Lani: WTFW Vagueness

Nothing WTF about this. I just kind of loved it.

Also, no real deep thoughts this week. I’m embracing the theme. Vague.

But don’t let that keep you from being very specific about your week, for fucked or for fab or maybe a mix of both. Go ahead, give us your shades of grey. We can handle it.

41 thoughts on “Lani: WTFW Vagueness

  1. Just written the covering letter to go with the proofs of a big book on China’s WW2. So relieved to have finished. Up to 20 million dead and 100 million refugees. The kind of subject I turn down if I can, for fear of nightmares, but can’t afford to turn anything down at the moment.

    Rest of today will be starting the next (I hope short) job a Cerys Matthews songbook (no idea who she is, but maybe I can find some music to go with the proofs). Plus celebrating my mother’s 85th birthday with her – she’s coming to stay the night, for her favourite roast chicken dinner, plus a DVD and lots of gossip.

    So hopefully this is the turning point between fucked and fab this week.

  2. Today is actually going to be kinda fun, I think. Work this morning gives way to collaging this afternoon. My friend, Mae, and I are going to my sister’s craft room to make collages. We’re doing Simple Abundance together this year and that exercise is recommended…however, my collage is going to be for my currently-being-ruthlessly-revised novel THE MUSIC IS YOU. I thought maybe collaging it would help me think about it differently. Besides, I learned about collages from Lani’s Making Magic class and I really want to give it a try.

  3. Fab: I discovered the Dechetterie (Brussels Dump) and got rid of a whole heap of magazines that DH has not looked at in who knows how long (there were magazines there from 2003 – moved from Brighton to Brussels and then again from House 1 to House 2), our Christmas wreath, bags of stray cables from China/Taiwan days, two bags of clothes, an old rusty ironing board and a pushchair. I can hand over 2m squared of stuff there every day except Sunday and Monday, when it is closed.

    Fab: I’ve packed my first two boxes of books.

    Messed up: the DH won’t let me shed a cheap Ikea Bed or the frayed seat cushions from an old sofa that he seems to be guarding for reasons known only to him.

    Why is he keeping old Christmas cards? And National Geographics from 1980? And broken stuff like an old tray?

  4. German Chocolate Betty says:

    RE: husbands holding onto stuff. After my first husband died in 1999, I cleared out mountains of stuff like old catalogs, gas stations receipts, etc., that he fiercely insisted he “might need someday” — in spite of the fact that they went back all the way to the early 60s. Huh? Half of the companies didn’t even exist any more. And the tax people were certainly not going to chase him now for 35 year old sales receipts… (He was, I believe, an undiagnosed OCD…)

  5. stephanie says:

    As it’s the first day of Lent and I’m taking on the practice of paying attention to what I eat AND not drinking alcohol during the week, I’ve turned my attention back to NetDiary. I’m hoping that it’s easier to be true to myself and not lie if I have to record what I’m eating and how much I’m actually exercising. I’ve already started bargaining with it by putting in exercise I haven’t accomplished yet, but it was nice to see my breakfast calorie disappear by the time I finish yoga later on. Of course, then I’ll have to put in the lunch calories.

    Okay, next time I’m not going to start recording activities until they happen.

  6. I put the bedroom door on last night, all by myself, because I was cold and needed the space heater which would have been useless without a door on the room. Damn near killed myself–it’s a heavy old door with a mirror built into it–but by god my bedroom has a door on it.

    This week:
    Spend tomorrow at the vet with Milton, probably leaving him there for surgery unless it’s too late. Royalty check came and Mollie gave up her half of it to me so Milton could get his back fixed. Fingers crossed.

    Insulate back of garage door so the office isn’t quite so cold. Finish the rest of the office.

    Get all this stuff at least into the rooms where it will eventually go so that when the furniture arrives next week, I’ll have room to put it in.

    Learn to demo. There’s a lot of stuff that needs to be removed here–an old cabinet, siding, a closet upstairs–and with all my long-buried rage, I should be aces at ripping stuff out.

    Finish painting the bedroom and put the back piece on the bed.

    Sew curtains for bedroom and living room.

    Catch up all grading at McDaniel.

    Write a book.

    So glad “pack and move” are no longer on that list.

  7. My husband is hanging on to a box of water-damaged national geographics from the 80’s that the previous owners of the house left here. 13 years ago. That he’s never looked at. I’ve stopped asking why.

  8. chris says:

    Fucked. Stomach virus in our house. I have had twice, son on his third round. Husband – once. Daughter healthy as a horse. I have cleaned, disinfected from attic to basement. GET IT OUT!!!!!

  9. WTFab is that at some time I used my brain and put the badge cards in some of those card collector protector sheet things and I found them.

    WTF is that two cards are AWOL and the review board meeting is tonight. Panic is setting in.

  10. Redwood Kim says:

    Fab: melted crayon Valentine’s, made and ready to be put in clever little bags.

