Krissie: Wolf Meat is Chewy

Photo on 11-22-13 at 9.24 AM First off, hurray for having Toni back! I miss her when she’s not here.
We had our own rehab challenges yesterday. Richie built a wonderful casing for a linen closet for the upstairs call and then we couldn’t get it upstairs. Very frustrating. I think he should saw it in half at the permanent shelf, use that for a bottom and inset a top shelf on the bottom half, then clue and screw them together when they get upstairs. That just gives us a think joining line which will disappear when I put the finish on. C’mon, Richie!

I counted my knit long-sleeve tops. 39. Not counting whatever is in the laundry, not counting my Christmas ones. Except that I’m no longer feeling as Christmas-y as I used to, so it’s not important to wear something festive every single offing day!
I shoved all 39 of the pieces in my drawer (they fit) because it was time to go to bed, but I’ll go through them tomorrow. I think I need to take half of them out. I have about 5 black tops and about 5 cream or white ones. It’s so hard to be brutal. But I bitched like hell about moving my mother’s 32 skirts every time I move her (5 times — sigh, I guess six including after she died) so I need to put my money where my mouth is. I’ll go through the drawer and whittle down. And that doesn’t count any that I happened to hang up.

I need to be brutal.

So I finished the book at a relatively slow back of seven and a half thousand words on monday and eight and a half thousand words on Tuesday, which came out to 39 pages. I always tend to rush through a book, and I’m surprised I didn’t work faster, but it as actually a sane pace for me. I was totally in the zone and not feeling any pressure. So good for me. Now I have to revise it in three days. Yikes!

So it’s snowing outside, I’ve got a cup of tea and a mss. and life is good. I’m not going to worry about all the things that could cause me anxiety. I’m not going to worry about being haunted (it happened last night as well). I don’t know if I went into detail about the hauntings but I will another time.
Gotta make bread and brownies for the church bake sale, go see a play read-through tomorrow night, but apart from that I’m good. It’s snowing all the time and it’s going to get bitter cold, but on Monday at 8 am someone is coming to help me clean! Oh, joy! Oh, rapture!

I’ve been chewing on the bad wolf (or dining with him, taking your pick) by worrying that everyone will have a good time at Disney, when really, it matters that I have a good time at Disney, which I always do. It’s for my 65th, and while bringing my grandson is a major joy it’s actually more up to his parents and we’ll probably split up. And I get to see Kaim, who’s not coming home for Christmas (a first). So I intend to have a fabulous time and everyone else can have a fabulous time as well. But it’s not up to me.

Good wolf is cheering madly so I don’t have to gnaw on him. Besides, he’s young and tender, not old and gnarly, so he’d be tastier. But he gets to bounce around like a puppy and yip in excitement that I’m being so sane.

But first I have to revise the book. And giveaway 18 shirts.

7 thoughts on “Krissie: Wolf Meat is Chewy

  1. Jane F says:

    Speaking of shirts – I love the colors of the flannel one you are wearing makes your blue eyes stand out. Plus, It looks so cosy.

  2. Micki says:

    I hate throwing stuff away, too. But, it isn’t brutal if you give them to Goodwill — it’s giving those shirts that you don’t wear a good home. It’s an act of kindness and generosity. And if they are too crappy to give to Goodwill, it’s not brutal to throw them away. Why do you have to wear stained, pilly, icky, tight/loose clothing with holes?

    (-: So easy to say that about someone else’s closet. I really ought to go through my own.

  3. mitchiewitch says:

    The Chancellor of our University is from the Phillipines and we collected clothes to send – specifically summer clothes. So that helped me be ruthless when I did my closet change over. Knowing others really needed them, made giving up clothes that I liked but hadn’t worn during the spring & summer easier. I think that sometimes I get attached to clothes because of the occasions on which I’ve worn them – happy feelings get attached. Need to remember that I can keep the memories without keeping the clothes.

  4. @ Micki – “So easy to say that about someone else’s closet. I really ought to go through my own.” Ain’t that the truth!!

    We took the doggie for his shots today. He is such a sweetie pie that he didn’t need muzzling. Yayness. And he was doing puppy eyes at the vet and the vet felt bad he didn’t have any bones to give him. My big boxer fellow can run cons like the best of Crusie’s real and fictionalized dogs.

    enjoy what you can when you can Krissie. You deserve it. You truly aren’t responsible for anybody elses enjoyment.

  5. Jane F says:

    “So easy to say that about someone else’s closet.” definitely.

    My understanding is that goodwill and others sell clothes/any textiles that aren’t suitable for resale to textile recycling companies, which turn them into industrial rags and filling for things like padded envelopes and boxing bags. So I figure I’ll give them any textile that I no longer want. The professionals will sort it out :-).

    Still working on thrift store shopping instead of new to try to close the loop. Its hard to fight the pretty and uniform displays and ease of fast fashion… but that’s an avenue my bad wolf and I need to negotiate.

  6. Krissie, I agree with Jane F: that shirt is terrific on you and makes your eyes pop! (In a good way, of course.)

    It sounds like you are developing just the right attitudes and behaviors with your wolves. Good for you! I’m glad things are going well and yay for you having someone to help clean coming over! I don’t regret a penny I spent on the professional organizer I used in Houston, even though it would be useful to have those many pennies right now.

    My good wolf is frisking like a puppy because I had an awesome meeting with a recruiter yesterday. The company (consulting/staffing agency) is wonderful: I love their business practices and philosophy and the people I met with. I ADORE their wages! So fingers crossed they can find me wonderful work soon. Might not be until January, because right now very few people, outside of retail, are hiring. And I think I’ve waited too late to find holiday work at the mall because it all starts next week. (My bad wolf is all over me about this and about flaking out on lunch with a friend, for like the 3rd time.)

    I hope everyone’s good wolves are happy today!

  7. Mama_Abbie says:

    Don’t waste the mental energy about everyone having a good time at Disney. They WILL! Only been there twice, once when my daughter was two years old and once when she was 20 years old (with boy friend in tow). Both times we had a blast. Magic Kingdom and many Dumbo rides the first trip; I don’t think that we stepped inside the Magic Kingdom at all the second trip, splitting our time up between the other three parks and spending one day at one of the water parks. That’s the thing about Disney: there is something there for everyone.

    Work has finally come to a saner pace so my good wolf has been able to come out to play, recovering dining room chair seats, painting the insides of the new windows we had installed upstairs and other house projects. Unfortunately, I’ve overdone it a bit and I may have to take things slower than I want to this weekend as I’ve strained a muscle in my back.

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