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  1. We’re enjoying an extra long weekend. Long walk in the dog park with a friend, her daughter and our dogs. Warm and sunny and lots of happy dogs. Took DS to the bookstore – he’s very chatty when he’s not on his computer. Hockey playoffs have started and we watched the most of the Canadian teams win their game 2. Homemade pizza for supper. Early morning cookie baking. DS hunting for Easter eggs (even 15 yos like the thrill of the hunt). Another quiet day today, but will join a friend for a soak in a hot tub later. Lots of happiness on my path this week.

  2. First of all, Happy Easter to you all, and may your bunny bring you happiness, health and warm fuzzies.

    The main thing that has got me on the path to happiness is reaching my target weight. This time last year, I weighed around 117kg or 258 pounds. In June, I just couldn’t take it any more – hips hurt, had bad plantar fasciitis, losing energy and was mainlining sugar products. I’ve heard there’s a theory out there that the children of alcoholics are more prone to respond/get addicted to sugar, and given that both mother and father were/are in that camp, I think I was out to prove the theory correct.

    As of yesterday morning, I weigh 76kg (167.5lb), the feet don’t hurt at all, the hips are still a bit twingey, but yoga and Pilates is taking care of that and I have reached healthy BMI of 24.8. I am no longer addicted to sugar, I sleep much better, I no longer snore, and because I am a bit of a pack rat, I have discovered that I can now fit in clothes I was wearing over 20 years ago before getting pregnant with Minion 1. I was taking 13 minutes to run a mile, now I can run a mile in 10 minutes. I’ve lost over 1.5 metres from waiste/hips/bust/thighs and I’ve gone from a size 20 (UK) to a size 14. This has been a really important journey for me to take – and I think I feel confident for the first time ever that I really can remain in control of how I eat, how I exercise and how I handle my health.

    There are other aspects of life at the moment that are making pretty profoundly unhappy (mainly to do with dreadful sales of books/working in a school where I know I am more capable and competent than my bosses/being separated from the DH and finally being totally beyond broke) but looking at these, I am coping way better than I would have done even a year ago simply because underlying everything else, I know I have the physical and mental strength to handle the crap that life sends our way. And that is thanks to taking back control of diet and exercise, and especially the exercise side of things – now I am running again, those endorphins are really doing their work.

  3. I had a good time with a friend who’s just lost her mother. Which sounds dreadful, but I mean we both enjoyed being together, although of course she’s going through a really difficult time. She came to stay with me for my mum’s funeral, and it helped me.

    I’ve let myself be coaxed on to the steering group of the photography club I belong to, and the first meeting went well.

    My seeds are (nearly) all coming up, which is always thrilling.

    There’s a sunny interval outside, and I’m going to grab it and go for a walk – enjoying other people’s front gardens.

  4. I’m sitting in the middle of the happy path. Found out my latest book, One Safe Place, is nominated for a RONE Award, which is given for independent and small press authors. That makes me extremely happy, even though first round is by public vote, and with my small amount of followers I won’t make it into the finals. Not worried though. Happy to be nominated because it tells me I’m doing something right. *grin*

  5. Oh, and JaneB would daisies still be in bloom at the beginning of August, in England? Need to know for the last book in my English village series set in the Midlands. Thanks.

    • Daisies – the small white flowers you get in a lawn – are in flower almost year-round if it’s a mild winter. March to November, at any rate. In August you’d also have tall cultivated ‘daisies’, although the tall white ox-eye daisies you get in meadows flower June-July.

      • Oh, thank you, Jenny. My category is steamy contemporary, ha ha, that always makes me laugh because I think of my sex scenes as vanilla. (Not at all like a Crusie or a Krissie novel.) Anyway, that category doesn’t come up until May 22nd – 28th. I’ll post here in case anyone has the time and kindness to go and vote.

        • They’d have to be cultivated daisies that look like ox-eye daisies, then. Or, more romantic, call them marguerites. But if you just say ‘daisies’, the reader may assume you mean the ones that are only an inch or two high, which wouldn’t work for a bouquet. She might want to wear a daisy chain in her hair, I suppose, for a flower child look – but she’d be able to pick those from a lawn somewhere.

  6. Eileen AW says:

    This was a rough week for me as Tuesday was the third anniversary of mysister’s death. But I had lunch with friends on Monday and Wednesday which helped. On the good side, my older daughter adopted a second puppy and brought her home yesterday.

  7. JenniferNennifer says:

    First off, congratulations Brusselsprout on your health accomplishments. Sending good energies for the rest of your life getting in line as well.

    Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it. We had a wonderful brunch with friends, which I am following up with sitting and reading. A perfect holiday. And here comes the cat to “help” me with the computer.

  8. Krissie, Lani and I had a lovely goddess weekend with Sweetness and Light who are now 18 and 15 and gorgeous. We had a terrific brunch and then Lani and the girls headed home to NY and Krissie and I did necessity shopping (instead of fun shpping) and then came home for naps. Tonight I clean out the yarn and Krissie helps and then takes whatever I don’t want, which will be a lot because holy hell, I have a lot of yarn. Very happy in NJ.

    • I forgot to say Happy Easter to all!
      Glad you, Krissie, Lani, and the girls had a great time, Jenny. I heard the laughter from here. It’s hard to believe the girls are so grown up. I remember the stories of them when they lived with you in Ohio, but it doesn’t seem that long ago.

  9. Thea says:

    Easter well spent at the home of a friend who gathers the same brunch crowd for over two decades now. Lovely conversation. Food, all tasty homemade: Pimms Cup, ham, potato salad, asparagus with homemade mayonnaise, basil tomatoes, eggs benedict bread pudding, coconut cupcakes and lemon bar. Yummity.

    Acquired a new dog brush, and dogster coats responding remarkably.

    Full Moon Yoga on the Beach, accompanied by fireworks over the Hotel Del. As usual, magic. Followed by hot shower, martini, carnitas street tacos with green sauce. Bliss.

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