Laughing Makes Me Happy . . . or Happiness Makes Me Laugh

I’m very solitary at the moment (happily so), but one thing about being alone is that I don’t laugh out loud much.  Then I got suckered into a dumb youtube video and laughed and remembered why laughter is so important: it just makes you feel good all over.

How did you laugh with happiness this week?

10 thoughts on “Laughing Makes Me Happy . . . or Happiness Makes Me Laugh

  1. Susanne says:

    We’ve been watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show at night and we’re howling with laughter. Such good humour. We’ve had to ration the shows otherwise we’d blow through them too fast.

  2. sjmcclelland says:

    Not a lot of laughs this week – sick with the flu and found out that a close friend’s mother died suddenly. However, my son’s enthusiasm for the Olympics makes me laugh. He told me mixed doubles curling was the “most boring sport ever” but has been watching it with me since Thursday (Go Canada!).

  3. JenniferNennifer says:

    Despite all the snow, I was able to get in and out of our neighborhood to the main roads in my little Honda. And then yesterday afternoon they plowed most of our roads, so life is good. Took a planned day off from my diet and enjoyed chocolate and coffee with real cream. My boss is still out of the office for another week, so it should be calm at the office and I can play rock and roll.

  4. Happy that people have been enjoying my photography this week (exhibition at the library, plus the Instagram project). And a landscape photographer who’s recently joined the photography group I belong to has invited me to photograph a plant nursery she uses for workshops, which is wonderfully dilapidated, apparently – we’ll go later in the year when there’ll be lots of flowers out.

    Could definitely do with more funny things to watch. I get tired of being educated sometimes.

  5. Janet says:

    I’ve been watching the Olympics, especially the figure skating (which is my favorite part), but what made me laugh was my cat. He wanted to go out into the garage (there is a litter box out there which he sometimes prefers to use as his kitty sibling likes to stalk him when he uses the regular one inside) and he came back in with cobwebs all over his head. He must have done some exploring on his way to the litter box.

  6. Not exactly laughter, but I was feeling a bit blue and unappreciated the other day, and a couple rock stars (not literally, but in their field) took the time out of their really insanely busy schedules to say hello to me and engage with me, which perked me up. I do have Arsenic & Old Lace ready for pick up at the library, so I expect that to perk me up even more.

  7. Briana says:

    Finally got together with Work Husband (with whom I no longer work directly) to exchange Christmas gifts. Nice visit and we always laugh about something.

  8. No laughing (or sneezing) for me right now while I recover from what ever I did to my back the other day.

    Before this happened I did get in a few days of visiting (and laughing) with sibling that I haven’t seen in person for quite a while, as well as a girl’s day with favorite sister-in-law, so that was good.

  9. Thea says:

    Yesterday we pruned the public heritage rose garden we maintain in Old Town. Our leader bestowed on me her Laura Ashley garden gloves. When I tidy my own garden, I shall be impossibly smart and chic. Also am the recipient of a duplicate set of Old Rose digests. I laugh in delight!

  10. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I’m happy I was able to use a doctor rating site to steer Tall Boy away from a bad doctor and toward a good one. Thanks, interwebs!

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