My hair (And all About Your)

My hair is frizzy. It’s never been frizzy before – and these frizzy strands seem to be shorter strands from the top of my head. What’s happening to my glorious hair? Waaaah!

I’m hoping these shorter strands are usual – they’re just standing out because they frizzed – or maybe my glorious mane is breaking down! Waaaah.

First step – find some anti-frizz stuff. In the past humidity (and our recent amount has been ridiculous) simply made my hair thicker, not frizzy. And I’m such an impossibly vain creature! Not. But I did love my hair.

Oh, well, on to other, less epic things. My mouth still hurts and I can’t eat anything but yogurt (I think I’ll make a quiche tonight). Good news is I must be losing more weight.

As for the week – well my BFF Sal is up for the next ten days or so, which means a lot won’t get done, but I’m gonna try. I have a load of stuff to take to Goodwill, plus I have things to return, small things to buy (screen patching, buttons, swimming pool shock). One tricky thing is to avoid spending money (Richie was panicking yesterday). I went to the opera night and it was lovely but it was also $25. I was going to bring Richie and go again but decided I couldn’t spend a total of $75 on that right now. I’d told my cousin I was going, but when I said I couldn’t she asked why. So I quietly told her. (I have no shame). She couldn’t hear. I told her again.

We got up, and as we walked outside with everyone else she asked again. So I said, very loud, “We can’t afford it.” And yes, apparently I do have some shame.  I hate the thought of repeating that over and over again.  But we have to stop spending on unnecessary things.

So I’m not going to be able to go out to dinner and shopping with Sally and her daughter (my goddaughter). but this summer, if there’s no way of getting out of lunches (which I don’t want to) I can get tap water and an appetizer and say I’m not hungry. Sigh.

It’s all right. Richie was moaning about he wanted things to be better for us but we adopted special needs kids (whose issues took a while to show up) and what with the line of disasters we ended up being foolish about taxes. Hence, disaster. But we’ll work it out. All that money I had to pay to Social Security is coming back in a small way, and I’m focussing on the business end of things.

And Crusie, next time I’m down don’t let me shop!

Mind you, I’ve been good. But I slipped in the last month, what with visits, and that steaming kettle of soup that’s beckoning us is getting closer.

We’re finally going to have lovely weather, albeit cool (nothing in the 80’s this week). I’ll work on book and business, I’ll float in the pool, I’ll play with Sally. And maybe by the end of the week I can begin to chew again.

So what’s on your agenda? Are you having cookouts and family over? My kids are stable right now, we can pay our bills, the sun is shining … what more can you ask of life, reasonably?

So, what’s on your agenda? Is your sun shining?

12 thoughts on “My hair (And all About Your)

  1. Lynda says:

    Hugs about the sore mouth. When I had my wisdom teeth removed decades ago, it took me about a month before I could eat normally again. During that time I had lunch in San Francisco with Catherine Coulter, whom I was meeting for the first time, and I can still remember that I had some kind of eggplant dish because it was about the softest thing on the menu. Weird that a detail like that would stick in my memory.

    Enjoy your time with your friend. Right now I’m waiting for the repair people to arrive to begin installing my new air-conditioning system. It’s supposed to take all day. I have the house open to let the cool air in–at this moment it’s about 69°–but it will be up to 100 by afternoon. Still, that’s way better than the 110 we hit two weeks ago, when I ended up in a hotel.

  2. Office Wench Cherry says:

    As someone who grew up dirt poor, I know that if you adjust your thinking about not spending money it helps. Instead of I can’t afford it, say Richie and I saving money right now or My financial priorities are somewhere else right now. There’s nothing wrong with I can’t afford it but it can create a mindset that you are deprived and that’s not good.

    I’m off to pick up the dogs, the stairs are painted and blocked off so no critters can get to them. Tall Boy misses them like crazy!

  3. Sorry to hear about your mouth – no fun, so hope you feel better soon. Weekend house guest have gone home and an extra day off today. Sun is out today – hope it lasts for a few days. My garden is teeming with slugs and they are chewing away at my lovely and lush plants. There’s a fabulous living sculpture exhibit that has opened across the street from my office and I plan to spend my lunch hours this week wandering around and enjoying the scenery. Hoping to ride my bike and make some cards – my SIL gave me some of her surplus scrapbook supplies.

    • Jessie says:

      Take one gallon of water. Pour off one cup. Add one cup non-sudsing ammonia. Spray your plants with that. It kills off slug eggs and also slugs. Also good for snails. As an added bonus it is a nitrogen fertilizer so it is good for your plants. Do not make it any stronger than 1:15 ratio ammonia to water so it does not burn your plants.

      A dahlia grower I knew told me about this. You can find references to it on-line so you can verify the recommended ratio. It really brings those suckers under control. Sometimes you have to do it several times before you get them under control. I now spray about 3 times in the spring and a couple of times in the fall to get rid of the eggs. Or when my hostas and delphiniums are showing signs of stress.

    • Bridget says:

      Beer. Pour beer into a pail and put it out. It drowns them which is disgusting but it drowns a lot of them which is good.

      If you can find it diatomaceous earth will also discourage the little buggers.

      Also, if you or a neighbor have dogs and there’s poop lying around, pick it up. Slugs devour the stuff and therefore make more slugs.

      • Jessie says:

        For the beer solution to work really well, you have to sink shallow containers, think short cottage cheese containers, into the ground so the slugs can get into them. It also sends a siren’s song of beer smell and the neighbor’s slug also come. So you sometimes get more slugs. And as you said it is disgusting.

