13 thoughts on “Make Yourself Happy

  1. Susan McClelland says:

    I’ve been getting outside as much as possible to enjoy the last burst of summer. Hard to believe we’re waring shorts and sandals in late-September. Enjoyed dinner on a roof-top patio one night. Took advantage of a seat sale and booked a flight to visit my great-aunt who lives several provinces away. She was very close to my mother and we’ve become closer over the last couple of years.

  2. Jessie says:

    Yesterday I planted the few plants not in the ground and transplanted a few more into a different locations. And we put the air-conditioning compressor to bed for the winter before the leaves start falling, which makes me happy in advance for next summer since we won’t have to dig leaves out next year before it is ready to go. I am feeling so virtuous that it makes me happy, not to mention smug.

  3. JenniferNennifer says:

    Mani/pedi this morning, followed by buying Halloween supplies and putting together my treat bags. Since I am out of town for more than 2 weeks in October, I like to get them ready early. My black cat “helped”.

  4. Carol says:

    Enjoying the very subtle transition that is summer to fall in SoCal. Took a hike on my rehabbing knee yesterday and am happy to report it held up pretty well, although I did today’s 5 miles at the beach so as not to over-stress things.

  5. Thea says:

    I resolved I’ve enjoyed my final Hamlet, even though this outdoor production was the most clearly presented version I yet have seen. Obviously, the boy is schizophrenic. Also great is this Hamlet was played to three hours, not the full four.

    Dental cleaning and exam passed with flying colors. Yay!

    Dogs Petey and Shredder shampooed and blow-dried. Two humans and two canines all emerged from the ordeal. Calling it a win.

  6. A walk in the hills with my niece and nephew, 28; we used to go exploring when they were kids, and it seems to have stuck.

    Weekend in Halifax with my two closest friends from university – long walks in the woods and hills.

  7. Eileen AW says:

    Mani/pedi with oldest daughter this morning. Helped out a friend in need. Organized a group of friends to go see SEP this past Tuesday, which was a blast.

  8. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Listened to great audiobooks. Knocked a whole pile of chores off the Do Before Winter list. Went to the Edmonton Comic Expo with friends and had a great time but did myself the favour of coming home early and spending some time alone listening to a book and getting a few more chores done. My workspace is neater and has fewer piles of random financial papers lying about, though I do seem to be missing the file folder for one year’s taxes.

  9. Perfect weather here. I mean, absolutely perfect, the kind that makes you feel as though you belong in the landscape. Figured out how I want to do my raised beds. Figured out how to fix the fence so the dogs don’t plunge to their deaths. Ordered a very comfortable looking outdoor set–table and two chairs–for the back yard because even with the mess it’s in, it’s gorgeous back there, so happy birthday to me. Got the Things app up and running again with a new plan for getting things done. Realized that the table in the front room belongs in the workroom and the table in the workroom belongs in the front room. After the switch, I’ll be able to sew in the back room, so yay me. LOVING September, the best month of the year. Oh, and bought myself a Cthulhu doll because it’s part of the research for Nita, and also for my birthday. Happiness all over the place.

    My grocery carries Nutella but I’ve never tried it, figuring that as a diabetic, I have enough problems avoiding sugar. Now I am tempted.

  10. Jill says:

    Meeting and tour of the library. I donated 74 books. Anyone ever read R.F. Delderfield ? I did not think so. And what will the librarian think of me when she sees all the Lora Leigh books 😉 I put the Janet Evanovich books in the church garage sale. I have thousands of books and have come to realize that I will not re-read them in this lifetime. So every once in a while I go out to the shed or in the closet and sweep books into a sack and take them to the Library. Books that will never be swept off the shelf are my Nora’s and my wall of Cherry Books.
    Dinner out in Kansas City with family. Daughter and son in law’s 19th anniversary. Younger daughter’s 40th birthday. How did she get to be so old !

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