    Fab: spent Saturday with a friend who works for a biofeedback type company. She brought me a game and early childhood education stuff designed to help kids regulate their emotions yesterday. It’s already helping.

    Fab: set up a sticker program that is making getting out the door much easier.

    Fucked: a late expense check is messing with our finances. And I am woefully tired of being down to our last $100 before payday. I need a new pair of walking shoes and a haircut,and somehow those are always extras. (Ok, that was just whining – will stop now.)

    Fab: this should end in a few months. We have prospects, baby.

  11. German Chocolate Betty says:

    What the FAB!! Just found out that my project-to-project position here is going to be made PERMANENT! Woohoo!!! This is not easy here at the research institute I work at, but my dept head came through. It only took 6.5 years…

    That sound you’re hearing? It’s the champagne cork!!

  12. My WTF is that I’ve still been having great difficulty getting around to doing the tasks I need to do, and it’s halfway through February! That leaves six weeks before I move.

    My WTFab is that I think I talked and wrote my way through it on my blog post last night. I really hope. I need positivity, energy, and to refrain from getting stuck or bogged down.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Oh yay, an ambiguity thread! I need this!

    My news for the moment:

    (a) I got a VERY SLIGHT (less than a dollar) raise at work because I was apparently being paid less than everyone else at my level. It amuses me no end that I went from “step 2” to “step 5” and it’s still less than a dollar. But hey, any bit counts.

    (b) I am being naggity nagged nagged to renew my lease ASAP. I technically have until the 28th, but since they stuck a “we’re immediately showing your apartment” notice on the day I was to turn it in last year, and I’m getting nagged in person and with notes to commit NOOOOOOOOOOOOW. God, can’t they just let me breathe? I still technically have two weeks!!!!

    (c) As you can tell, I’m really super conflicted about moving or not. I am clearly not ready to move away (would have to get a car first, which I have not done), but I hate that I have to commit my life to here for the next year and a half because the housing is so in demand here and the leases are extremely inflexible and there’s really nowhere else that’s more mild about it. (I have to renew in February for 2013-2014 anywhere I go, new leases start in September.) My apartment will be rented out the day I say no (not kidding) to renewal and I can’t change my mind if I realize that my shit is not together enough to move–but I don’t want to wait yet another year and a half. But I probably won’t be ready to move in September either. Arrrrrrrrrgh.

    (d) I am tired of being the lameass who can’t stand making changes in her life, can’t take a leap, can’t figure out what she wants to do in the first place in another city anyway. And dealing with car salesmen makes me homicidal and I am so dumb about how cars work they could tell me it has spillicus in its ginectizoink and I won’t know any differently. Lamb to slaughter. Ugh.

    (e) When the hell will I ever become an actual real adult who can handle life outside of her tiny bubble? Nobody’s taught me how and I need a mommy to, or something. Except my mom so can’t. And I am waaaaaay too old to be this dumb.

    (f) Well, at least my outfit today is really super cute. There’s that.

  14. WTFruke is that I forgot to take my meds AND left my purse at home this morning. 99% of the time I have my ID and debit card in my back pocket. Today is the other 1%. Feel like I’m out to see without an rudder. Or the proverbial paddle.

    WTFab promo bookings are coming along pretty well for someone who has no clue what she’s doing.

    Extra Fab – the weather. I drove around yesterday with my car window down. In February. Weird, but I’m not complaining.

  15. My WTFab this week is about my amazing community.

    Case in point, hubby was at the bank the other day when a big dog comes in with his owner. The dog ambles over and swoops his front paws up onto the counter. And the teller, as she continues helping a customer and without missing a beat, whips out a Milk Bone from behind the counter and tosses it to the dog. The dog happily runs off to devour his treat.

    This is why I love where I live–not only is it charming and friendly but even dogs make withdrawals at the bank;)

  16. WTF?
    I’ve had a bug and been cotton-wool-headed. Slept late. Got up to find my interview at the lovely Christine Ashworth site had gone live. I thought it would go up in March. I couldn’t recall what I’d said so crept over for a look. She makes me sound sensible. Ha ha.
    If anyone thinks they don’t know enough about me already:

    My WTFab is I’ve turned the corner on feeling off-color and my energy is coming back.

  17. Catherine says:

    It’s mostly Fab here. I got rid of a ute load of not needed and or damaged stuff to go to the recycling centre/dump.

    I finally got an electrician out to install the new cooktop and fix a couple of lights.

    I managed to consolidate my bills that I pay by direct debit into the one account. This did somehow trigger an early payment of one of them. Cue flurry of WTF? It did get sorted out quickly though. I’ve sorted out a password issue with my phone company.

    Have had one walk before it started raining again. I went into the rainforest. The rangers have done a great job at restoring paths after we had a ex cyclone storm.

    So far I’ve been getting tasks accomplished in a reasonably straight line approach. It’s a little WTF ‘cos I’m pretty used to twists, but I’m adapting lol.

