Lani: WTFWednesday, Zombie Cat Edition

Hey, guys. It’s been a while. Sorry for my sudden disappearance here at ReFab, but somehow I didn’t anticipate how moving Jen and moving myself (hadn’t considered how moving into the second floor would be like… well… moving…) and attempting Nano and doing a daily podcast throughout Nano would suck up not just my time, but my energy. In addition to all that, November (and early December) brought some additional animal-related responsibilities. Milton’s back stopped working, so to the vet he went to get the diagnosis of Intervertebral Disk Disease, which means constant crating or supervision because now that he’s feeling better the little bastard still likes to parkour all over the living room even though he’s supposed to not really move.

Then, on Sunday, our cat Zoeyβ€”who disappeared into coyote-populated woods in July and was reasonably presumed deadβ€”showed up on the doorstep. After four months. Her collar with our phone number and the microchip notification was on her, and she was skinny and starving and skittish as hell, so my suspicion is that no one took her in. She survived on her own, for four months, and then it got cold and she said, “Screw this shit,” and came back. So, off to the vet with her to discover that, after four months, she contracted the grand total of… worms. Aside from that and the starving thing, which we’re addressing, she was amazingly healthy.

So that’s my WTFab Wednesday – Zoey’s back! And she’s way more cuddly than she was when she left, but I think that’s just because she’s so happy we got her Fancy Feast. She’ll be back to her usual lukewarm indifference to us before long.

Here she is, hiding in the vet’s cabinet, right after leaving an unasked-for fecal sample on the counter behind the sink.

So, what’s your fucked or fab this Wednesday?

65 thoughts on “Lani: WTFWednesday, Zombie Cat Edition

  1. My WTF is that they have all the parts for my 1985 washing machine, EXCEPT the thing that stops the machine when the load gets off balance. Which means we can fix the leak and lack of hot water and replace the belts, but I’ll still have to supervise the damn machine every time it hits the spin cycle (that’s twice a load, folks) to keep it from walking all over the basement and crashing into the wall. SURELY there has got to be some way to fix that damn thing!

    • Kieran says:

      I sit on my 1989 Maytag washing machine when it goes crazy, and let me tell you, Robin, it’s not a bad experience, LOL!!!

      Just kidding. I mean, I really DO sit on it to keep the load from going off balance, but alas, it doesn’t give me a special thrill. (grin)

      Did you ever see that Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry had a loose passenger seat in his car, and all his women friends wanted to sit on the broken seat for that very reason? His agent’s bitchy wife has an orgasm while Larry’s driving? It’s hilarious. Larry hates her SO much. The faces he makes!!

      • I have no sense of humor when it comes to rogue washing machines. None. If the damn thing -could- be used for certain other purposes, I probably wouldn’t mind so much! πŸ™‚

        And no on Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s not one of the things that we watch regularly.

      • Jill says:

        A friend of ours put his baby daughter in her infant seat on top of the dryer and turned the dryer on. That baby is now in college.

  2. Yay for Zoey’s return! Poor baby to Milton. :-(. My WTFab for the week is the baby dolphin born on Monday. So cute.

    No WTF in the negative this week. Even with a cold, it’s a great week!

  3. stephanie says:

    So glad to hear about the kitty. They are amazingly resilient and yet dependent at the same time. Of course, that’s because they’re cats.

    My WTF is that I have my annual exam today. UGH. Nothing like being prodded in your privates to turn the day around:)

  4. Maine Betty says:

    Yay yay yay for kitties coming home.
    My tortoiseshell left for 7 weeks, lived in the woods, and came home emaciated and tick-covered, needing to snuggle. But she came back!

  5. Rose says:

    Yay for the return of Zoey! That’s wonderful news. I bet the girls are thrilled.

    My WTF is just a general sense of glumness. I did not win NaNo. Not even close. The flip side WTFab is that I’ve been moved lately to write a couple of short stories, and that all-consuming, don’t-bother-me-I’m-writing feeling is there and real, so even if I’m really just writing for myself right now at least it’s practice. If it’s never becomes anything but a hobby at least it’s a hobby I enjoy.

    I also screwed up my diet. I was doing a 30 day, total commitment thing, that, for good reasons I won’t get into, requires total commitment for 30 days. If you mess up you’re supposed to start again on day one. Started it Nov 1 while I had no power and souldnt cook or keep fresh food in the house. Screwed it up day 2. Started again on Nov 5 when the power came back, went about 10 days and screwed it up. Started again after Thanksgiving, went along decently until the day before yesterday, when a piece of holiday Scottish shortbread ambushed me, and then yesterday I went totally off the rails. I really, really, really don’t want to start back at day 1, especially since I would have been done by Christmas Eve and so could indulge for the holiday. But If I tell myself I’m done and starting again after Christmas, I’ll eat like a trash compactor for the next few weeks. So I’m just going to continue on as if I never screwed up, and it will have to be good enough.

