6 thoughts on “Let It Be

  1. JenniferNennifer says:

    Did some freelance organizing for someone I am only acquainted with. We made a lot of progress and had a good time, so it was very satisfying.

    Friends came by unexpectedly and we watched The Accountant with them because they had never seen it. They loved it, of course.

    Half way through my annual diet, and making decent progress without feeling too deprived. Already shopping for my birthday cake, which I don’t need until April, but it’s nice to look forward to future treats.

  2. sjmcclelland says:

    Went to two yoga classes this week. The fact that it was still light out as I walked to the after work class was a bonus. Coffee with a friend. One of my amaryllis bulbs (planted in Nov) finally bloomed – 7 big stunning red/white blossoms. Trip to the book store with DS – I was browsing the romance section and he was making me laugh by reading random titles out loud.

  3. Moments of connection via my camera – especially yesterday, when I visited a botanical garden. Relieved to have three strong recommendations for someone to build the retaining wall I need in my garden-to-be. Also relieved that I’ve managed to remove the red wine I spilled on the carpet last night. And I’ve been promised a freelance job to follow the one I’m working on.

  4. Thea says:

    Spontaneous Valentine’s dinner at our local Bistro d’Asia. Olympics on, so I ordered the Korean steak. I value spontaneity, and the dinner was great too.

    Sweet, involving discussion on an antique rose website on books on old roses.

    Yoga teacher started in again, yay. After months of mat pilates and strength classes, I can still do the twists. Not so much the balance, but then I never could.

  5. Jenny says:

    Feeling overwhelmed here, too. Did finally get my succulants potted, but the house is the worst it’s ever been. I have to get stuff OUT of here. Damn it.

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