Monday, Monday (Krissie)

Blasted upgrade. Now I can’t figure out how to find my photos. I need to spend time with the new wretched upgrade but the days are just packed. For instance, today I drive 40 miles, go to Social Security (and wait and wait and wait), then 25 miles further to pick up the back-up to my poor dead computer and drop off my only working one (the trackpad isn’t working), and then another 15 miles to Fedex to ship out a heavy present, then back to Montpelier to go Christmas shopping (JoAnn’s for fabric I mis-cut, sewing machine store to drop off good scissors to be sharpened, TJ Maxx because, Wal-mart for a list of things, the grocery store, anything else I need to do, then take Route 12 over the mountain to Morrisville to pick up meds and then home. Tomorrow was going to be a trip to Morrisville and my therapist, but we’re supposed to get heavy snow so I’m guessing I won’t get there.

So – many of you lucky people have snow! I know it’s a pain, but it’s Christmas, and man, I am a Christmas junkie! Everyone’s doing well for a change – Daniel has a job that he likes, we gave Tim a ski pass for Christmas and instead of staying in his dark room and never seeing anyone he’s out on the mountain and happy. It seems absurd that someone on disability spends his winter snowboarding, but he’s unable to interact with other people. He starts out fine and then gets squirrelly and paranoid. So getting him out in the sunshine is the best thing for him.

Which means I can enjoy myself and not worry. Neither of them are coming home for Christmas, which will be the first time since Daniel was born that neither of our kids are home, but it’s okay, as long as they aren’t dissolving into crisis. And my OBFF (Old Best Friends Forever – Jenny is NBFF) is coming for Christmas with her family, and they’ll have enough crises to keep my busy.

So Monday, Montpelier, Tuesday, MOrrisville, Wednesday a get-together to meet the new minister and baking cookies I promised, Thursday Burlington for a writer’s lunch, Friday all day rehearsals and carols, etc. that night. (Take a deep breath, Krissie).

Funny – I am exhausted and in massive pain. Yesterday I almost threw up from exhaustion and pain (and all I did was go to church and come home and sew). I’ve got all this creative and mental energy and everything just sort of pancakes. Not sure if that’s aging. Oh, hell, yes I am. Because it’s a combination of my body being no longer able to keep going as long, and the physical effects of the arthritis and fibromyalgia dragging me down. Except I don’t say no. I bustle and play, etc., collapse in exhaustion and then do it all the next day. Because life is fun.

I watched Auntie Name again yesterday. It doesn’t hold up that well, I’m afraid (I watched it for the Macy’s scene because of my WIP) but her mantra still holds true. Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death. Live!

Do I’m living, amplifier turned up to eleven, playing christmas carols on the stereo (almost the only time we use it), wearing Christmas clothes and having a marvelous time.

So, is anyone having fun with Christmas/the holidays? Or are you stressed and anxious? What are you doing to enjoy yourself?

If you’re blue watch a Christmas movie. It’s good for what ails you.

7 thoughts on “Monday, Monday (Krissie)

  1. Cindy says:

    Usually I love this time of the year, but this year I’m feeling stressed. Finances can suck the fun out of life! But I’m working towards finding new employment, and that gives me hope. I applied for a position at our local library, and I would love to hear back from them. Fingers crossed!

  2. Jenny says:

    I’m staying home and loving it. Planning Christmas with Krissie in January when we can do sales and stay home and talk and then go out to eat. Much to do here at home, but Christmas shopping is done, so that’s something. Very happy in general.

  3. JenniferNennifer says:

    Feeling alternately Christmas-y and meh. Obviously need to watch more Christmas movies. I do miss not having any small children in my life for Christmas. It’s just not the same if no doll clothes are required. Still, I am planning to wear my antlers to Jazzercise class on the 24th, and that will amuse me.

    Thinking good thoughts for your employment Cindy!

  4. Office Wench Cherry says:

    There are many different kinds of disabilities and if snowboarding helps Tim feel better and keep his feet under him, then think of it as medicine.

    This week the puppy has to go to the vet on Wednesday for his last puppy shots and Tall Boy was supposed to come with me but he has to go in to work a day early so I’m going to be packing up all the beasts and we’ll be heading to the vet. Since Puppy gets separation anxiety, it will help that he has friends for when I have to go into Walmart to get dog food. Wish me luck!

    I’m not a big Christmas movie fan but I did watch The Avengers this morning with Tall Boy. Watching Hulk smash Loki and punch Thor was good for what ailed me.

    Our friends gave us our Christmas gifts on Saturday when we were planning our Ireland trip. They got Tall Boy a t-shirt with a vintage train trip poster on it and I got a tentacle mug (because I love cephalopods). We got them Cineplex gift cards since they go to the movies a lot.

  5. Jill says:

    Now that I have some major stuff out of the way I am not feeling the crunch as much. We had Christmas with one daughter and family last Saturday. Christmas with other daughters on Christmas Eve and morning. No cooking for me ! And this is a very good thing-for whomever has to eat my cooking. Then home to pack. We are trailering the 2 bikes to South Padre , Texas. A friend of Joe’s just sent a picture of his car in SP. Covered by an inch of snow. We will stay in a condo for the month of January. Because, you know, there will be too much snow in Missouri to ride the bikes here. Then over to Miami to load the bikes on a cruise ship. Off load the bikes at 7 Caribbean islands. Life is good. Just one thorn. Grandson is in Afghanistan and is on a mission-some where. “No news is good news” is not comforting

  6. Kathleen Gilles Seidel says:

    I can’t stand Auntie Mame’s credo. It is so judgmental of other people. How does she know all about their lives? I admire people who can celebrate themselves without needing to claim that they are superior to others.

  7. Brussel Sprout says:

    I think the research is beginning to stack up for physical activity, preferably outdoors, as an essential component in dealing with mental health issues. So Tim needing to be out and benefitting from the ski-pass makes sense to me, especially as mother of another quite fragile young man who functions vastly better when he takes regular exercise.

    Christmas is sort of a running theme beneath the more immediate removal from Isle of Man to Surrey. We managed to extend our mortgage now that both DH and I have full-time jobs, which gives us the funds to finish renovations at our house here and then rent it out until we are ready to sell. We think we will do better that way, because we both get accommodation with our current jobs (not free, but reduced rent) and this way the house is an asset rather than a drain on us. But this is earlier than we expected, so we are looking at emptying the house so builders have a free run rather than leaving it half full so that we could come back and spend some time next Easter/summer in the house. I have done a lot of sorting and chucking out of all sorts of stuff – and I have to get rid of 250 books (children’s that my two boys, now 14 & 20 will not be rereading) before DH arrives home on Friday evening to say NOOOOOOOO you may NOT shed these invaluable tomes (e.g. complete set of Diary of Wimpy Kid). Today, I hope when I get home I will discover that Gareth, the Man with a Van will have taken away two broken wardrobes, a broken chest of drawers, about 6 bookcases (Ikea’s best Billy which have survived three moves but are now Uber-rickety) and a lot of dismantled junk and rubbish, while the Hospice will have taken away fancy dress, bric a brac and a box of linens and three bags of books….

    Christmas is coming a distant second to packing, but I am getting round to thinking about nieces and nephews, and will buy a ton of local specialist Manx beer, gin and honey to hand out as gifts.

    The books that have survived the cull: Where the Wild Things Are, The Runaway Sausage, anything by Oliver Jeffers and Curious George, Crictor the Boa Constrictor.

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