    And I’m really tired of this endless diet bullshit. I know my health is important. But I think of all the time and energy I’ve put into thinking about what I’m eating and not eating and should be eating, not to mention exercise and thinking about it, and I wonder what I could be doing with my life if I focused that energy elsewhere. Blech.

    • Rose, just wanted to say that diet sounds inhuman. It’s playing games with you. The best regime I’ve tried is a personal ‘healthier eating’ plan, which worked really well for a couple of years before I fell off the wagon again. What I did was to focus on foods I really like that happen to be ‘healthy’ to eat – essentially, ones naturally lower in fat and sugar. But the focus on having more of what I liked that happened to fit the bill rather than on denying myself really worked for me.

      If I were you, I’d try inventing a system that works for you – that feels supportive rather than a battle with yourself.

      Right now I’m doing something even simpler: just eating a bit less, and avoiding going over the top with fat and sugar; and at the same time going for at least a half-hour walk each day. So nothing at all radical; I’m hoping to stick to this one for ever.

      Really, get creative and focus on what would really feel supportive to yourself. I just don’t think fighting yourself is really healthy. Lots of luck.

    • AuntieJB says:

      The concept of “forbidden foods” is what messes all of us up. Pick up the book “Intuitive Eating” It’s written by two registered dietitians.

      The best part of the process for me was when I was able to eliminate my obsession with Doritos/Cheetoes/Potato Chips by eating as much as I wanted. After a while they lost their appeal for me. Now my body actually craves healthier choices.

    • Alis says:

      Sounds like a Whole30 to me. πŸ˜› I, too, am scheduling one for after Christmas. I knew I wouldn’t make it through the holidays on it–food is a love language for me and I am not usually able to separate my holiday emotional eating from my “how is this affecting my body” eating.

      If you want a Whole30 buddy when you get started again, though, let me know. πŸ™‚

        • Micki says:

          If you like the diet, why don’t you start it again, with the special intention of breaking it on the 24th? So, you have to start back at 1 on the 26th . . . you’ve had to do it before. And who knows? You might have the willpower to make it through Christmas.

          If you don’t like the diet, try a new diet. There are a lot of good ones out there. Some that don’t even call themselves diets . . . .

    • Cindy says:

      Rose, diets are evil. I’m convinced of it. The minute I tell myself I can’t eat something, I want to eat it. I believe you just need to eat sensibly most of the time, and give yourself “cheat” days. I find that if I watch myself Mon-Fri, knowing that I can eat a “bad” breakfast on Sunday, or a “bad” dinner on Saturday (not both) then I’ll be good. But if I know I have to be 100% cheat free for 30 days, then I’ll cheat. It’s not you, it’s the evil diet.

  6. My WTFab is really more WTHow nice. I’m feeling better. After four days of feeling like hammered shit, now I only feel like squished shit, which is a step in the right direction. Going to take it easy another day, even though I’m feeling like a giant slug. Antibiotics seem to be kicking in. I have work, so I’ll do it on the laptop while lying on the sofa, sipping iced orange juice, which is the only thing that sounds good right now. So one good thing about this illness is it completely takes away your appetite–Rose, if we lived close, I’d come breathe germs in your space sot the diet thing would no longer be making you feel glum. πŸ˜‰

    Lani, so glad Zoey came back and I know she’ll be back to her old self in no time, sadder but wiser.

  7. My WTFab is really more WTHow nice. I’m feeling better. After four days of feeling like hammered shit, now I only feel like squished shit, which is a step in the right direction. Going to take it easy another day, even though I’m feeling like a giant slug. Antibiotics seem to be kicking in. I have work, so I’ll do it on the laptop while lying on the sofa, sipping iced orange juice, which is the only thing that sounds good right now. So one good thing about this illness is it completely takes away your appetite–Rose, if we lived close, I’d come breathe germs in your space so the diet thing would no longer be making you feel glum. πŸ˜‰

    Lani, so glad Zoey came back and I know she’ll be back to her old self in no time, sadder but wiser.

