Krissie’s Rant

Politics.  The state of the world.  Every now and then things just erupt inside of me, and I gotta rant.  I tend to keep things non-political, but today’s one of those days.


Have any of you been watching Agents of Shield?  After a wobbly few episodes it really hit its stride, and they’re all in a matrix of evil, except Grant Ward gets to be a hero.  I hope he and Daisy get to share a kiss before he disappears.  He breaks my heart, and he was so disgusting last year.


Anyway, each week we’ve been getting an anti-Trump Easter Egg in the dialogue.  A few weeks ago evil Fitz was torturing Daisy, explaining to evil Aida that he couldn’t break her, and he describes the torture and then says “Nevertheless, she persisted.”  The following week we had the smarmy on-air propaganda guy offer to take his pretty subordinate out to buy furniture (reference, the bus tape).  Last week we had Alternative Facts.  This week (mind you, I’m a week behind) we had Fake News in this alternative dystopian reality.


I take my pleasure where I can.  Also, Vive la France!!!!  Wouldn’t it be nice if the rapture came and it took all those Republican congressmen and sent them straight to hell?  I warned you. Politics.

(Speaking of which, I’m beginning to despise Whatshername even more, making money off Feminist bromides while she watches as they drag women off to the gas chamber, metaphorically speaking.  I told you – I’m in a mood.  I really really hate hypocrisy.)


Jenny Crusie’s enjoying politics as she watches the Evil Ones go down in flames.  I can enjoy it for a while, but then I get overwhelmed and hopeless.  I can’t bear to think that people can be so heartless and awful.  But they can, and they always have been, if you look at history.  I’m having to do a major shift in my view of the world.  I always believed that horrible, violent, selfish, evil things are done out of a sickness of the soul, not out of inherent badness.  Hey, I’m a liberal.


But I don’t understand evil in groups.  Lynch mobs.  Nazis.  What’s the noun form of complicit?  Probably complicity but that sounds too nice.  I always thought I could move anywhere, not have to worry about the political climate.  I’m open and accepting of everyone, I thought, and we just avoid those topics.  But that’s changed.  To me being around people who openly espouse the values of the current sick variant of the Republican Party is being complicit in evil, if you define evil as hurting other people and not caring that you do.   “The only thing evil men need to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  It’s one thing to turn your head and ignore the consequences of the bad things you do – that’s moral bankruptcy and cowardice.  But many of the republicans did know.  And they didn’t care.


Ah, but France.  They’ve been tortured by terrorist attacks almost as badly as we have, and they chose decency.  From now on France’s superior attitude is well deserved, and Vive la France!


I’m learning Le Marseillaise.  It’s pretty blood-thirsty but stirring, and you can pretend you’re in a Humphrey Bogart movie.


Marchons, mes citoyennes (I keep singing Marchon les Citroens).


This was what I was afraid of back in the sixties when I was so angry and so clueless.  It’s so hard to be in the middle of it and not know what’s going to happen.  When Nixon sent the soldiers to Kent State and in NYC the police clubbed protestors until they were bloody we thought evil was going to take over.  It didn’t, things slowly got better.  We got out of Viet Nam, we even became friends with Cuba.  Women didn’t get the ERA, and recently a whole lot of people forgot that black lives matter.  I don’t know if more people of color are being murdered by the police than before, but at least now we take notice.  For years that kind of systematic violence was ignored.


I don’t know what’s going to happen to the world, particularly with such monstrous people running our country.  I can see the dystopian, Handmaid’s Tale world it could become.  But everywhere I can see good people saying no.  Or non as the case may be.


Marchons in your Toyotas and Subarus and Fords.  Marchons for a victory of goodness over evil.


I just gotta figure out how to love people anyway.


By the way, there were women protestors in France, topless, with a banner that said Marianne would be ashamed (or something like that) (anti-Le Pen, of course).  Marianne is the symbol of France, the woman on the battlefield, her gown to her waist, holding the tattered flag.  Of course they should have been topless.  But Marianne won the day, at least in France.


C’est merveilleux!


I did think that every time we descended into name-calling and rage and frustration we were, in effect, voting for Trump.  And then I thought, fuck it.  There are times when anger is a good thing, even for someone as open-hearted as I am.


Allons, Marchons!  We have work to do!

8 thoughts on “Krissie’s Rant

  1. Tricia Halliday says:

    good for you. Sometimes you just got to let it out. Trump and his cronies are selfish egotistical wankers who need to live like normal people for a month to understand how life really is.

  2. Cindy says:

    Thank you for this. I’ve been so frustrated and let down since the election. And the health care act just left me pissed. I spent days saying nothing but “fuck.” I hope they all go down in flames in the next election.

  3. The thing about the sixites is, things changed. Good did not prosper forever, but they didn’t go back to the way they were, either. And entire generation (ours) was radicalized. Nixon was forced to resign. The war ended.

    It’s just the same thing now. We got complacent, the Dems forgot an entire demographic was in great pain, and we ended up with the government we deserved because we took it for granted. And now an entire generation is radicalized again, the country is fighting back. Things are going to change.

    Sometimes I look at what the Trump admin is doing and think, “I couldn’t write this stuff in a book because people would accuse me of caricature.” But the thing is, it’s so bad it can’t be ignored. God Bless the Republican health care bill; when you radicalize Jimmy Kimmel, you’re done something. People are savaging the congress reps who voted for the damn thing,the video clips of reps runnign away from reporters and their constituents are viral, Michael Flynn did something Very Bad and Trump knows about it and the investigations into that are now like the mills of the gods, grinding slowly but very fine.

    I think the country needed this. We’d been sitting on our superiority too long. And maybe the rest of the world needed it, too. Good old America, you can always count on them to protect oil, bomb non-Christians, and come through in a pinch. Uh, not so much any more. I love it that the new South Korean president wants to reopen relations with North Korea. One in the eye to you, Trump.

    The thing is, we don’t deserve democracy if we’re not willing to fight for it. And Trump’s making it impossible not to fight. You can’t normalize Trump, he’s a nightmare. So you have to fight him, and that’ll probably be the country’s salvation. Nobody is ever again going to say, “It can’t happen here.” It did, and please God, we fought back and stopped it. I am optimistic.

  4. Jill says:

    One of my favorite Trumpisms is “the Constitution is archaic ” “We need to, you know, get rid of it “. Less that 100 days after he raised his hand and swore before the whole world to protect it.

    The Trumps make my head ache.

  5. Jessie says:

    Trump is so awful, I cannot even discuss him rationally. Driving home the other day, the SUV ahead of me had a Trump-Pence bumpersticker and I thought I would throw-up. How can anyone justify supporting such an amoral schmuck.

  6. It’s so hard to wrap your head around politics these days, the lies, cheating, back tracking, denial, it’s embarrassing to get into a conversation with anyone from a different country. I’ve made it a policy to not talk politics on social media, but sometimes a rant is needed. There’s only so much kicking of the walls and yelling fuck that one can do. I’ve made calls, made donations, and all I can now hope for is that somehow we will collectively create stronger voices and be heard.

  7. Jill says:

    “collectively create stronger voices and be heard”

    non-partisan , respected voices who can handle backlash.

    I have always liked Anderson Cooper of the raised eyeballs

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