  18. Cindy says:

    WTF! We are now with Kaiser. I went to see my new doctor, and I had to tell him about my simple partial seizures. Well, it turns out simple partial seizures are not in their computer system. So he talked down to me, told me how “special” I am. He asked me if I’m sure I don’t have migraines. So, I got a referral to a neurologist. So I don’t get to pick a neurologist. I just get whichever one they assign me. I hate this. I’ve had a PPO for about 6 years, I’ve been seeing the same neurologist for the last 3 years. And he’s never once questioned me. He’s always worked with me on my meds. I’m so nervous.

    So, I’m extremely nervous about what this means for my daughter. I’ve kept her on her own plan with COBRA, but that expires in 3 weeks.

  19. Have your neurologist send a copy of your file over. And if you talk to this asshole again, remind him he has a phone he can pick up to call your previous doctor. *shakes head* I’d have ripped this guy a new one.

  20. ***FOUND’EM!!!*** I’m toasting myself with some wine in my favorite handpainted wine glass and some Havarti cheese that sneaked into my grocery cart the other day. The relief is making me giddy. Now ‘Onward Ho!’ to the ironing of the uniform. (WHEW!)

  21. Cindy says:

    Honestly, I’m worried that if I fight, it’ll go in my file. I’ll ask my neurologist for my file. But I’m thinking of seeing him out of pocket. It was all a giant mess yesterday.

  22. My WTF is DS has been “mean girled” at school this week. Being ADHD and anxious, he doesn’t have great social skills to begin with and probably doesn’t help himself by mouthing off. But 11 year old boys are no match for girls of the same age. I can still remember how awful it was when I was in Gr 6. Fortunately, the school is very firm on bullying. DS will get through it and be stronger for the experience. I know on their own, these girls are nice kids – just wish they’d stay away from my ‘baby’.

  23. Redwood Kim says:

    That route sounds really expensive. What I might do is call and ask him if he can refer you to a neurologist at Kaiser, and/or talk to your new neurologist.
    My mom loves Kaiser, and has gotten great care there. But she is always ready to rattle a few cages, and she does her research. I can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to choose the neurologist within Kaiser that you want to see.

  24. Office Wench Cherry says:

    WTF is the weather we had this morning when we had to go see the orthopedic surgeon about Tall Boy’s left knee. Blizzard, lots of snow on the road for the first 45 minutes of the trip. So glad I didn’t have to go to work this week.

    WTFab for the doctor. Why didn’t we see this guy five years ago???? He told TB that he will, in fact, need his knee replaced soon, it’s just a matter of when and where. Because he’s on blood thinners and has had heart surgery he’s a bit of a tricky patient. The doctor also said that he might need work done on his hip and sent us for x-rays. He’s going to look at the hip x-rays and speak with the anesthitist (er, that’s the person who puts you to sleep and wakes you up) to see what he thinks and then he will call Tall Boy to discuss the options or have us come in for another visit. Yay! Someone who realizes that yes, he’s in pain and no, he shouldn’t have to suffer like that while he’s young.

    And then we got home and shoveled/snow blowed for an hour before we could even get the car in the driveway. I’m too tired to gripe about commercials.

  25. JulieB/Julie Spahn says:

    It’s been a fab week – my sister had a baby Monday night!! And, I’m going to see all 9 pounds one-ounces (give or take) of him ASAP. 🙂

  26. Wine and Havarti–yum!! I love it when deliciousness sneaks into my grocery cart–always such a pleasant surprise when I get home!

  27. I wanna be cool like Robin when I grow up! I’ve never ripped anyone a new one in my life, even though I’ve thought about it more than once. You rock, Robin!!

  28. Well, if fighting goes in your file, I have a book for a file. This is YOUR health we’re talking about. You have a right to proper care. There are plenty of medical assholes out there and sometimes you HAVE to fight/stand your ground and insist you get proper treatment instead of being brushed aside. Start with talking to the neurologist you’re seeing. Tell him what happened and see what he suggests.

  29. Cindy says:

    I’ve fought so much for kiddo, that I feel kind of drained. I really don’t even want to go there, but I know I will. I don’t take shit. But damn it, just once, can’t it be easy? I already did a bit of research, the neuro they referred me to is supposed to be an ass. But I’ll give him a chance. If he fails, there’s one about an hour away who is supposed to be awesome.

  30. Thank you. I spent many of my formative years working with men in a field dominated by men. I had to learn to defend myself.

    As for the medical end of things, I have issues after decades of crappy care and asshole medical people (starting at age 7). And Heaven help me if I ever wind up in a hospital unconscious. They keep trying to give me other peoples’ meds or haul me away for someone else’s procedures. (Deep Breath) Bottom line: Don’t fuck with me if you are a medical person. It will go badly for you.

    Once I realized that I did NOT have to do everything they said, that I could say, “No!”; my care improved considerably. (Thanks J!) And I’ll quit now. In case you missed it, this is a hot button topic for me! 🙂

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