Krissie: Ooops (One Grecian Urn)

Tent_Teaser_Smaller Okay, I’m an idiot. The Good Wolf ate me on Friday and I forgot to post. Though in truth the Bad Wolf was gnawing at me something fierce that day (a day off) in between sleeping like the dead).
But I digress. I’m having the most fantabulous time! I manage my fall with the proper grace and decorum, though I fell again last night in the 2nd Grecian urn scene by swinging a bit too enthusiastically on the tent pole — my fellow maidens had to help me up.
I overact like crazy. I screech my lines in an arch tone, I sniff and snarl and sigh sentimentally. I’m a vision in purple (though I can’t find my purple satin gloves) whether dragging my aging husband (who turns out to be only as old as my oldest cousin) or performing delsarte positions. I greeted the mayor’s real wife as my “sister wife” after the play (chortle). Fortunately they’d seen Big Love.
No major flubs, though I almost missed my entrance when I spied Richie on his evening walk heading toward the tent (it’s his normal route when we’re not there). And last night they took tons of pictures, so maybe I’ll have some to share.
You know what’s wonderful about this? It’s just for me. It’s fun! I told myself last year that it was using another part of my creativity and it would feed my writing, and maybe it will, but that doesn’t matter. In fact, I cherish the fact that this is just so much ridiculous fun. It’s no wonder I get exhausted and can’t walk and fall when I should be sure-footed (which works well for comedy). I throw myself into this completely, I hold nothing back. Writing doesn’t exist. And I love it.
Problem is, I can’t think of another role as perfectly suited for me as this one, alas. And next year I really do have to go to RWA, and that’s right when we’re doing crunch-time rehearsals.
So we’ll see. If I’m in the chorus I can probably sneak the time off.
I acted a bit when I was young, but I wasn’t pretty enough to be an ingenue and not talented or secure enough to play character roles. I don’t know about the talent thing, but just throwing my personality around works well enough.
I’m an over the top actress and I need to embrace it.
Or at least accept it.
Anyway, I’m in such pain I can’t sleep at night, so tired I can’t stay awake during the day, but I’ve been able to float and listen to audio books when I get a chance. And I’ll be glad (and sad) when it’s over. It sure does take over everything.
Three more performances — Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Then a little down time, and then I go down to see Crusie.
In the meantime, Tim has a job in Stowe, Erin’s up for a promo, and all seems well.
Since I’ve been MIA I thought I’d better fill you guys in. Pictures and reviews (unless they pan me) by the end of the week.
Oh, and Amazon is doing a fabulous promotional effort called The Big Deal, with hundreds of books at rock-bottom prices until August 4th. Included are three of my very best: TO LOVE A DARK LORD, RITUAL SINS and AGAINST THE WIND, at only $.99 each. How can you resist a bargain like that? Plus there are lots of other goodies to snap up for a little “me” time later on.
Go shopping!