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Hello, all! It’s been a crazy week here, and I have nothing new to report, alas. So I thought I’d update you on all the new things I’ve been trying, and possibly get some suggestions in the comments for new things I should try. So, here we go:

No Shampoo: This was among my first Try-Its, and it’s been both a success and an “Eh,” experience.

Here’s how it’s a success; it works. My hair is clean and conditioned, and seems in pretty good shape.

The “Eh,” is that, unlike so many other reports on the web, I still have to wash it every other day instead of, say, once a week. I washed it every other day with shampoo, too. And while I learned to use white vinegar infused with orange peels to get the smell a little better, I still smell like vinegar. So there’s that. Also, no lovely scents and lather when I shower, which I love. And my hair really isn’t that different. When I got my hair cut, they used shampoo and my hair looked awful, but the shampoo I have at home is great. I’m about to have a month of appearances, so I’m coloring my hair this week, and baking soda apparently strips color right out, so for at least the next three weeks, I’m going back to shampoo.

I did like the money savings, the feeling of not being covered in chemicals, and the fact that my hair did look better when left to air dry. So I’m not entirely done with the no shampoo thing, but for the moment, I’m switching back so I can make public appearances with glee.

(Speaking of which, I’m going to be at Covedale Library tomorrow at 1pm, so if you’re in the Cincinnati area, I’d love to see you!)

Homemade Deodorant: Total bust. While I loved the idea, it made my underarms itch something fierce. I used both baking soda and arrowroot powder, so it’s just a me thing. I wish it worked better, but it didn’t, so I’m sticking with traditional deodorant for now.

Homemade Lip Balm: This was great… at first.

Then it got warm, and I found that the balm melted and separated a bit, so my homemade balm would leak honey or oil into my purse, and onto my lips. Also, once it melted and reconstituted, it got kind of gritty. Now, this may be because I used too little beeswax (I didn’t weigh it, and I should have) so I will try it again… but not until fall. For the summer, I’m falling back on Nivea, which is my favorite brand of balm.

Oil-Cleansing Method:Β This is what has shocked me most of all; I think my skin is better. I’ve never had a lot of wrinkles. Good skin-genetics and being overweight help with that. But I think the oil thing has made it even better. I’m not the type to look in the mirror and think, “Damn, I look good,” but I’ve caught myself doing that once or twice with regard to my skin in recent weeks. It seemed crazy to me, but I have to say, I like it, and I like the results. So I’m sticking with it. Although I do have to be careful about getting oil in my eyes. Nothing is more annoying than an oil slick on your cornea.

Fabric Softener Spritz: Still going great, saving loads of money and being easier on the environment. Thumbs up!

All-Purpose Cleaner: See Fabric Softener.

So, those are the updates, and I’m looking for new inspirations for Things To Do, so if there’s something you want me to test out for you, something cool I can DIY my way through, or just a dare you’d like to extend, put it in the comments! Let’s see if we can’t rustle us up some trouble, huh?

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  1. You inspired me with your TIF so I recently tried using buttermilk on my skin as a cleanser. Once you get past the smell (Ha!) you just dab it on with a cotton ball, wait about 5 minutes for it to dry, then wash it off with warm water. It’s astonishing how soft it leaves your skin. Here’s the science bit: It has lactic acid in it which sloughs off the dead skin cells.

    It supposedly will lighten brown spots over time as well so I’m going to keep it up for a while – would no doubt be cheaper than the bleaching my dermatologist suggested.

  2. Naked Under My Clothes says:

    I appreciate this global update, Lani. I’ve wondered especially how the shampoo and oil things were going!

  3. You have cats, right? I’ve always wanted to toilet train my cats, but I’m afraid (read: too lazy) to try. You can save money on the cat litter while saving the environment too. Win-win. I think you should try it first, though and tell me how it goes. πŸ˜‰

    • Rebecca (Another One) says:

      I tried it but maybe not long enough. First you get this special thing that fits in the toilet and holds kitty litter. Then when they are used to that, you are supposed to cut a whole in that so the kitties are used to seeing water, but still have some kitty litter there. But the kitty litter went into the toilet, and I was concerned about plumbing issues. This was how the kit worked years ago, maybe they have improved it.
      So Lucy should give it a try. All my kitties learned to do was drink out of the toilet. My kitties have passed, but I may try it with my next one.)

      • Micki says:

        We tried that when I was a kid. As soon as the hole was cut in, the tray lost its structural integrity, the cats fell in the toilet, and they started avoiding the bathroom after that. Possibly needs treats and a full-time in-house trainer to make it work . . . .