  8. My WTFab is that I’m feeling great. I’m doing great. After over two years of grief and depression and anxiety, I am feeling like my life is good — even unemployed as I am — and I am content. Still have anxiety, but nothing like it was.

    My WTF is that it’s December and the temps have been in the 80s. They are supposed to be about 73 today, but then they go steadily back up toward 80 the rest of the week. This is winter in Houston: it should be 60!

    So glad Zoe is back and able to be brought back to health. The girls must be ecstatic! I’m very happy for you.

  9. She may be indifferent but she certainly is pretty. So glad you got her back. Sometimes, they just need to roam!

    My WTF – complications at my current school. And an insane week – I travelled 9 hours on Sunday for an interview all day Monday, travelled back home yesterday, taught full on, am now prepping cover for Friday, as I have another interview – another 6-8 hours travel tomorrow afternoon straight after school to get there, then back again on Friday evening after the interview, and meanwhile, the DH also had an interview today, and we don’t know what is happening to our lives, but I do know that we will not fetch enough in rent to cover our mortgage which means it looks like we really will have to sell the house come the NY.

    On the Fab side, the first interview went well, they really liked me, and the job would take the whole family to the Isle of Man which is a rainswept island in the middle of the Irish Sea, safe as houses for big boys, full of fun activities for kids, a lifestyle out of an Ealing movie with everyone leaving their doors unlocked and gorgeous scenery (see Wild Target or Decoy Bride, both filmed there).

    but back to the WTF: they have two more people to interview before they can make a decision, and here I am in a situation with two interviews, I may end up in a situation with no job offer…but I am too tired to care just at the moment! The fatalism is kicking in. If it happens, it’s meant to be, if it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant to happen. Lordy!

  10. Egads says:

    Welcome back, Zoey. She looks so content after her “donation.” That squinty-eyed thing cats do when they look sleepy always relaxes me. They blink slowly, I start blinking slowly. Before long, we’ve both nodded off. I’m making myself sleepy just thinking about it.

    Poor baby to you for the move and to Milton for the bad back.

  11. That’s so wonderful that Zoey came home. She has had her adventure now and might be more grateful for dinner in the can rather than having to forage. She looks lovely.

    My WTF could be either or. I was contemplating putting the house on the market and moving back to L.A. and buying a condo. Thus the need to purge and organize. So I cleaned out the closets, bookshelves, made donations, cleaned the office, the papers, the old tax files, cleaned the china cabinet, gave away silver, organized photos, even organized this years taxes.

    Last night, after a week or more of feverish activity, I was almost asleep when I thought that I don’t want to move. I love my house. I don’t want a condo. A smaller space. And closer neighbors. I actually sat up in bed and thought well then what the fuck was this past week all about? A clean house? That’s it!?

  12. Happy to hear the prodigal kitty returned and with only minor issues. What a relief. We had a cat once that disappeared for three years. A woman had taken him in and years later my brother saw him, called his name (Murphy) and he came. The woman was so surprised she felt bad and let Chaz bring him home.

    My WTFab is that the book is going well and I’m excited about it again. Must kick it into overdrive and get this baby done.

    My WTFudge is that my coworkers won’t stop arguing politics and I just had to slam my door because two were debating gay marriage and the phrase “The Bible says…” kept coming from down the hall. It was close the door or start punching people in the throat. I think the slamming might have shut them up. It seems quieter out there now.

  13. Cindy says:

    WTFab Zoey is back. Yay! So glad your cat came home.

    WTF I have this horrible, godawful sinus infection. It started as a horrid cold on Thanksgiving, and it stayed with me. Now I have this infection, and this terrible cough which won’t let up. Had to go to the doctor on Monday. He gave me 2 antibiotics, a cough syrup to help me sleep at night and a steroid shot to open my lungs. But I’m still miserable. No signs of improvement. It’s awful.

    On the WTFab side, I got to watch the entire Season 2 of Doctor Who while resting, which I’d refused to watch before, because I didn’t like Rose in Season 1, and I fell in love. I really liked her in Season 2. She had great chemistry with David Tennant’s Doctor. I’ve been watching the Doctor again and having so much fun.

  14. Lulu says:

    It would be great if our own cat who also went missing in July was just out gallivanting with your cat, but, alas, I think our Tuxedo bought a one-way ticket. She had already used up at least 5 of her 7 lives… I’m glad your kitty has returned!

    My WTF is that I’ve finally taken action to address the (relatively new and huge) stress in my life and I’ve made an appt with a new counselor. I need to get back to journalling and working on my inner landscape which has gotten awfully weed-choked. It’s been ages since I went to see a counselor, much less started with a new one, so I’m not sure how to even begin again. At least it’s covered by my health insurance!