        As you can tell, I have tried this in the past. It is helpful but you have to be able to get rid of the eggs. And it doesn’t seem to do anything about non-native snails. Although if you have a lot of slugs you probably have no snails. The snails tend to eat slug eggs and small slugs so the population of slugs falls off. Of course, the non-native snails are even more destructive then slugs. I have had no luck with diatomaceous earth. I have gardened in Seattle and Portland for about 45 years.

        Really the ammonia solution does work and is easier to do. And you can also use the ammonia solution for cleaning things up around the house.

  4. Jenny says:

    I will not suggest shopping, but I’m damned if I throw myself in front of you if you decide you want to hit Marshall’s, Home Goods, or Walmart. We’re not exactly talking Tiffany’s here. But I will pay for all meals and wait on you hand and foot, and I’m going through my clothes now, so you can shop my stuff. And Milton’s love is free. Veronica will probably demand a cookie, but those are free (to you), too. Come on down, I’m your cheap-ass friend.

    I spend the morning doing math, trying to figure out the matching times in the two different worlds my current book is set in, then went out to lunch with my daughter, son-in-law, and three perfect grandchildren. Emmylou and I compared bruises. We discussed Pokemon. A lot. So now I must swot up on Pokemon. There was also soft-serve ice cream at the end, and plans to meet again, perhaps for Emmylou’s birthday (this time was for Callie’s).

    And then I came home and did some reading and finished a blog post and now I’m going to do a small bit of cleaning (because it’s almost midnight) and the WaPo crossword puzzle (which goes up at midnight) and then get a good night’s sleep because I have much to do tomorrow, all of it interesting if annoying (my backyard got taken over by the wild roses from hell, so I’m going out there with a hatchet and vinegar and bringing that sucker DOWN).

    And possibly make pumpkin custard because I’ve been longing for it for months and been too lazy to make it. And quiche again, definitely. BIG PLANS.

    But mostly cleaning the place up so Krissie will come back in September. And not go shopping. Probably.

  5. Sorry about the hair, mine does that when the air is too dry. I just read an article the other day about dry dull hair and dull skin, it said more fat was needed in the diet. Like I need an excuse. Ha ha.
    Happy 4th of July to all, no matter what you choose to do or not do.

  6. MJ says:

    Hope your hair has calmed down!

    My retail therapy yesterday was a walk to the Goodwill store for items to paint in a still life (ignoring the millions of such items in my house). Walking is key; I get exercise and can only buy what I can carry. I spent two bucks for a Granny Smith apple-green cup and an amethyst mason jar.

    The rest of this week I am forcing my vacation-oriented brain back into work mode. And continuing to shape a better way to manage said work.

  7. Diane says:

    I hope your mouth heals soon. My hair is full of frizzies right now. That happens because I have to sleep with goggles on to protect my eyes. I wear a cloth headband to protect my hair, but the goggle straps still snag and break off my hair. When I can’t stand it anymore I get a shorter haircut. I’m almost there. Plus summer is good for having shorter hair.

  8. Bridget says:

    Krissie, have you changed the hairbands you use to pull back your hair? Because when I went with the cheaper ones, the hair tended to break more at the ponytail line.

  9. Jill says:

    Sorry about the tooth pain . Milk Shakes would be good-just take out the sugar and calories. Frozen yogurt would be better. What about some of that numbing stuff used for teething babies ? I used tea bags the last time I had wisdom teeth out. Have fun with BFF Sal.
    May and June were crazy months. First our ride to Louisiana and south Texas. Then to Alaska to take the the kids to Denali (mostly to take me). Then my wrist surgery. Then last week my sister and I flew into Providence, rented a car and drove to The Cape. Our sister in law’s Memorial Service was Tuesday. Sandy bravely fought the cancer as long as she could. It was a beautiful service. Hard on her daughter and 2 granddaughters. Geno (her husband, our brother in law) was a rock. Geno and Sandy were a great team. Geno is going to continue to sing Frank Sinatra once a week a restaurant.
    My sister and I stayed at a place on the water in Dennis Port. The flowers are incredible-hydrangeas and roses and other stuff (I am not a flower person )everywhere.
    Drove back to RI. My sister had to fly back to Atlanta but I stayed in RI a few days. Had the best time visiting family and friends, driving around to old favorite restaurants and places. Spent one whole day in Newport. The city had the nerve to tear down the restaurant where Joe and I went on our first date (Christies) and put up a $400+ per night hotel. The only only things I ate the whole 7 days were lobsters, lobster rolls, RI (red) chowder, clamcakes, littlenecks. About quahogs. Did you ask ? Anyway. My grandparents had a summer place on the water. At low tide I would go quohagging with my grandfather. You have a bushel basket in an inner tube and a short long tined rake. You dig along the bottom until you hit a quahog. Put it in the basket. The little ones (littlenecks or cherrystones) you shuck and eat raw. The larger ones my grandmother made into Rhode Island chowder–which is Red. Which I found out you can hardly find in RI !
    This is getting too long. But I have left a lot out. Like my drive to Exeter to the Harley store.

    My Happy Place is in RI on the Ocean. In southwest MO I have to use my imagination. Both my sister and I are thalassic.

    Joe and I leave in a week to ride to Nogales, AZ 120 degrees hot ! and ride to the Canadian border . Border to Border. 5400+ miles. That should be the last ride (except for overnights) until January

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