Krissie: Yippee!!

Photo on 2014-01-25 at 09.54 I think it’s time for a trim, don’t you? I look like a sheep dog.
Remember the great line from The Devil Wears Prada? “I’m just one stomach-flu away from my perfect weight” or something like that?
Well, yesterday I had a stomach attack (I’ve got IBS so these things are common) and now I’m 238.0. That’s just ten pounds above the weight I got down to. Nine pounds from the 220s. I’ll bounce up again, but that’s very encouraging. One needs these little encouragements to keep going.
I’ve done pretty well. Kept away from sweets (just ate a cupcake Alex and I made when they came for dessert and then sent the rest home with them). I don’t think I’ve eaten anything fried. Been to McD’s but just had the snack wrap and I’ve avoided that (I think just once this month). Way down on sodas — one Tab first thing and then an occasional Diet Ginger Ale later in the day, but mainly pushing the water.
It was just too damned cold to swim this week. On a few days this week the temperature rose above zero (never in double digits) and I just couldn’t face immersing myself in a pool when it’s so hard to get warm.
But next week … well, I’m not sure. It’s supposed to get cold again. Plus, I’m visiting Crusie as soon as she makes her doctor appointment (ahem!) which may be as soon as next week. We’ll freeze together.

I’m frustrated by my physical limitations. It’s started to remind me of my sister, who ate and lazed herself into immobility and then death. I’m tired of being unable to do stuff. I’m still not convinced my knees need replacing (well, they do, I suppose, but I have all sorts of other aches and pains). First step (and always first step) should be to lose weight, but I can’t put off my life until I lose weight. That way lies no life at all.
So … I’ll keep on this way, see the doctor, keep swimming. I’ve got a lot of issues with aging (with the idea of aging). I’m not ready to be disabled by lack of mobility.
Lots of stuff to deal with. Big progress on the laundry room — pantry’s organized, lots of stuff tossed, stuff washed down. Next to the hall closet, while Richie works on the lights in the kitchen. Progress, slowly but surely.

In the meantime I’m daydreaming about a new idea while I have two proposals out, so right now no deadlines, though I never feel really right unless I’m writing. But I need to get the third proposal done before I get started on somethings specific. But hey, I’m refabbing like crazy.
1. Lost of chunk of weight and well on my way to better health
2. Swimming (though not this week)
3. Decluttering (took a carful to Goodwill last week)
4. Not eating bad stuff
5. Going room by room, dumping, organizing
6. writing … going strong

So progress, not perfection. Good things are coming my way. I have a feeling 2014 is going to be absolutely lovely.

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  1. Kieran says:

    What a wonderful post!! Yes, 2014 is going to be your year!!

    I’m doing something new and unlike me, worked on time management, which sounds so boring. But it was exciting! I read that book recommended by Alison–the one about prolific authors by Hillary Rettig (thanks, Alison!). There’s a time management section in it, and I went ahead and worked out how many hours per week I would like to devote to everything I do. The reality of how I spend my time versus the ideal way to spend it–it was at first a bit discouraging.

    But Ms. Rettig has a time management budget template you can use (I had to email her for it because she took it down temporarily). And it becomes challenging in a fun way (and feels self-indulgent) to play with the 112 hours you have each week to use for whatever you want (if you sleep 8 hours a night, you have 112–I usually sleep 6-7 but put 8 anyway).

    I enjoyed figuring this out quite a bit. I waste a ton of time on useless things! I really love how she says minimize housekeeping so you can focus on fun stuff, or your mission/vocation.

    So now my new goal is to keep a daily chart and see if I live up to my promises to myself–I don’t expect I’ll land right on my goal hours for cooking, watching TV, reading, showering, writing, marketing, talking to friends, Tweeting, having romantic trysts with my husband (!!!!) etc. But I feel I have a better structure for my day, and it’s compelled me to want to figure out ways to be more efficient in general, for example, with cooking. I’m actually succumbing to writing out a weekly menu and shopping just for that, which I’ve rebelled against for the entire 24 years I’ve been married and had a family with three kids. But it makes sense–I waste too much time and gas and money making unnecessary trips to the store.

    I’m going to have timers everywhere to help me stay focused. No more than an hour a day on the internet is one goal.

  2. Kieran says:

    P.S. My favorite thing Ms. Rettig said was that if you don’t manage your own time…someone else will do it for you!! I heard JAWS music in my head when I read that. But she’s so right. 🙂

  3. Diane L. says:

    “Progess, not perfection” I love that!! So important to remember to just aim for progress instead of being stymied in inertia because we are afraid of not reaching perfection.

  4. I’ll make the appointment. I want you down here, although the fact that it’s so damn cold here, too, worries me. We could all end up on the twin bed in the guest room trying to keep warm (right now, it’s me, two electric blankets, and four dogs).

  5. Krissie, what wonderful things you are doing! I agree that 2014 is your year.

    I’m going to make 2014 my year too. That means writing (finish revising the damned novel, start something new after that), moving my body, finding work (at this point anything), and remaking my life. Seems reasonable. Other creative things too: I think this is the year of creation for me.

  6. Progress. Yay!
    Something Jenny said on Argh Ink about first meets had me examining my most troublesome manuscript. It was almost finished but I didn’t like it, because I knew something was wrong. Plus every time I started to write it, life got in the way. I went right back to that first meet and now the fingers are flying. : )
    I’ve been reading a lot, RITA entries, ARC’s for friends, book club reads, things I’m personally interested in, and I laughed the other day when I realized I’ve read fourteen books this month and it’s only the beginning of the fourth week.

  7. Jane F says:

    Speaking of time management, what was the app Jenny mentioned a while back that dings when you’ve been online for an hour? I can’t think what post it was in

  8. That’s great progress, especially on your house. And good on you for behaving on the food front. I have been far from behaving in that area. But my pipes froze up overnight Tues into Wed so we’ve been without water. That sent me to comfort food and I bought chocolate cream Oreos for the first time in longer than I can remember. Though I’m happy to report there are still some in the package. (And kiddo has been helping to eat them.)

    Just got our water back about 30 minutes ago, so now I need to clean all the things.

  9. Thea says:

    In Australia spring – heritage rose tour – the hotel beds were supplied with heated mattresses. Revelation! Sublime! Especially since it was still very on the edge of winter. Heated mattresses are here, everywhere, including Bed, Bath and Beyond. Really. Fine. Go get.

  10. Micki says:

    What a nice lot of progress! That’s great!

    I don’t know what I ate over the weekend, but when I got on the scale Tuesday (the first time in months and months), I was 4 kg (8.8 pounds) over my OMG weight. I was crushed! I thought I’d lost some weight with the influenza type-B that I started the year with. Maybe I did, but I’d packed it on again.

    Well, I was equally shocked as over the next three days, it steadily went down — 2 kgs in three days! All I did differently was drink water like I should, and increase my walking by a couple of three-minute walks (from about 3000 to 5000 steps a day). So, I have a feeling I ate something that caused bloating on the weekend, and the water just came off. But at my weight, even losing water weight makes a big difference.

    I think I was active over the weekend, but I didn’t drink as much water (and I’m thirsty, so I know I’m bad), so we’ll see what the scale says tomorrow. I need to get back down to the OMG weight. That’s the first goal for the rest of the month.

    Chinese New Year coming up on the 31rst, so it’s a whole new chance to clean house (to make room for good luck (-:), and make new goals and resolutions . . . .

  11. You sound great! I definitely slipped on my (ever so slowly losing weight) diet this last week, so it’s back on track for me. And all this about managing time — oh, yeah. I so need to work on that, too!

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