Lani: WTFW Shoes

I am not like my sisters. I hate shopping. Most of the time, when I look at something I like in a store, I ask myself if I want to pack it and move it. The answer is almost universally, “No.” If I do want something, I usually treat it like a rabbi treats a convert: it has to ask me three times to take it home, and then, usually, I will.

But there are days when you should just buy the damn shoes, you know? Maybe not every day, but some days. And so today I saw WTF not as an expression of frustration, but as a universal, “Why not?” Say yes to yourself today, and see what happens.

And while you’re at it, maybe spend a moment telling us how your week’s going, for fucked or for fab.

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  1. Yay, I’m so glad there’s another minimalist here! I’ve got exactly that reaction to shopping, plus a little “someone will have to deal with it X years from now” that comes from the months spent watching houses get cleaned out after deaths. Objects never go away. Stuff is a trap. I’ve got too much of it, but that’s because I’m the first renegade in a long line of collectors. I definitely never want more of it. With the exception, of course, of books. I find it terribly hard to resist a book, which is why my living room still has cardboard boxes in it, years after I moved into my house.

    My week–well, I decided yesterday to quit writing. I don’t know how to do it any more. Everything I write is bad. Getting a sentence onto the page is like doing my taxes, just a chore. And it’s silly to be grinding myself away like this. Then I woke up this morning and thought, ‘okay, time to figure out what will make you happy’ and immediately remembered that the happiest I’ve been in the past ten years was when I was having fun writing. So the real question is, “how do I get back to having fun writing?” I don’t know the answer, but figuring out the right question is both fucked and fab.

  2. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Yes, sometimes you just have to buy the shoes…even if it seems silly.

    The best thing I ever did in my life was to agree to let my first husband buy the boat he always wanted to have. It was a stupid decision, financially, boats are just money sinks (especially a 29 ft motor boat that requires marina docking and gulps gas like a thirsty elephant).

    But two years later, at the end of the season, we had one last (expensive) ride of the season. Which tickled him no end. But as we drove past the marina on the way home, he said, well, maybe next year we should sell it.

    Three weeks later he was dead. I was soooo thankful for the boat, for the last glorious ride and DAMN THE MONEY.


    Oh, and my week? Starting off more fab than fecked…

  3. Sarah! I totally get writing being work and when it isn’t fun, and I’m not a proponent of the “just do it” school of writing, but please remain open to the muse. Maybe you do need a break–I’ve so been there, but you are a great writer! So step away for a little while, but dip your toes in every so often–I know the words will come back and it will be fun again. Sending you peaceful energy, baby.

  4. Liz H. says:

    Lol, that’s exactly my shopping method. Do I want it taking up space, do I want to have to bother with moving it, am I still thinking about it days later. Makes me feel like an indecisive nutcase sometimes, so I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  5. Yeah, I’m so not a shopper–as a matter of fact, I’m going to be going through my closet this afternoon and removing and donating every article of clothing I haven’t worn in a year. It’s too full, I’m overwhelmed and I wear the same ten pieces that I love all the time. The rest is just annoying the hell out of me.

    My week is WTFab so far. Yesterday, I got a fantastic review from the last of my betas on LIKE FINE WINE–she used the word, “exquisite.” Oh my!! A few tweaks and it’ll be ready for StoryWonk’s editorial services…get ready, Lani!

    THE MUSIC IS YOU is moving along, agonizing to cut and chop, but kinda cathartic too, and I’m realizing that I like my characters better now and my scenes are tighter.

    This week, it finally feels as if my foot is truly getting better–not just recovering from the surgery, but also that the surgery worked! Friday is a check-in with the surgeon and maybe he’ll release me from the cane.

  6. Mama_Abbie says:

    What the FAB – I hope!

    My Mom has her first chemo for ovarian cancer this morning. She is going into it with a completely positive attitude. Reports from the siblings who have accompanied her on the last several Doctor’s appointments (we are taking turns) is that the chemo should actually alleviate some discomfort she’s been having, and she should experience no negative side effects to speak of. She was even told that she could drive herself to and from the chemo treatment. As it is all about quality of life (over longevity) for her, this is very good news.

