Krissie: Re-direct

Okay, got on the scale and it was 246. I’m feeling really bloated, and I’ve had an extremely busy three days. So busy that i slept most of the nine hours of the train ride, then got home and slept through the night till 9 am. What’s with that?
But maybe all that traveling, even on a train, is stressful. Had a great time though. And of course eating was difficult, even though I made good choices. Continue reading

Krissie: Progress not Perfection

Yesterday improved. One thing I’d forgotten: you can’t go on the emotional roller coaster with your kids. It’ll make you crazy. In fact, I managed amazingly well, not freaked out by seeming disaster, and it ended up by not being disaster at all. Probably a sign of more trouble to come, but sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. I forget where that comes from, though everything seems to come from Shakespeare or the Bible. But I’ll deal with that when it happens.
Meanwhile, back to our previously interrupted story. Continue reading

Krissie: Trauma

Hey, does life with Cats and Dogs also cover our families? Trauma erupted last night, brewing between my son and his fiancee, who is the best thing that ever happened to him. He’s going to lose her because he’s being such an asshole, and there’s nothing I can do about it.
Let go and let god. That was always the hardest part of the 12 steps for me. Step number three, … forget the exact words, but it’s turning things over to a higher power, because we admit that we can’t deal with it any more. I do that. I turn things over. And then I always take them back. Continue reading