All About You (Krissie)

Photo on 11-9-15 at 10.30 AM I am now a symphony of colors. This has healed amazingly quickly, given how god-awful it was to begin with. I couldn’t wear my glasses for three days (the swelling was that bad — it was like a small mouse was in my eyelid) so I couldn’t do anything — I’m too blind without them.
The day didn’t start out that well either. I finally, after almost six months of waiting for various appointments, got to see the shoulder surgeon, and it turns out my shoulder bones are crumbling. I’m going to need a complete shoulder replacement, which is different than the usual shoulder surgeries people go through. The rotator cuff is fine, etc. It’s the bones that are bad. He doesn’t know how big a fake joint he’ll have to use — it’ll depend on how much the bone is crumbling (yeah, I keep using the word crumbling but it’s really a horrible image that I’m kinda stuck on). Latest that will be is the first of the year, but the good news is I can still type while I’m recovering! So vast relief there. I know there are surgeries where your arm is strapped to your side and you can’t use it for months and I was dreading something like that.
So I was a little shaken by that news, and someone was talking to me as I stepped out the door at my therapists, and wham! The funny thing is I hit a rubber planter — I face planted in a planter. Buckets of blood, zen-like calm from me. I get the stitches out later this week (I have to have them in longer because the cut was so deep). I’ve never had stitches when I’ve been awake (only during surgeries) so it was kinda gross, but very exciting. And I got three days off!
Okay, this week. (Swallow). I drive with my son to Reston, VA to spend the weekend with my grandchildren. Every time Tim has gone down alone it’s been a shitstorm, so I’m assuming my presence will calm things down a bit. We’ll stay at a hotel at the airport (which is near Erin) and just try to keep things mellow. But it means I’ll be trapped with Angry Boy for twelve hours down and twelve hours back, and when he’s upset he likes to pick at me. I’m going need my Al-anon program. And my tranquilizers.
So, mixed feelings about that, but I get to play with my grandkids (maybe even hold my granddaughter) so I guess it’s worth the anxiety.
And I’m going to write, of course. It’s going really well. My enforced break has probably screwed the pooch with NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) but I’m going to keep at it anyway. You never can tell.
And it looks as if Tim has got a plan. He’s got a Skype job interview on Wednesday, and if that goes well he’ll fly out to Lake Tahoe, where my niece lives, and work out there for the winter.
Spawn, the eldest, is doing great, has a full-time job with benefits now, and is incredibly happy. What more can you ask for your child?
(And yes, I should have said elder, not eldest, but Spawn the Elder sounds like a Danish king or something).
So busy times. I’m just waiting for everything to get settled. Please, God.
What’s on your agenda this week? Any possible shitstorms? Any great joys, like grandchildren? Hard work? Surgeries?
Or is it only my life that’s so exciting?