    My sister has gone up from D.C. to accompany Mom anyway. So a what the FAB for sisters (and brothers) stepping in.

  7. Carol says:

    WTF health issues which I knew were hovering around the edges for awhile are now a reality. A pox on diseases coming down the blood lines. It seems if there was a chance, lucky me, I would win the lottery and get the disease.

    WTFab – I’m alive and with hard work I can reverse numbers and some drugs too. And the sun was shining for more days than rain.

    And very lovely comments and thoughtful critiques on my short story. Of course there is always the one guy who seems to hate everything I write. He has no taste. A pox on him.

  8. Well, my WTF is that I have so little energy. I’ve been doing so little for so long that all I want to do is sit around and watch videos and take naps. That won’t get me moved to Seattle. (A couple of friends think I have a sleep disorder, but I’m going for the doing nothing so no energy idea first, which means I have to start being more active.)

    My WTFab is that I have friends nagging me to get stuff done and cheering me along and generally supporting me, and that helps a lot. So I am getting things done, slowly but surely.

    I do like to shop, for all kinds of things but especially for home stuff. But I don’t have room for any more stuff in an apartment, and I don’t have an income to support the buying of stuff. So I’ve been very good about not going into stores except for very specific things, and going into stores seldom. (And I’m avoiding my Chico’s clothing addiction by not even going past the Chico’s store.)

  9. I think for some of us, writing is like the whole mail thing–we expect ourselves to deliver through rain, sleet, or snow. It’s that expectation that does us in. Sometimes, things happen in our lives that influence our ability to write. That’s just part of the deal. Only instead of seeing that like a temporary interruption of services, we writers often take it as some sign or something of something bigger.

    Thing is, the whole mail thing is just fancy talk. Mail delivery comes to a grinding halt whenever there’s a strike, for instance. Sometimes for months. But then it comes back. Usually with a giant backlog of stuff just begging for attention. Just like when the flow of writing comes back.

    So I say, maybe it’s not the writing that needs quitting. Maybe it’s just the expectation.

    I’ve read your books, Sarah. They’re good. And you’re a good writer. Probably the fun will come back when you least expect it. It’s sneaky like that:)

  10. My WTFab is that the children are finally back in school so I’ve got writing time again. They were home for so frickin’ long I actually fixed something that had been on my to-do list for five years. (At which point my husband came by and said, “you could have just thrown that out.”)

    My WTF is that when I got back to writing yesterday I realized that I scene that I was writing–the scene that I could not figure out how to get from point A to point B without–was a complete disaster. It broke character. It made my heroine sound like a horrible person. I wrote it and deleted it, wrote it and deleted it, called my sister in a panic and she said “write it now, fix it later”. I wrote it, then a few hours later I cut it and saved it and rewrote it, and today guess what I’m supposed to be doing right now? Shoooooot. The perils of being a plotter.

  11. Shoes are easy. I don’t buy unless I need.

    My trouble is I have poverty conciousness related to paperwork – newspaper and magazine articles that have info, journal articles from university days, work paperwork that I haven’t dealt with to my satisfaction.

    Since I bought a new car, all that paperwork is FINE- car stuff is in one file. It’s the rest of my life that I have to purge- I’ve worked in 3 different professions and have stuf relevant from all three. Ermagurd. Facepalm.

    Sarah, you’re a great writer. I loved your stuff. When I have a better internet connection I’ll try to do good reviews online. But now am on mobile. So that aint gonna happen anytime soon.

  12. Give yourself a break and pursue fun for a while. Remember when you were a kid how fun school was in September when you’d just come back to it after summer vacation? And what a grind it was by mid-winter? You need a writing vacation. Play. Refill your well. Refuel your passion. You’re a great writer, and it will come back to you in its own time. Hugs.

  13. H says:

    My WTF… the girl scout cookies came in, which is bad because we’re facing a big move and I’m… stressed. Cookies seem to help, though I know they really don’t.

    WTFab, though, is that we’re heading to Chi-town for a long weekend, and I’m really looking forward to getting some serious fun time with my hubby and kids. I like the people I live with a LOT, and it’s nice to get away from the daily grind now and then to just enjoy them.

