Late TiF: New Glasses!

Hi, everyone! Today’s TiF is late because the shipment didn’t come in until today, and I wanted to share with you my adventures… drum roll, please… buying glasses ONLINE!

I know. It sounds crazy, and not for nothing. It is kinda crazy. I mean, these are my eyes, the ones I use to see the road when I’m driving a car that has my family in it. You can’t mess around with that… but neither can you go four years without an examination, which is what I have done. No health insurance, no money for eye exams. I could see well enough with my old glasses, so I let it go until things stabilized financially, which they have.

It was time.

Now, let me start by saying that I’m not exactly cheap. I mean, I use Macs and I spend more for quality when I need to, and when I can afford it. But generally, if I don’t see a real advantage to spending more, I don’t. So off to Walmart I went to get my eye exam, and I had a lovely doctor who fixed me up with new contact lenses, and that was all great. I would have kept my old glasses, too, except it turns out that something weird happens to a person’s eyes as they age. The shape of the eye changes and sometimes, eyesight improves.

That’s what happened to me. It’s a marginal improvement, but enough that my old glasses were just a tad too strong, so I needed new glasses. I wanted red ones, because I wanted bright colors that said LANI because damnit, LANI should be said in bright colors, right? And at Walmart, I didn’t like any of the red frames, and I wasn’t crazy about any of the non-red frames, either. So, I left, and figured I’d wait another month or so and hit Lenscrafters, which is more expensive, but if it’s going to be on my face for a long time, I want glasses I actually like.

I came home, got online to fart around on Facebook, as I am wont to do, and right there, top of my news feed, was a link to Turns out, someone I knew marginally about seventeen years ago had just purchased new glasses from them and was pleased. There was a link to a free first pair offer, and I figured, “What the hell?”

I’m like that sometimes.

I placed the order, paying extra for ultra-thin lenses and faster shipping, and the super-duper lenses weren’t part of the free promotion, but the frames were. All in all, $96, which is honestly about what I would pay with insurance when I had it. So, that was kind of awesome. A few days later, my glasses came in the mail, and they were lovely and cute and red…

… and I couldn’t see a damn thing through them. Turned out, my doctor wrote my prescription down funky, and so when I entered it in the program, it wasn’t right. Totally not their fault, but they paid for the shipping to return the glasses (even though it wasn’t their fault, they have a 366-day, return-for-any-reason-at-all policy) and I ordered a new pair and three days after placing my order, they were here.

I put them on, and I can see! Not only that, they’re kinda cute!

They were a little weird at first, as it always is when you transition from contacts to glasses, but I’m getting used to them and loving them more and more as I go. I highly recommend, and they still have the free pair offer! Just go on over and use FIRSTPAIRFREE in the checkout. And if you use my link here, I get credit toward my next pair, which will be good because Light has been known to permanently misplace glasses. 🙂

So, that’s my Try it Friday, not at all inconsistent with all my TiF’s—doing something a little bit insane on a whim. But sometimes, it works out!

23 thoughts on “Late TiF: New Glasses!

  1. Maria Powers says:

    ooo free glasses and points for you too? Who could resist? Oh yeah, me, the person with the hideous prescription that no one can get right even in person let alone online. Sigh.

    I do like those glasses and they are cute.

  2. pamb says:

    I’m overdue. Lousy vision, but I’m grateful it’s correctible with glasses. Been in bifocals since 12, trifocals for 10years now. A little nervous about buying the glasses online.

    But…you’ve nudged me about making an appt for the exam.

    I really do like your red glasses on you! I was picturing Sally Jesse Raphael thick frames, but those are nicely petite. 🙂

  3. I spent a bundle on a pair of bright purple Gucci frames. I love them. Everyone loves them except TV Stevie. Your red frames are very cool. Congrats!

  4. Love the glasses. I just had a check up and got new glasses, and had to finally get transitional sunglasses for when I drive. This getting old is the pits.

