All About You And the Weather

Photo on 1-25-16 at 10.00 AM #2 How are you all doing? Smothered in snow? What they call snowmaggedon down there is nomaggedon up here, much to most people’s sorry. We laugh at storms like that. Instead people have to ski on man-made snow. Mind you, we do have about two feet out my window, but that’s still now much for this time of year.
Hope everyone stayed safe and warm. There’s something delightful about being snowed in. My favorite snowed-in book (as well as one of my favorite books of all time) was Anne MacCaffrey’s MARK OF MERLIN, which was a romantic suspense that took place during WWII with not a hint of fantasy. And it’s lovely. In fact, maybe I’ll reread it again today.


I had to go back to the emergency room for .. well, TMI. Let’s just say it was a combination of painkillers and not enough fiber, and from now on I will face a colonoscopy with equanimity. In fact, I’d rather get my shoulder operated on again than go through that. The downside is I won’t take pain pills except for tylenol (though I suppose I can go back to the milder ones I had before but I’m afraid to) so I’m in pain, I can’t sleep, and my stomach is upset. Whine whine whine. But they fixed the problem (a male nurse, of course, who when it was all over went out to Richie in the waiting room and announced “It’s a boy!”). I could have kissed his feet.


So I’ve been feeling shitty, if you’ll pardon the expression, but better, and my digestive system is slowly getting back to normal, and I don’t want to do anything but watch period dramas, preferably with Alan Rickman, but Outlander will be fine too, try a little writing, keep up with my exercises, drink tons of water, and slowly get better.

What’s on your agenda?

Mystery Present (Krissie)

I got back from PT, after being thoroughly mauled, and found a slim envelope in my mail. From England.  I opened it and my shoulder miraculously healed.  Or should have.  It was an autographed picture of Alan Rickman, the true love of my life.  He looks gorgeous, as always, in full Snape-dom (and I swear Snape had to have been written with Rickman in mind).  Was it a Refabber?  I’ll scan it later to show you, but for right now I don’;t even feel my wretched arm.



Krissie: Re-direct

Okay, got on the scale and it was 246. I’m feeling really bloated, and I’ve had an extremely busy three days. So busy that i slept most of the nine hours of the train ride, then got home and slept through the night till 9 am. What’s with that?
But maybe all that traveling, even on a train, is stressful. Had a great time though. And of course eating was difficult, even though I made good choices. Continue reading

Jenny: Hot Tub Timed Meditation

So I’m a little stressed.  I was stressed before I hit the deer, discovered I’m probably going to be looking at people sideways in a couple of years, and found out there was no cake in my future.   Now I’m interacting several times a day with an app that yells at me (figuratively speaking) if I don’t eat breakfast.   I’m making progress, my numbers are coming down, but they’re not coming down fast enough, especially that bottom line blood pressure number.   I should be seeing better results.  I’m Jenny Crusie, damn it, I do everything well.  Okay, not relationships or housecleaning or cooking (the smoke alarm went off last night while I was making salad), but a lot of things.  THIS thing.  THIS THING I SHOULD BE DOING WELL.

Okay, I’m a little more than a little stressed.   Continue reading

Krissie: New Yawk

I’m here. Having a lovely time so far. Adorable hotel room with a river view, exquisite day, excellent meeting with my agents. I’ve eaten too much, but then I’ve walked a whole lot, so maybe it’s okay.
So far I had a breakfast bar, then plain oatmeal with fresh strawberries, then a chopped salad with chicken with water, then a cup of green tea at Macy’s, because I had to sit down, and a bowl of French onion soup. I didn’t eat the topping, but there was still cheese in the broth. But you know, maybe that’s not that bad. I bought some fresh fruit at Macy’s as well and brought that back to the hotel room, where I’ve been trying to get on-line for an hour. But suddenly it worked, and life is good.
I’ll skip dinner since the theatre starts at 7, and then grab something on the way back. There’s a Hale and Hearty one block over, some Japanese places within a block, and a good coffee shop in the hotel. Depends whether I can get a taxi back after the show, which is questionable, but I’d only have to walk 10 blocks. And then I’m going to take the first bath I’ve taken in centuries, because they have a huge, old-fashioned bathroom. Heaven! Continue reading

Krissie: Yippee!

My grandson’s here! (Plus my huge yellow lab grand-dogger). I’m a happy woman. The torrid relationship has calmed down again, which just goes to show I was very wise not to get too carried away with the thoughts of disaster, though I did cry a few times. But for now, one day at a time, all is good, and I get to play with Alex. I’ll take him to the library and play with puppets, we’ll build things with Duplos, maybe do some sewing if he’s feeling crafty. Plus he can go for a walk with Big Poppa Richie so I can get a little more work done.
I knew he was coming so I got up at 8 and wrote as fast as I could. I managed to get 1400 words before he came, so I don’t have to feel anxious.

And I decided to give myself the best treat in the world! I’m heading to NYC on Monday on Amtrak (business class, so I can be pampered and work). Staying at a decent hotel near Macy’s, and on Tuesday I’m going to see “Seminar”, a Broadway play about a writing seminar and a professor who thinks he knows everything. It’s supposed to be very funny, but here’s the important thing. The professor is Alan Rickman! Be still my heart! I saw him the last time he was on Broadway (in “Private Lives”) and god knows I adore him. He keeps showing up in my heroes, particularly my historical ones, with his luscious, biting drawl. Can’t afford it, but I deserve it.

I slept like a log and still feel good after yesterday’s swim. When I get back I need to start going regularly, and I didn’t even overdo. I’m writing, I’m exercising, I’m eating well, not drinking DC, my grandson is here and I’ve got Alan Rickman on Tuesday.

Life is good.