    Plus, I realized this morning that the last time we moved I a) found out I was pregnant in the middle of the move, b) moved from house to apartment to house within a 6-month span, c) started a seriously serious new job, and d) had a baby. So this move should be a piece of cake, relatively speaking. Right? Right.

  14. I quit once, Sarah and I think I lasted for a couple of days. ; )
    What might help to put the joy and fun back into writing is to write with no expectation. No deadline. No idea of marketing–what you will do with the piece when it’s finished–but just write it for you. And if you normally write paranormal write a straight contemporary, or try you hand at a Regency romance, or try your hand at writing short stories and submit them to places like Woman’s World magazine, or your local RWA chapter newsletter.

  15. I’ve got a really fab WTF – just arrived in Venice with a friend for a week’s holiday. First time I’ve been back since I did an art history course here for two months in my gap year in 1975. Looking forward to tomorrow – when I’ll have got rid of an infuriating travel headache. All those paintings and palaces.

    But no shoes – except now Lani’s put the idea into my head. And Italian shoes . . .

  16. Kim G. says:

    My what the fab is that I kept a promise to myself and went to a Pilates studio for the first time! It’s a big step in my recovery from Lyme Disease. I think that I am going to love Pilates–kinder to my body. It’s quite different from the free weights that I used before. Plus the studio doesn’t have blaring music or loud cardio machines. As for shopping–I’m a quality over quantity type of gal, and it has to really talk to me before it makes it way into my house. My feet are hard to fit, so I’ve never had the shoe issue! In fact, I hate to shop for shoes because it is so traumatic. I’m now fortunate to live in an area in which I can wear sandals year round (with socks, if I’m feeling particularly geeky and it’s cold!) My toes get wet when it’s raining, but I am willing to make the sacrifice 🙂

  17. stephanie says:

    I’m having a fab week. The sun is shining for once and even though it’s still flipping cold it makes a huge difference. And I had a lovely salad for lunch. I’m sure it probably had as many calories as a frappacino but it was amazingly tasty – lettuce, some apples, a little cheese, black olives, and … wait for it… extra crunchy BACON! It was an 11 on a 10 pt scale and will make eating rabbit food at home tonight totally worthwhile;)

    @Robena – I’m glad you reminded me that I, too, have a DSW coupon. Sadly, I have no one to go shoe shopping with right now since my best friend is traveling for work.

    Unfortunately, I don’t shop much anymore ’cause I don’t have any money. When I need a little treat I buy myself a pen. I love Love LOVE pens. It can be a 29cent BIC or a $2,000 Cartier, I love them all, but of course I’m buying BIC’s nowadays:)

  18. I made a cushion carrier! Because I have back issues, who doesn’t, and I’ll be spending 2 days at the ARRA convention, I’ll be confronted with some chairs my back can’t handle. So, rather than wander around with a pillow under my arm, I made a black carry bag with small heart on the front covered in beads. I had issues sitting at the sewing machine, but hey it was worth it.

    The WTF is happening with the weather, it’s rained for about a week and down south there are fires.

    I wrote my paragraph for pass the writing parcel. 30 authors each writing a short paragraph of approximately 1 – 250 words. I knew it was coming, but when I received the email, ‘It’s your turn’ …. Argh! Shit, already. Anyway, played with it for days let it rest and now it’s done. Phew, difficult wanting, needing to do justice to the writers who came before me. I hope I succeeded. 🙂

  19. My WTFork is I punched myself in the eye last night pulling the covers up. I highly do not recommend this or swallowing and breathing at the same time. The last one never ends well. This morning I woke up to a swollen eye that was a lovely bright shade of red. I called my doctor here in town and was told that she’s booked for a month, but they’d call me back.

    I could see and it didn’t feel too bad, so I went into work. By 12:30 it was throbbing and watering up a storm. I called my doctor on the other side of town who did the surgery on the eye at the beginning of January. His office fit me in within the hour to give me time to drive over there. I got there a little early and they took me in immediately. I was done within a half an hour and back on the road to get back to the office.

