L’sTiF: Book, Bunny, Spider SHOOT

One of the coping mechanisms the kids have put together for handling conflict is to decide it by rock, paper, scissors. They both enjoy the game, and whoever wins, both had fun deciding. Light likes it so much, she will often force Jenny to play it just for fun while we’re waiting for a table at a restaurant.

Somehow, over the years, they changed it… to Book, Bunny, Spider. Here, we’ve got a video of the rules for Book, Bunny, Spider, including the special circumstances when two books, bunnies, or spiders meet. The only thing you’ll miss in the video is the super-cute “la la la la la” they say when the bunnies meet and run off to play together.


21 thoughts on “L’sTiF: Book, Bunny, Spider SHOOT

  1. How fun! I sent the link to my kids, who RPS their choices all the time. They used to have house rabbits, so I imagine they’ll get a giant kick out of BBS. And by the way, your girls are darling!

  2. chris says:

    Can I come be your live in nanny. You wouldn’t have to pay me. It just seems like too much fun all around!!! 🙂

  3. But wait! Shouldn’t Spock be in there somewhere?

    Spock reads book
    Spider Scares Spock
    And either Bunny nibbles Spock, or Spock eats bunny. (Okay, stop crying, I’m just kidding.)

  4. Very cute! And much easier to remember than that Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Something Spock. 🙂 Your girls are so creative and smart. And adorable, too.

  5. One of my kids found a poster for Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors with 25 options. I gave up trying to keep track. Your girls are adorable.

  6. Micki says:

    That is amazing! Can I share it in classes? Can I share it with other teachers? How viral do you want this to get? (I’m very serious here.)

    RPS is really popular here, and there are a lot of games that use it as a basis. Lots of kids play it in restaurants or amusement parks (while waiting in line). One of the easier ones is the winner then points in a direction, and the other person must look in a different direction or “pay the penalty” (whatever that is). For example Paper points up, and Rock must look down, left or right.

    Another game is played anywhere you have a series standing places — stairs are a dangerous favorite, but a row of tires at the playground, or a bunch of big tiles are good, too. It should have a starting point and ending point but that’s not necessary. You could also play it on paper. Two players (or groups) start on each end of the playing arena, and rush toward the center. When they meet, they do RPS, and the winner gets to the advance, while the loser goes back to her own goal, and rushes toward the player again. The first player to reach her opponent’s goal wins.

    (If playing in a group, the loser just rushes back behind the line of kids — ground is lost much more slowly. Second player goes against the winner.)

    The video is also so well done . . . I love your taste in piano music. So cute!

  7. If you wanted to play BBS with one hand, you could always claim that your book was an e-reader and do that thing where you curl your pinkie around to tap the screen and turn the pages. 🙂

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