  15. JenniferNennifer says:

    Yes, but under the lukewarm indifference, you will know something warmer lurks. Thanks for sharing the homecoming story.

  16. Carol says:

    My WTF is that my co-worker took off for three days and only left me some of the tools I need for dealing with her boss, aka the big boss. I’m going to have to sneak onto his computer and delegate me some stuff today! Oh, and I got a fancy, brand-spanking-new phone upgrade here at the office and I’m in terror I’m going to cut someone off or worse while I figure out how it works.

    My WTFab is that “All I Want for Christmas” with Mariah, Jimmy Fallon, the Roots and some adorable schoolchildren is running through my head, and making me quite cheery, as it’s one of my favorite Christmas songs and this is an excellent version.

  17. Hi,
    I had a cat disappear once for about a month, was sure she was gone for good.
    But I’d put up signs in the neighborhood, and one day I got a call from a completely freaked out neighbor who came home and found my starving cat in her house, hissing at her cat and eating her cat’s food.
    Only thing she could figure out is that my cat crawled in through her dryer vent.

  18. Catherine says:

    My wtFAB is that I finally purchased my plane ticket. I’ve been talking, planning, scheming on this for months and I MADE IT HAPPEN. I also have arranged a great place to stay, that is both old enough to be interesting, clean, has high ceilings, and a whole slew of necessary functionary things that will make my stay simpler.

    As my training for fun has a target date now it’s been a lot easier to switch into a higher gear with exercise. My house currently looks like a bomb has hit it, because I took in a few boxes and assorted stuff of my daughters when she downsized from a house to a room. But really life is overall humming a nice little tune. I feel like I’ve tapped into some tune that was just out of reach and it makes me feel like dancing.

    Which brings me to WtF? The negativity of my friends.
    I have a friend who I have coffee with often. We also try to find time to fit in a 30 minute walk. I thought we had a nice balance going, with a stated if life gets too busy to met, no hard feelings we catch up when we can policy.

    The last time we walked as I’m just loving the late afternoon summer breeze walking amongst pecan trees together. My friend comes out with, ‘ you know we’ve been really bad lately…’ ( the words aren’t so dramatic but man the tone of voice was so grim) WTF ? I think I may of reached that level of positivity that is border line obnoxious, because all I could say was, ‘hey speak for yourself, I make choices that fit the day, walk, no walk, there’s no bad in there.’

    Then I received a text asking to meet for coffee and I text back that I was meeting my Dad and would catch up some other time wishing her a great day. Then I sent her a picture of a pademelon ( a small wallaby/kangaroo) I’d seen on a early morning walk. Because I thought that level of furry beauty needs sharing. I got a reply back that I’d made her feel bad. WTF? Just sent back a text with not my intention. Sheez.

    Anyway there’s more but it will get to novella status so stopping there.
    Then I had lunch with another friend yesterday and when I said where I was going and how excited I was to go all she could say is , isn’t it sort of rough… and some quite disparaging comments about the people of that place.

    I don’t need my friends to form a chorus line of cheerleaders for my every action, but man why are my choices that are causing me to fairly bounce when I walk attracting negative little comments?

    Especially with the lead up to Christmas I’m finding any negativity as a weight slowing me down. I really need to maintain my momentum to keep everything moving. I’m finding walking and swimming laps with my kick board are helping me deflect negativity in the moment. But the comments once made stick in the corners of my mind. I’m sort of hoping that by airing them here they just blow away.

    I’m very pleased to hear of the return of Zoe the Zombie Cat. Very cool outcome.

    • Maine Betty says:

      yes, that negative habit of mind, once you notice it, gets old really fast. For a lot of people it’s protective, I think. But what a bore. Like you say, air them out, let them blow away, and keep your heart open to happiness.

    • It’s a shame when friends can’t share your positiveness but that’s their drama, not yours.

      A friend recently reminded me that each of us is the star of our own life film and if someone tries to cast us as a villain in theirs, we don’t have to accept the role.

      • Catherine says:

        Thanks Mary Stella. At the moment I’m just focussing on forging forth…Because I’m really enjoying stepping up.

        I’m just not sure how to operate in the middle ground. I’m loving getting stuff done and am a little concerned that if I hear one more negative thing, I’ll snap and say something scathing. I probably wouldn’t I’d probably just up the positivity, but it doesn’t have me wanting to spend time with these people who I’ve previously enjoyed.

