Krissie: When the Cat’s Away

Photo on 7-18-13 at 9.19 AM Nobody plays. Sorry we’ve been MIA — I’ve been working my elegant buns off.
So Tuesday, our “day off” I quickly finished the copy-edits on my book, jumped in the pool and floated, ran off to the Giving Closet (our local thrift “shop” that costs nothing), went down to the Bend for a costuming meeting, somehow decided to buy all the fabric for Eulalie’s ballet, zoomed off to Montpelier (42 miles away), ate a salad at Panera with too much feta in it and I don’t even like feta — I thought that sour taste was the dressing. Then off to Jo-Anns, then to the grocery store, then home to a stomach attack that kept me in the bathroom the rest of the night. I hate hate hate stomach attacks. From the feta, aggravated by running around in high heat and humidity, I think.
So yesterday I woke up, visited the bathroom for a while, jumped in the pool, went to a read-through, went to Sally’s to make an apron for Mrs. Paroo (which ended up too small), found a dozen white button down blouses for townswomen in my ironing bag (don’t ask — I went through a black and white phase), came home, jumped in the pool, started to make dinner, was discouraged from doing so, threw on some clothes and back to rehearsal with new fans for everyone (including blank ones for the kids so they can personalize them which I stupidly but generously overnighted the day before).
So there’s a problem.
I have trouble walking, much less standing. And this requires a great deal of standing around. I cop a squat as often as I can, but I have a little delsarte ballet, I stand on stage a lot, and my knees, my calves, and my feet are in agony. Even before my knees went bad I had trouble with my feet.I do have orthotics but I’m not sure I can wear them in the play.
And I love doing this.
I’m hesitant about the knee replacement because of all the other stuff that will keep me from being mobile. But I guess I’ve got to bite the bullet.
I probably can’t be in the play next year because it coincides with the conference, but we’ll see.
Today I need to type up the mayor’s dialogue and put it on cards and be back for a run through at 1 pm. As my eldest daughter Zaneeta would say, “ye gods!”
But I’m a happy girl.
We went back at six for a three hour run through but the thunderstorm of all thunderstorms hit so we got to go home, where the lights were off, Erin, Tim and Alex were there, having chowed down on most of the dinner (why does it please me so to feed my family?) and then I just went up to bed, naked, and listened to audiobooks until the lights came on. Then Richie turned on the air conditioner for me, I ate some cherries and went to sleep.
I do need to get on the scale. Yesterday I had a breakfast bar, a bunch of pretzel goldfish, a lean cuisine meal (sesame chicken, which I can eat all the time) and cherries. Oh, and a white chocolate Kit-kat at 220 calories. Hmmm. Under a thousand calories. Better have some scrambled eggs for lunch — we have some free-range ones from a local farm. Need to keep up my strength.
The only thing that would make this perfect is if I were writing. I think I need to start on the new book, getting thoughts on paper instead of just letting it dance around in my head.
And then life would be simply grand.
Still and all, it’s pretty damned good, no matter how much pain and how tired I am.

16 thoughts on “Krissie: When the Cat’s Away

  1. Deb says:

    Hey Krissie. You do sound like you’re in your element with the play. Have fun and stay hydrated in this heat.

    I’m sorry about the pain you’re in but thought I’d share….a cousin of mine had knee replacement surgery and went from walking slowly with a cane to being as spry as a cricket. It was really wonderful to see.

    Good Luck! Stay Cool!

  2. I love it when you’re doing theater, Krissie, You just come alive. For me it would be interesting to know if it’s just the social aspect, or if there is something about acting that also brings you alive.

    Something to think about during the off periods when you are feeling down. Assvice, I know.

  3. I love it when you’re this happy. Makes me happy.

    So have you told the director about your knees?
    Will he let you strike poses while the others dance around you?
    Can you add in a bit where one of your daughters always has to fetch your chair and fan you so you can sit down more?
    You can play both of those for comedy, and since I’m fairly certain you are now the comic highlight of the show, the director should be willing to go for it.

    Talk to the director.

  4. JenniferNennifer says:

    This should be a wonderful production, based on how much fun the actors are having!

    Have you tried arnica for temporary pain relief? I always think it isn’t going to work, and it always does. Even on my knee that hurts inside the joint….. how does that cream make it’s way through my kneecap? IDK but it does.

  5. C.G.Morrison says:

    I agree with all of the above and would just like to add: make sure you keep your calories up. Even if you have to drink them, like frozen Boost milkshakes or something. I’m not saying don’t eat well, just take in enough calories. Less than 1K, you are not getting enough to keep your nutrition up, your stamina up, or keep your body from freaking out and thinking you are starving, and holding on to every calorie you do eat.

    Keep yourself safe and healthy, and I’m so glad you are having fun.

  6. It sounds like you are having fun, and that’s so important. I like Jenny’s suggestions for asking the director for things that would help you handle the pain. And the people I know who’ve had knee replacements, as long as they did the work they were supposed to do to keep moving, have been happy as clams (and who knows if clams are happy or not?) since the surgeries.

  7. Kelly S. says:

    I likewise agree with those who posted before me. (When things calm down, which may be never I realize, it would be lovely to have the “like” buttons back. I assume they were lost with the server swap and therefore may be forever gone.)

    Also, as to missing 1 day of posting here, don’t worry about it. Posts do not have to happen daily. We understand everyone is busy. Even us. So, while we love hearing how things are going and sharing in the community, please don’t make this into something that adds more stress.

    Also, I have an aunt who has had both knees replaced within the past year, one at a time. I do believe she is much much happier for it.

  8. Debby says:

    I can give you my own testimonial for knee replacement surgery. I did it last August – at age 58. My knee was a mess, and the last two years had been increasingly horrible. I won’t lie to you that the first couple of weeks are going to be very, very hard, but keep at your physical therapy (work hard, work hard, as my 31-year-old PT told me!) and you will be amazed at how quickly you can see that it was the very best thing you could have done. Lately I have been hiking, and dancing – things I hadn’t done in years!

    Find a time that works, accept the support and help of friends, work hard at PT, and in a year you won’t believe the difference!

    Good luck!

    Oh – and break a leg! Your theater production sounds like so much fun!


  9. Jane F says:

    I recently found out that the phrase is actually “as happy as a clam at high tide ” which makes so much sense! Knowing that just makes me happy.

  10. Barbara Cameron says:

    My aunt had her first knee replacement when she was in her late eighties. She came through the surgery beautifully and did the rehab and reported that her doctor said she was one of his best patients. Earlier this year she had the other knee done and is doing even better. The doctor said that the knee that was operated on was the worst he’d ever seen but again, he was very pleased with her progress. Based on what she’s told me I may get a knee replacement one of these days. Tired of the pain limiting me so much.

  11. Go Krissie ! Maybe you should explore the knee surgery sooner than later. Maybe do it while you can still use the pool for PT.

  12. Kieran says:

    Cathy Maxwell mentioned you in her keynote speech yesterday at RWA! Anne Stuart holding court at the hotel and having a ball at Cathy’s first RWA conference…

    I was so excited! I thought you’d like to know.

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