    • Maria Powers says:

      I’m with Judy, please try the toilet training for the cats. However, in a note of honesty, even if it works, I’m not sure that I am ever going to do it.

    • Jessie says:

      Once I bought the kit to toilet train our first cat (very smart cat -I trained him to sit up, roll over, play dead kitty, go to his chair). And we have extra bathrooms so it was easy to designate one toilet for training the cat. I filled the insert with some kitty litter and placed it under the toilet seat so it was held in place – the idea on this was that he would perch on the toilet seat to do his business.

      So Moshe the cat used it a couple of time and got over his apprehension. When he was really comfortable with it and actually started perching on the seat instead of getting down into the insert, I was going to use less and less litter etc. etc. Well, after a few uses, for some reason the toilet seat was up and he came in and jumped straight into the middle of the insert, it collapsed into the water in the toilet bowl and he and the litter both went in. It is the only time I have ever seen a cat try to walk on water. Between cleaning the cat up and cleaning litter out of the toilet, it was a less than stellar experience. And he had a deep distrust of toilets after that.

    • Kelly S says:

      We tried this method when our cats were kittens perhaps 8 months old. Same thing. A plastic piece that sits between the seat and bowl. We filled it with flushable litter. They were using it. The plastic piece had rings and I was to cut a small hole in the center and wait a week or so and then cut out the next ring, etc. until we had effectively pushed them out to the seat. Well, I think I got over zealous and cut out the center ring too early. Sophie found it WAY more fun to push the litter through the hole into the water below and try to reach it that it became a toy instead of a toilet. We gave up. Kitties use the classic litter box.

    • Lee says:


      I had really bad migraines for a while and Isomeone told me to use a combination of apple cider vinegar (the raw kind – not sure what it’s called but it’s got the mother-of-vinegar in it) and local unprocessed honey in hot water, every morning around breakfast time, helped me. It was 2 TBSP vinegar and 2 TBSP honey in 8 oz hot water. Just slug it down, first thing in the morning. Can’t say I liked the taste but the headaches improved markedly. And I only did it for 2-3 months; it wasn’t a lifetime thing.

  4. Great update! It’s interesting to hear of what worked and what didn’t. Jenyfer, that sounds interesting on the buttermilk. I intended doing an egg white mask today, maybe I’ll go to the market instead. : )

  5. JulieB says:

    After I left, I realized I’d like to see a TIF on bat houses and scuba diving. πŸ™‚
    Them’s my votes.

  6. chris says:

    And I forgot to mention, I have the fastest drains in the city!! My son watched me try the baking soda/ vinegar and love it. Now he has his “tool box” (tackle box) with safety glasses, baking soda, a little bottle of vinegar and a funnel. He has fun cleaning the drains and watching the bubbling action. He even killed a couple spiders in the laundry tub!!

    How did the moth balls for the bats go?

  7. Stephanie says:

    Just as an FYI, Apple Cider Vinegar solves *almost* every kind of upset stomach. Take 1 to 2 TBS in about 4 to 6 oz of water and drink. Some may mix with apple juice or honey to take from the ghastly taste. I don’t, I pretend I’m in college downing a shot of something disgusting and potent. It also alkalizes the body and balances the PH. Which is supposed to be great for skin, hair, nails…

    I mostly use ACV for stomach troubles. Worked on flu, food poisoning, and one brutal hangover. Myhusband had a terrible cold that resulted in night coughing and I made a “tea” of hot water, 1 tbs of ACV, and a spoonful of honey. He stopped coughing within 10 minutes and slept like a baby the rest of the night. It’s great stuff, and cleans things well too. I just don’t like the smell of dirty gym socks so I don’t use it for that πŸ˜‰

  8. chris says:

    I was looking up how to kill creeping charliewith borax and I found that vinegar kills dandilions. I think you should try natural weedkillers that are sage for kids and dogs.

  9. Another blogger posted about her no-shampoo experiment, and a commenter mentioned that the apple cider vinegar rinse can make you extra attractive to wasps. I’ll try to find the original post and link to it.

  10. Micki says:

    Thanks for the updates! I’m working my way backwards, so I actually put a Try-It on the next post . . . but will repost: homemade underwear. Would love to see/hear about how that comes out, and what are the best patterns to use (esp for big girls — I’m wearing a 42D bra).

    Here’s another one: belly-dancing. Or Pilates — it is as great as its hype?

    Anything musical would be fun. You like scents, so experiments in home deodorizer sprays would be fun — I heard the chemical ones can goof up your hormones (but the source was a trashy women’s mag, so I don’t really know about that). Summer is coming up so fun drinks, BBQ tips, fun keep-cool sort of tips?

    Whatever you choose will be a lot of fun, I’m sure!

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