  5. Interesting…I’ve been seriously considering online glasses, right now for a backup pair (I am seriously blind without them, and if anything happened to the ones I’ve got, I’d be screwed. But who has money for EXTRA glasses?), in part to see if it would work before I got them for my main ones. I love my local eye doc, and the local optical place, but my frames and lenses (fancy-pants progressives that are bifocals but with three levels; took my brain 6 weeks to adjust, but now I couldn’t live without them) together cost over $300. And that’s without the exam. Ouch.

    Of course, my problem is that I hate most of the styles out there now, and it is hard enough to pick a pair when they are right in front of me. How did you know the ones you picked would look good on your face?

    (WHich they do, btw–adorable!)

  6. If you have a pair that are comfortable, measure them. Then you’ll know what general measurements you’re looking for (they have them on each frame’s page). Also, you can upload a picture of yourself, and view every frame on your face, which is really helpful.

    Definitely check it out. The customer service is great, and you can return them at any time in the first year for a full refund (minus shipping, which I think is fair). They’re pretty awesome.

  7. Had my eyes checked three years ago and sprang for contacts and then couldn’t tolerate them and my dr had promised to replace them with glasses and give me an account credit for the contact lenses if I didn’t like them but he DROPPED DEAD of a heart attack before I had tried the contacts a week so I was stuck with them, couldn’t stand them (eye allergies–itchy watery makeup running everywhere severely aggravated by lenses) and thus didn’t go get glasses bc of the money. So I’m running around with astigmatism and no corrective lenses.

  8. I got my red glasses from Zenni Optical which is also an online glasses place. But yours are cuter! Or maybe it’s just that you are cuter… I bet Alastair thinks so.

  9. Micki says:

    Your pictures are always good, but this one is freakin’ adorable — and I don’t think it’s just the glasses, cute as they are. Are you doing something different lately with your hair? (-: Whatever it is, it looks good on you!

    I’m going to join the ranks of “new glasses time.” I wear mine everywhere — in the pool, in the bath. They are starting to peel . . . . Maybe after next payday.

  10. Lola says:

    Yeah, yeah, your glasses are adorable. What I want to know is what have you done to make your hair look so great? I love the color and style.

  11. The guarantee makes it easier–at least you can get your money back if you hate them! I’ll definitely have to go to the doc’s and get a copy of my current prescription. Then I’ll come back here and go through your link.

  12. I can’t tolerate contacts either, so I’ll always be a glasses-wearer, alas. You’ve been going around all this time with no glasses when you need them? That’s bad!

  13. Redwood Kim says:

    Checking out the link right NOW. I need a backup pair, too (I wore an old prescription for a year because my lovely new ones disappeared on me – I’m looking at you, toddler daughter.) Plus I want prescription sunglasses. So I may have to choose. Oh well.
    Excellent TiF!

  14. stephanie says:

    they are cute. and fun. enjoy.

    we’ve used zenni as well with great success. i have vision insurance but it only allows me to get contacts or glasses each year. this year i happened to need both. thank goodness there was zenni ’cause even recycling previous frames lenses for my glasses are fairly expensive.

  15. Gorgeous glasses. Love the shape, they really suit you.
    We’ve got a string of shops across the country called SpeckSavers. They have a brilliant machine that checks your eyes analyses everything and spits out a report. The computer generated machine plus optometrist has shown early signs of cataracts in DH eyes. I’ll have to go myself and have them check my retina dysplasia, which I thought was diminishing…damn. Anyway they offer two pairs of glasses for the price of one and free upgrade to multiphocal. And their frame prices are very reasonable

  16. That picture of you in your new glasses is excellent! Very cute!

    When I got new lenses, I had them put in my mom’s old frames because they are cute frames. Now I’m thinking they make me look matronly, but that probably just cuz I’m feeling unattractive and all right now. Because the frames are cute and the optician said they fit my face fine.

    /end blabbering

    This is a good LTiF!

  17. I got my current prescription from my local folks, and going right now to try it out. I did use the picture upload to experiment, and it is very cool. It might actually work better than trying them on in person, since I’m so blind that without my glasses I can’t see my face when I’m trying on new ones…

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