to go to B&N and look at the magazines and pressure cooker cookbooks, I want to go to Costco and buy lots of lovely fruit and vegetables (in the frozen north Costco has the best) and even go to Home Goods and Michaels and TJ Maxx just as a little indulgence.
Except that we’re skint (isn’t that the British term for being very broke) and can’t afford indulgences. I can find pressure cooker recipes online, I don’t need magazines, even if I’m dying for the newest “Where to Retire” one.
Driving is also almost as good as water-walking for coming up with plots, so it would be a working trip.
Or I could stay home, combine some decluttering with some sewing. The problem is I’m trying to set up a sewing area in my son’s old bedroom, but most of my stuff is in the basement an the basement is such a wreck …
Can’t decide. I shouldn’t be feeling restless — we drove to Syracuse last weekend and I went to the pool (25 miles away) twice this week.
But I am. I’m feeling in need of treating myself. Of getting away by myself and poking through things and …
But the idea of staying home and nesting and sewing is just as strong, so I’m torn. Which is the best way of nurturing myself?
Next week I’ve got PT Tuesday, doctor’s appt. for my mother Wednesday, PT Thursday, doctor’s appt. for my mother on Friday. Plus see if my shrink has a cancellation that week. And before then I need to take my mother out to lunch because she’s been trapped in her apartment for a couple of weeks without getting out.
. Gotta find someone to help with my mother.
If I don’t go to the big city today I won’t get there for another ten days. But I don’t think I want to get into a car again. Maybe today will be just for me and I’ll stay right here and only do things I want to do. Except …
Aaargh! I can’t make up my mind. Just for today I want to do exactly what I want. Just for me.
I just can’t figure out what it is.

Jenny: Choosing Colors: A Cheat Sheet

I have two different areas in the cottage I’m trying to get old furniture ready for (aka painting and upholstering).  The main floor where people will visit is in cottage colors, rich pastels, blues and yellows with pink accents.  This is so not my kind of color, but it’s going to be relaxing and cosy and most important, it’s going to fit the house.  The ground floor where I’ll be working and doing most of my living (aka dogs, writing, and dropping things on the floor) is just a walk-out basement right now.  The house is on a hill, so the back of the basement is underground, but two thirds of it is above ground with windows and the back is a walk-out with windows all around.  So down there, where nobody but the dogs and I will ever go, I can make whatever color I want.  And I want color.  On the other hand, it’s easy to lose my grip and just splash the stuff everywhere, so I rely on a tried and true cheat: I find a fabric, a pillow, a quilt I love and I pull all the colors from that as my anchor fabric.  For example . . . Continue reading