    WTFork: punching myself in the eye and then dealing with my in town doctor who I just heard from 6 hours after I called.

    WRFab: my across town doctor. I love that man and his entire office staff. ALL of them are wonderful. Yep, I’ll be letting my in town doc know that we are breaking up.

  20. Micki says:

    WTF! Why are cell-phone salespeople such liars???? Next time we change phones and the salesperson makes a promise, we’re RECORDING that promise on a non-phone recorder.

    The story: the woman promised us “unlimited usage” of the internet (plus tethering) but only if we bought this one (slightly older) model of Android. And then after we signed the contract, oopsy, not covered. My husband had to buy another USB device, and we’re paying about $50 more a month for internet, PLUS the new smart phones. Grrr. I need the internet for work and for my class, so . . . well, at least it’s fixed, and at least we’re not reduced to eating millet and daikon radish and dirt so we can pay for our internet.

    The WTFabs look so insignificant. The android toy is a lot of fun. Google Maps is enchanting, and I adore the little pedometer. $600 a year . . . could have gone to a gym that I might have used, but now it’s going to a fancy pedometer. Sigh. Happy/angry/happy/angry.

    Looking on the bright side of this one is making my heart race (health benefit? heart stressor? health benefit? heart stressor?), so maybe I should just let it go.

  21. Kelly S. says:

    Mostly, I’m running out of time. My DH’s uncle passed away on Saturday so took a day and a half off work to attend the funeral. Today at work it seemed like the extra 12 hours tried to cram their way into and along with today’s 8. I expect tomorrow to be the same. I am suppose to be doing yoga right now but I don’t want to. It’s hard and 90 minutes long. It is also just after 10 pm. I need to pack for a quilt retreat this weekend which includes the projects as well as clothes and such. I am overcommitted. So, options are to get off the web, do the yoga and just deal or skip the yoga and go pack.

    Also, these are the shoes I am currently lusting after:

  22. Cindy says:

    Ok…I’m a bit on the WTF side. I went for a consult about my uterine fibroids, and the OBGYN told me that my uterus is enlarged. So she talked about my options and she did a biopsy. I’m a bit freaked out. Once my biopsy results are back, I have a big decision to make. And I’m nervous about the results. I didn’t even know I would be having a biopsy yesterday. :/

  23. I’d be freaked out, too, but there are options no matter what happens. Do whatever it is you do to relax, take deep breaths, and call in the morning to ask about the results. The squeaky wheel gets the biopsy results. Fingers crossed for you!

  24. Lois says:

    Skye, I’m having the no energy thing too! That is my WTF*** this week. I had that sore throat bug. Finally started getting better and now we got hit with some blizzard days and I want to read, sleep and watch TV in PJs. Thank god I’m not moving but if I don’t start working things will be very grim.

    Good luck on finding some energy!

  25. Lois says:

    I used to love to shop. I could shop for hours. Now I find it sort of overwhelming.
    I do love to buy shoes. Which is odd because the first thing I do when I walk in the door is take off my shoes. Once a year I go to a discount shoe place and allow myself to go a bit crazy. They always have these buy 1 get 1 free deals and they are on mega-sale to begin with.

  26. Reb says:

    Skye, have you tried an iron supplement? I was utterly wiped out a few years, chomped on iron, and was stunned at how much more energy I suddenly had.

  27. Reb says:

    heck, spend 2 days in bed and you miss so much around here!

    My WTF is that 2 days in bed. My shoulders packed in again and gave me a migraine, from the dreadful stress (sarcasm alert) of leading a 2-hour planning session at work. The session even went really well. I thought I’d got past having problems from that kind of thing. Apparently not.

    I have really awkward feet + orthotics. If I find shoes that don’t hurt, I’m buying those babies. Probably 2 pairs of them. Last year was exceptionally fab: I bought 4 pairs of footwear, including a pair of heeled sandals I can actually walk in. Long may they last!

  28. Hope you’re feeling ok after the biopsy! That can be really scary, but fibroids are more annoying than anything else. I had a bunch removed a couple of years back and it was one of the best things I ever did. Hugs and FGBVs to you!

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