Krissie: Okay, Enough Wallowing

Here’s AKA the Mona Lisa. Yeah, I’m wearing the same shirt — it was still clean and I have to take a shower later so I threw it on. Different glasses, though.
So I wallowed all yesterday. Son left (and he wasn’t that bad, but complaining about life but it upset me). It just set the day off on a downward trajectory that I couldn’t shake. I wept, I brooded, Richie finally took me out for retail therapy and lunch, but I just kept feeling down. I came home and read for a bit (sweet Richie made dinner) and went to bed, and that was enough. Time to pull myself together.
I probably should have tried to kick my butt yesterday, but I just felt mournful. Nothing could cheer me, not even buying new, smaller bras and buttered popcorn jelly bellies for Tim’s fiancee (who searched through Alex’s jelly beans for them — she adores them).
Here’s the plan for today. Gotta see if I can meet up with Crusie and Lani in campfire today to help me with brainstorming on one book and find out where they are on FTL (the thing we’re working on together).
Do a little cleaning in my room.
File income tax extensions.
Send off estimated payments. (Money came in yesterday, just in time!)
Pack for trip (I’ve flying to Richmond tomorrow, coming back on Sunday).
Visit the mother. Cancel the PT appointment (I’ll get to swim at the hotel this weekend).
The only thing that sounds like fun is meeting with Crusie and Lani, and every time we try to plan it something comes up with one of us (lately, me).
Ooops, that’s wallowing again.
Gonna eat a shitload of bran cereal (literally), go in and straighten my room a bit. Plan the nice time in a hotel room away from responsibility, and the fun of meeting with writers at the local chapter meeting. Figure out how to be more positive while I’m balancing financial stress.
Still sounds like I’m wallowing, doesn’t it? At least I’m trying.
I know. I’ll work. That’ll make me feel better. I’ll go in my office, find out what Jenny and Lani have brainstormed already, then looked at what I’ve got on my current thing (I’ve had to switch horses mid-stream).
And all will be well. All shall be well, all manner of things shall be well.
Nothing but good times ahead.
Hmmm. I’m having a wrestling match with the blues. Can sheer force of will banish it?
We’ll see.