  19. Redwood Kim says:

    I’ve been saving this WTFab – I donated my favorite pair of shorts because they were falling off my butt as I walked. Yay me! And when I unpacked the Christmas shirts – last year’s was a 3x. I’m wearing 1x’s now. I guess I’m not doing too badly after all.
    My WTnotFab is that I’m sick. Bleah. Kids are watching another video, I’m going to bed.

  20. Cats are amazing creatures, fantastic that Zoe came home. She’ll probably stick close now.

    My WTF … I didn’t make my own deadline. I’m giving myself another week to finish the book.

    There’s a very loud native bumblebee buzzing in my computer room. The relentless droning off putting. I’ll have to get a jar and rescue it.

    Miffy (dog) is on her bed snoring and the cicadas have started their chorus early this morning.

    I need a caffeine fix πŸ™‚

  21. My current WTFork has to do with the endless amount of time and energy I’ve spent on my food intake over the last 30 years. My BMI is in the 30’s and should be like 24.5 or some such thing. I am a LIFETIME member of Weight Watchers, I have done Jenny Craig, I tried the Dukan Diet, I’ve done the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Banana Diet, the Bean Diet, the Clean Eating diet, and the list goes on. I almost agreed to go into debt to the tune of $8,000 with a “special” nutritionist and something finally snapped in my head. For cryin’ out loud, I wasn’t willing to go into debt to get a washer and dryer and I cannot begin to tell you the hatred I feel toward the laundry mat after 11 years, but all to be thinner, I’d go into debt for that. WTFork was wrong with me?

    ENOUGH! I’ve had enough. Where would I be if I hadn’t spent this many years and this much money dealing with my food and measuring it out and going from starvation to inhaling it all. This year is the year that I stop focusing on food and start focusing on my life. I will no longer talk or think about food except as it relates to meal planning. It is food for Fork’s sake. It will no longer have the all consuming power over me that it has for the last 30 years. I am going to see what I can do with all that extra energy.

    Now, this doesn’t mean that others cannot still do whatever they want about food. I have no issue with anyone else doing what s/he must for her/his life. My blood pressure is great; my cholesterol numbers are good; my blood sugar is low. I am going to focus on getting stronger and increasing my muscle mass. I know how to eat and I am just going to focus on that. I am no longer going to compare myself to anyone else or their body or even the mythical woman who lives in my head and weighs only 159 lbs. She and I may meet some day or we may not. I am going to focus on improving my cardiovascular through walking and put in strength training and I am going to pay for a trainer 1 day a week. I am worth that and it won’t require $8000 of debt for no guaranteed result.

    Here’s to health and whatever that means for you and for me.

  22. Kelly S says:

    Skipping the 50 comments, Yay that Zoey returned!! She is so lovely! Also, cracked up laughing about the unasked for fecal sample. Thanks for that!

    For a WTFabish thing, I got an email today from the head of HR at my place of work that said effectively I’ll get “tenure” in January unless for some reason the President of the University, who doesn’t know me from you, turns it down.

  23. YAY for gorgeous Zoe returning!!!

    My WTFab is my shiny new laptop, bought a couple of months early with Stephen’s writing income after my awesome gaming rig took a flying dump, which is my WTFrack.

    Hugs and love and poor babies to thems what need them.

  24. Lois says:

    WTF! I have broken out in itchy hives 2 evenings in a row. My breasts, underarms, stomach and lower back are the worst. Didn’t eat the same foods, wore different clothes (which were washed in different detergents) etc. aarrgg

    WTFab – the sun was out today. Too bad I was stuck inside dealing with my demented MIL.

  25. Micki says:

    Hooray! Reminds me of my daughter who went off to school — thank god, she hasn’t returned home with worms! But she does seem to have a new appreciation of home . . . .

  26. Yay for the return of the prodigal cat, healthy and with a better attitude! (Well, except for the poop thing…)

    And yay for the return of Lani–I hope you are recovering from your busy November. Thank goodness December is always so calm and stress-free. Oh, wait…

    BTW, I had a dream last night that you were yelling at me for stalking you. No idea where that came from. Heck, I hardly stalk you at all anymore πŸ™‚

  27. Jill says:

    Poor Zoey, she looks a little worse for wear. I bet she is as happy to be home (or she will be when she feels better ) as you are to have her home.

    My WTFab. I am leaving tomorrow at O Dark Thirty to fly to Baltimore, meet up with Cory, drive to Hagerstown. Cory is signing Geek Mom at TTP on Saturday !

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